Why read me when there are new books out?

The new Alternate History Anthology edited by James Young, Trouble in the Wind, has stories by current and MGC members Sarah Hoyt, Brad Torgersen, and Peter Grant… as well as S.M. Stirling, Kevin J Anderson, and David Weber!

Long-time commentor J L Curtis (Old NFO) has finished the Grey Man series – contemporary westerns with modern-day cowboys vs. drug smugglers. And what’s more fitting for a last title with the old man than Sunset?

Not here yet – it’ll be out tomorrow – is a more Classic Western, River of Horns, by my darling Man!

And for those who’d like a little more magic in their lives, Tom Rogneby has a new Boogeyman story out Monday – A Woman Scorned. These are great detective noir stories in a world where the zombies are real (and somebody’s paying gullible college kids to protest for their rights), and his rough around the edges PI has a new client – a succubus whose husband is cheating on her. That’s not the first, or the worst thing it turns her husband’s done…


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