New Release: Cracked an Eggscellent Chicken Anthology

So a while back an author whose social media presence often involves various critters from her farm (which I hugely enjoy) threw out an idea. Quarantine is boring. Life is stressful. We should do something.

Being authors, she proposed we write. With chickens. And humor.

I was all in.

What came out of that prompt was an anthology full of twenty authors, and a whole bunch of funny chicken stories. They are fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, fantasy, you name it, it’s probably in here.

Besides, it has chickens in funny stories. Need I say more?

My story contribution to this involves a massive technical glitch on a space station, the entire flock of chickens on the run, and I got to write the line “as a vortex of chickens swirling…”

So what are you waiting for? This is so much better than watching the news *shudder* or dwelling on the ‘new normal.’ Grab a copy of Cracked and let us whisk you away into a world where humor and disaster walk hand in hand! With chickens underfoot.

When you’re done, leave us a review. If enough people like it, we’ll do this again. I have some really awesome ideas.

Oh, and it also inspired some art, which you can get on T-shirts through my shop! I love chickens, can’t you tell? (and if you can’t see the sarcasm dripping there, do read my story in the anthology!)

“Icelandic Hen” art by Cedar Sanderson

10 thoughts on “New Release: Cracked an Eggscellent Chicken Anthology

  1. Thanks, Cedar! I was looking for some way to stop taking notes… this should be the perfect after-dinner relaxation.

  2. Chickens, eh? That’s all well and good. For my part, I await the anthology David Brin once proposed to Gregory Benford: Great Science Fiction About Root Vegetables. ‘Cause there’s this killer short languishing in my trunk about a heroic rutabaga…

  3. Got it.

    Wildly unrelated: One of the recommendations was book nine of Glynn Stewart’s Space Mage series. I wasn’t sure if I’d read it so I clicked to see more detail. Glynn Stewart is a man! I’ve read most of his books (the Duchy of Terra series is great) thinking the author was a woman. I don’t think it much matters (to me, he may have a different opinion), but the social justice repercussions are making my brain hurt.

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