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I’m filling in for Kate Paulk, who claims to be without electricity due to remnants of hurricane.  Why claims? Well, this is Kate. I’ve been her friend for over a decade, and I’ve read her stuff.  I think the hurricane is just her excuse.

In point of fact, Kate is — I am sure — somewhere, fighting eldritch forces of darkness and all we can do is hope she’ll emerge victorious once again.

Speaking of eldritch forces of darkness and adventure, a lot of you have asked me what happened to Kate’s con vampire series.

Nothing, really.  The publisher that was bringing them out, and yes, it was partly mine, had to fold due to things having nothing to do with her books, which were consistent high-sellers.  We were supposed to form another publisher (did. Inkstain has existed legally for years) and bring it back online.

Only…  Well, you see, I was sick, then moving, then sick again, and yes, I’m now in the middle of big remodeling (big heap remodeling. Sure, pictures coming, why not?) mostly involving putting down wood floors, and building a writing balcony onto the house. (It’s Colorado. With a good outdoor heater, you can work outside 9 months a year. And we like to.)  But that’s actually an improvement over the stuff that had us slammed down for years.  So things have started moving again.

We’re bringing Kate’s first book in the Con Vampire series out again soon (Her not having power has delayed contract discussions a very little) and it has a new cover. Then we’ll bring out the second Con Vampire story.  And the short story.  And then….

Well, you see, I have a problem. I called Kate in a panic because I couldn’t find the third book, ConSpire.  And I was sure I HAD read it.  I knew she bogged down halfway through the fourth, ConFeyction.  But what about ConSpire? Re-releasing them once a month with new covers would give her time to finish ConFeyction, after all.

At which point she blinked at me over Skype and said no. That was just a book she had planned nebulously, in the future.  And yet, I’ve READ the book. I remember the big fight at the end on the spire of the hotel which is built in a repurposed cathedral, with the sun coming up, and the vampire who is actually the hero — go with it. I’ll explain — fearing the rise of the sun, which unfortunately would give his ancient-god opponent all the power….

Anyway, I’m sure it’s just an instance of the mandela effect, so I’m going to ask all of you to join me in begging Kate to write ConSpire because it was/will be awesome.

And frankly we all need to reclaim cons, if only in fiction, given how this year is going.

Which frankly has been part of what held the series back for Kate, I’m sure.  But it’s also why it’s a series whose time has come again.

You see, in her universe, dark forces and dungeon dimensions creatures target sf/f cons, because if they can kill the spirit of creativity and joy, humans will be trapped in hopelessness and lack of innovation forever.

Opposing these forces are an unlikely bunch of heroes: A vampire, his werewolf buddy, an angel and his succubus squeeze (And possibly another angel and his succubus squeeze, and their adorable and scary sons. Did I mention she tuckerized me and my family? Unerringly enough that people who never met us identify us by her description. We still don’t know what the boys are, btw, though the younger has given up on his ambition of being a werewolf.)

Anyway, I’m sure you get why I say it’s an idea whose time has come.  We need to fight in our minds and in the culture, before we can create spaces where creativity and joy flourish.  Which is why (Are you reading this, Kate?) we need ConSpire, with the spire, and the fight and the sun coming up.  Trust me.

Meanwhile, below see the new cover for ConVent.  I wanted to get the whole team in, but it’s not really possible in a cover. (Maybe for the print version.) So for now, here is Jim, the vampire, and his werewolf buddy.


As such things happen, this led me to realize that my art monitor is set at insufficient contrast. Why? Because in it the fact that in the picture above the vampire’s arm goes through the werewolf’s jacket is not visible. It was however visible to other people (and on my laptop.) So, below is the corrected version….

19 thoughts on “Kate’s Upcoming Stuff

  1. Strange.

    I only remember the “un-completed third book” (where the SF/F con had an “invasion” of the Fay).

    Never heard about a fourth one. 😈

  2. I am going to need Conspire and ConFeyction to be published as soon as possible. I LOVE this series and desperately need more of it. Then I need to become buds with Kate so I can be tuckerized (honestly – I’m a secretary bird who thinks she’s a dragon. Its a perfect fit!)

  3. Thinking of Kate’s angelic names, I remember Uriel’s appearances in the Dresden Files.

    He is extremely upset when Harry Dresden calls him “Uri” (cutting of the “el” part). Since the “el” in his name stands for G*d, calling him “Uri” is symbolically cutting him off from G*d.

    Oh, I’m not going to tell Kate to change those names. That’s between her and those angels. 😉

  4. Thanks to Kate, I’ve never been able to order the chicken for the dinner at history association meetings again. I can’t keep a straight face when I see it, dang her! 🙂

  5. YAY! More Con Vamp!

    I’ve never imagined reading someone else’s unwritten stories, but I am continually hunting for the versions of my own incomplete work that has the end of the story in it, because I remember it so clearly, surely I wrote it!

  6. Those books have been on my buy list ever since I first heard of them (three years ago, maybe longer?)

    On fictionally reclaiming our cons – I just don’t know. Can Kate honestly top the blood-letting of GRRM at the latest? I’m not sure that a plot involving the vampires feeding on their own will manage the suspension of disbelief…

  7. I know someone who could be the model for the werewolf. I’m sure he’s not, there is enough difference, but the resemblance is uncanny.

    Both covers look the same to me. Cranking the contrast up all the way, I can barely see what you’re talking about. I certainly would never have noticed it. Now to make this monitor match the other one, again…

  8. The werewolf’s expression is wrong. He looks “calmly intrigued” at whatever he’s seeing. If he’s seeing the same thing the vampire is seeing, his emotions should be — different. Surprised? Startled? Shocked? Fearful? Furious? Grimly determined? And you’d think the gal behind them might be starting to notice the vampire’s snarl.

  9. It’s interesting driving down the street for “traffic light on here — not on there — on here — not on here — ”

    Power is off a lot.

  10. I see the bullet hole in the vampire’s forehead healed during the correction, too. Nice! So, we’re looking at two books (ConVent and ConFur?) and a short story, then the hypothetical ConSpire, and some felonious Fey if and when? Sounds good. Keep ’em coming!

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