A New Release

Just a quick post this morning. First of all, I have a newish release out. I say newish because the book has been re-edited, some new material has been added as has a new title. Original published as "Hunter's Home", Prey is the third book in the Stalker's Moon series. In a lot of ways,... Continue Reading →

It’s Mostly Alive!

It lives! It's al.... Coff coff. Ok. It's only mostly alive. Which about describes my status this morning. I'm talking about the book, though, not me. But I tell you three times, washing a kitten first thing in the morning because she's gotten into the Toxic Waste is not my idea of fun. Also, opening... Continue Reading →

New Familiars from Alma Boykin!

Welcome to October! In a fitting start to a spooky month, I want to draw your attention to Alma Boykin's latest release! Judiciously Familiar: A Familiar Tales Book 15 "By the Pricking of my thumbs/ Something wicked this way comes!" "Caw! Caw!" A raven the size of an eagle appears in Riverton. When it begins... Continue Reading →

New Release: The Violet Mouse

Hot off the presses by Cedar Sanderson... Wait a minute. There are no presses. Only electrons. Hot electrons! Gittem here! The Violet Mouse is a bleeding edge Hard SF story that is more about the human nature and how that will always dictate what we do with our discoveries. And then, the unknown. Sometimes things... Continue Reading →

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