And you think you have cat problems

Writers are owned by cats, we all know that. So are readers. But most of us don’t have to deal with a “cat” like Messi.

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10 thoughts on “And you think you have cat problems

  1. I do, however, deal with two how think they are like that. I don’t call Sable my tiny panther for nothing and George…well, he’s convinced his purpose is to remove all other small mammals from our neighborhood.

    1. Small mammals? I had one cat who thought it was his duty to keep the yard free of dogs. Even the doberman down the street called him “Sir”.

      1. Both of the boys have chased cats out of our yard. No lose dogs around here.

        But George leaves plenty of have consumed chipmunks, rabbits, and squirrels around the carport. Even two birds. He gets feed the same as the other two, but has turned into quite the chunk the past few months. He’s supplementing.

  2. Owned by cats? Well, some writers. I’m “owned” by a German Shepherd, a Pit Bull Mix, and a delightful Newfoundland puppy (16 weeks old). The cats have been negotiating with them for access rights, but so far, no dice!

  3. My company has a few offices in Russia. I stumbled on another one of these videos and sent it to them. It mostly wasn’t news. Apparently, Messi has quite a following.

    1. Messi has a huge following. There are a number of similar channels on Youtube, including one where smaller “wild” cats are featured: bobcats, servils, etc

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