The Shameless Kitteh Post

After getting home from the test conference (and being completely exhausted), I became a kitty-mommy again. Her Royal Highness, Princess Buttercup had been getting rather needy and demanding since we lost both Baby and Bugger within a few months of each other, so The Husband and I had been making inquiries with the local shelter.

We’d been approved to adopt, but I didn’t expect the Husband to come home with two new kittehs.

So we are now slowly getting Midnight (who is, yes, black) and Westley (gray and white – we’re not sure if he’s a Farm Boy or a Dread Pirate Westley, but I have a sneaking suspicion he’ll be both. Probably both at once) used to having new humans and living in a new house and all that.

Naturally it has not been without hiccups. Like Midnight deciding he wanted to hide in the basement. And while he has the perfect appearance for a basement cat, finding him to bring him back to kitty pokey for comfort and safety is somewhat challenging.

Westley discovering hidey holes that led us to search the whole house for him was also interesting.

We’re now being a bit more… cautious about kitty pokey (where they have food and water and kitty bed and a selection of toys) until they’re more used to us both. Naturally this means that kitty pokey is getting regular visits from us.

So… here are the best pictures we have of Midnight and Westley so far.

Midnight hides behind the heater, while Westley lurketh in the kitty carrier20191108_194458




    1. Thanks! The naming of cats is a difficult matter – they don’t just tell you their names. You have to work them out for yourself.

  1. we’re not sure if he’s a Farm Boy or a Dread Pirate Westley, but I have a sneaking suspicion he’ll be both. Probably both at once

    Well, cat, so good guess.

    1. True, that. The Cat Named Bugger earned his name and I have no doubt Westley will do the same once he’s settled in.

    1. That sounds like you had two characters – of course every cat that’s owned me (trust me, it never goes the other way) has been a character. Old Rani (Siamese, threw tantrums if she didn’t get her way and once complained so vociferously about having been sent Away From Home – we’d gone on vacation for 2 weeks – that she lost her voice, made it to 19 before cancer), Tiger Tim (adopted as a kitten, was technically mum’s cat, but somehow I ended up with most of the maintenance), Her Royal Fluffiness Miss Shani (part persian, part siamese, part who knows, owned me from the age of 5 weeks until cancer ended things at the age of 21), Little Bugger who earned his name good and proper, Baby-cat who was the sweetest little voyeur-kitteh ever – he loved to share the shower with us, which lead to frequent issues with Wet Kitteh.

      All sadly just memories now, but good memories. I hope the same can be said for your two.

      1. They were both Siamese-ish, so were talkers with idiosyncratic personalities. Pets like those remind us that nobody gets out of here alive. No matter who loves them or is heartbroken by their passing.

        1. Exactly! It breaks our hearts every time me and The Husband have to say goodbye to one of them, but as soon as the worst pain goes away, we find ourselves another one to love. Or two, as the case may be.

          Westley is starting to show signs of being a complete love-bug kitteh – I go into pokey to pet him, and the purring starts and he insists on coming closer and closer. He’s rubbing up against me now, although being picked up and held is still a no-go.

          Midnight purrs a lot but is much shyer and keeps wedging himself into a corner where it’s hard to reach him.

          And yeah, the pets we love do remind us that the only way out is in a box. Still, I also believe that they never truly leave us. They’re still with us in our memories and the tricks our minds play on us.

          1. I keep telling myself that Trouble is in kitteh heaven talking to Ugly (cat i had as a teenager) about how awesome her daddeh was and then they realize its the same person…

  2. Since we’re talking about pets, Maximum Maxwell has finally grown out of his puppy teeth, and my forearms have healed. ~:D

    Now he’s 50+ lbs of super-fast poodle. November 11th he experienced his first proper snow storm, so there was the jumping and snapping at the snowflakes, and running figure 8s flat-out in the snow.

    All the times when he’s a pain in the ass are made worth it by the sight of him running. Whoosh!

    Incidentally, in this Warmest Year Ever according to whatever shitweasels are lying about climate change this week, November 11th is the earliest snowstorm I’ve ever seen, I think. It is so early that the trees are dropping their leaves on top of the snow. My willow trees haven’t even changed colour yet.

