When all-nighters are a bad idea…

Have guests – talking with one writer in my office, while two others work on a plot they’re collaborating on.

We have to be up at 7:30 in order to get food before they catch a flight.

How did it get to be 12:45am?

Uh-oh. Tomorrow I’m going to need All The Coffee In The World. Or later today.

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3 thoughts on “When all-nighters are a bad idea…

  1. :: Yawwwwn :: Yeah, losing a chunk of sleep like that is nearly a form of jet lag. Hmm, isn’t it the people flying who are supposed to have that problem?

  2. In my experience, less than five hours of sleep is worse than an all-nighter.

    True, I couldn’t write the day after the all nighter.

  3. I remember being young enough to stay up until 0245 in college, solving all the world’s problems (and creating even more. We were going to customize an old bus, and . . .) And then doing stuff at 0730 the next morning, a little tired but otherwise good to go. Not anymore!

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