So I’m off-routine this week because I’m actually taking some vacation time – it can be a challenge to take time out, because where I work, the programmers and me act as upper-level help desk, which means there’s interesting juggling of schedules to keep a decent level of coverage. That interacts with the deployment schedule, and gives some ‘fun’ time-off blackouts to play with.

Since my ability to organize myself kind of crapped out some years back – I suspect the screaming breakdown that ended my very short teaching career was the start – I tend not to take time off nearly as often as I should. So anyway… I’m off-routine which means I forgot to write a post last night, so I’m stream-of-consciousnessing at you.

My stream of consciousness being somewhat Odd, I tend to lose people when I do this. I’ve told co-workers a few times that it’s not so much a matter of thinking outside the box for me, because I’ve yet to find the bloody thing. My box, if my usual thinking pattern can be called such, is in an alternate dimension at illegal angles to reality. It may be made of Dark Matter although I personally suspect WTF? Matter is a more likely candidate.

In any case, life in the vicinity of Kate is trundling along at its usual pace, with assorted semi-catastrophes making things a bit more interesting than I’d prefer.

The Bugger-cat is doing well with his cancer treatment. He’s even more or less resigned to being pilled twice a day. He’s nearly doubled his weight from just before he started treatment, so he’s back to close to normal weight. His fur is regrowing from the undignified shave that an ultrasound requires, and he’s down to an appointment with the kitty-oncologist every two months. He’s also back to a lot of the antics that earned him his name in the first place (much to our relief and exasperation). Our bank account is cautiously hoping this will give it a chance to recover somewhat.

Starting out with ultrasounds every month and a specialist vet visit every 2 weeks really takes a bite out of the bank balance, and the kitty chemo isn’t exactly cheap, either. Not that we ever thought of not paying, but having a bit more breathing room would be nice.

Then there’s the worry about the Mother. She’s been hospitalized twice in the last few months, and the last I heard from the family she’s probably going to need to be in some form of managed care arrangement, soon. Which is an issue because when you look up stubborn in the dictionary, you’ll find pictures of my family. I’m sure there’s mule somewhere on both sides if you go back far enough.

This is not helped by the fact that I don’t have a passport and never seem to find time/mental space to get the process kicked off. It’s one of those “I must do that sometime” things that keeps getting lost in the latest crisis. Well… not exactly crisis, more like urgent thing I need to deal with today, but since work is generally a case of fitting normal stuff between crises because anything that comes in via escalated help desk is automatically a crisis and takes top priority. And of course by the time I’ve done a full day of that my brain has packed up and taken off somewhere.

Damn thing never even bothers to send postcards.

So that’s life in the vicinity of the Kate. It’s not bad, it’s just chaotic and never seems to stop being that way.


  1. I hate to ask, but any word on the Teutonic Order in Spaaaaaace? (Asking for a friend).

    My sympathies on odd thought patterns. I have to be very careful even in my family, because I jump ideas without showing steps, and then have people look at me very oddly.

    1. Oh yeah… I’m another of those “what do you mean, ‘show my work’ ??” types.

      Watching Trump speak off the cuff is hilarious, because he does it too (so similar to how I skip past the interim steps that I can hear his wheels turning)… which is why normal people sometimes can’t follow him.

      1. That could fit the stable genius model.

        Would explain that one interview with the times, where he mentioned that growing up with John Trump (who I then researched and found out was a really high end engineer and scientist) as an uncle shaped how he was interpreting the climate science stuff. As I recall, the times people interpreted this as meaning that he was automatically on board with the scientists-as-gods-or-at-least-unimpeachable-spirits. I was assuming that they were simply mental defectives, or had very wrong information about how scientists actually work, and what they are like.

        But if Trump is extremely intelligent, skips intermediate steps when he is in a discussion that isn’t a calculated sales pitch, and most people don’t figure those out, I might’ve simply lucked into the deeper understanding.

        1. Skipping steps has a tendency to not just leave other people wondering about your sanity, they’ll often think you’re stupid as well. Sadly, “But it’s obvious!” does not help.

    2. Ohh, yeah. The show your work thing is such a bloody pain. I kind of filter people by “can they follow me in conversations?” If they can they’re more or less my kind of person. If not, they’ll drive me insane sooner or later.

      The “mostly quiet until something hits the button then can’t shut up” thing also bites me. There was this one conversation between me and Sarah’s elder spawn where we got so far into metaphysics that the rocket scientist got lost. On my end it was just a fun way to play with ideas. Apparently on theirs it was more like shattering the legal allowance of WTF per minute.

      Teutonic knights in space is awaiting revision, but actually getting comments from Sarah is… subject to her timetable. I guess it’s time to send it to her again.

      1. No major rush. I was just hoping that it hadn’t hit a wall 2/3 of the way through, leaving you cursing in Australian, Latin, Prussian, German, and Polish. *looks over at personal “dead story bits” file*

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