    Friday I finally got the lawnmower limbered up and mulched the leaves that had fallen, planning on getting the rest in a couple of weeks. No more mowing for this season, there’s a foot of snow out there now.

    Which is nothing compared to out West, they had snow in September. Grain harvest was interesting, I imagine.

    1. The Veterans’ Day Storm was sure a doozy. We had to drive home from it in a van full of merchandise left over from Grand Rapids Comic Con, since we couldn’t afford the damage another hotel night would do to our bottom line. The worst part of it was US 131 from Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo, which was covered with a nasty, slushy mix that made driving treacherous. We were going about 40-45 mph most of the time, when we weren’t creeping through the backups wherever the tow trucks were winching out slide-offs or collecting wrecks (and there were several of the latter). Once we got on I-94, things started to get better, and by the time we got on US 31 and into Indiana, we were able to drive the speed limit. Our worst problem was the way the windshield wipers kept icing up so we had trouble maintaining good visibility. I was very glad to pull into our driveway and shut down the van.

      Since then we’ve been dealing with bitter cold. It’s supposed to warm up this weekend, so I’m hoping to get the van unloaded, since our selling season is over for the year and I do not want merchandise sitting in the van while we’re visiting family for the holidays.

      1. It was pretty brutal. My girlfriend lives north of Indy, and when she finished work at night, she ended up staying overnight with a coworker who lived just down the road rather than drive twelve miles home.

        1. Yikes. That is bad.

          But it did seem to get significantly worse just north of Indianapolis, and as it became dark. I was very glad to get home when we did, and decided to put off a visit to the gas station until Tuesday, because I didn’t want to be on the roads any longer. (OTOH, didn’t want to put off the fill-up any longer because of the single-digit lows forecast for Tuesday night. We went to a presentation that evening, and the temperature had dropped markedly between when we arrived and when we left).

      2. I’m sure the drive was lovely. Not the worst snowstorm I’ve ever seen, but -nobody- has their snow tires on yet. Many were the cars off the road.

        Something I’ve remarked on over the years is the number of drivers who seem to forget how to drive in the snow. I don’t understand how that can be. How can you forget something like that, particularly when the cost is so high? One of the Great Mysteries of life.

    2. We just had 30 mph gusting 50 mph north winds and blowing snow. While I was driving east-bound. I ached the next day. Temp went from 70 to 19 F.

  3. Oh, send more pictures! I can’t risk adding a kitten to our current menage (which includes a terrier bred specifically to hunt small furry animals) so I want to enjoy yours vicariously.

    1. They are adorable, aren’t they? I’ll be sending more pictures as they get taken, of course. Although kitty pokey isn’t exactly photogenic – it’s the downstairs bathroom, and the pair of them like to snuggle in the corner between the heat unit on the wall and the loo. They iz kitteh. They must has their warms.

  4. Aw, they won’t take long to realize they’ve landed in one of the best homes possible! Have lots of fun with ’em (even as the Harry Houdini fun and games continue)!

    1. A friend has a cat named Houdini in spite of being female, because she is always trying to slip outside. She’s polydactyl and quite adept at getting doors open to get outside.

    1. That can still work – you just need to be more careful about introducing her to That New Cat. The usual caveats apply: keep the new cat in pokey until the two are positively eager and curious. Make sure to transfer smells – pet your original cat a lot, then go pet the cat in pokey, then go back and pet your cat. Pokey just needs to be a room with a door you can close, with litter box, food and water in there. Kitty toys and a kitty bed also help.

      It’s a whole lot easier to manage the introduction when you’ve only got one room to search for timid kitteh!

  5. Arthur (aka Ninja Death Cat) is black and has finally figured out that humans cannot see in the dark. He’s a bit less ninja-death-y, now. Merlin, his brother, has not. He would still get stepped on in the dark, except whenever he sees me coming, he flees.

    I feel bad for Merlin. He’s curious like all cats, but whatever he finds terrifies him and he runs away (from everything). That cannot be good for kitteh mental health.

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