You asked

Well, someone did.

Yes, that means more kitty-pics. Which, I might add, are not easy to acquire. The boys rarely stay still long enough these days.

They have recovered from the trauma of the Vet, and now rampage cheerfully through the house when not demanding attention and head scritches. Thus far staying still for long enough to be cuddled isn’t happening, but curling up on the bed with us is becoming a nightly event.

The purring is nice, although I could do without their tendency to grab the nearest piece of me when their rampages inevitably leave them misjudging a jump somewhere and they grab me to try to avoid the fall. Kitty snuggles and purrs are cute and sweet. Kitty claw-marks, not so much.

Westley is unsure whether he should play with the toy or do something else. In the second pic, I’m not sure if Midnight is trying to get Westley to play with him or just grooming him, but whichever it was, Westley was quite happy to lie there on his back and bliss out.


  1. Spent a long weekend with the younger boy and his family right before Thanksgiving.
    Both of their cats bear a striking resemblance to your two.
    Leroy Jenkins, the coal black one, ghosted most of my stay though he did finally plop down next to me for scritches towards the end.
    Enri, pronounced ornery with a French accent, on the other hand simply would not leave me alone. Whenever I sat down in her reach she was immediately there wanting attention, and if I was slow to respond would climb up on me with full use of her front claws.
    Anyway, got my holiday kitty fix along with son, his dear wife, and the two grandbabies, who being 17 and 18 are babies no longer.

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