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LTUE – Life, The Universe, & Everything – is a symposium in Utah every February by writers for writers. Unlike Comic Cons where panels are likely to on costuming, and literary cons where the panels are by authors for readers, LTUE panels cover things like “writing action” and “balancing the books”, and “boring beginnings” and things like that.

And you don’t even have to go!


LTUE is uploading their panels from 2017 to youtube – so you can check it out, and maybe even learn something!

By the way, not all the titles are straightforward; some are puns. For example, String Theory, which I highly recommend, is a talk by a professional costumer on what it takes in your worldbuilding in order to have what sort of clothes for your characters.

And when you’ve watched some, come back and tell me: which ones did you watch, and what do you recommend? What did you learn?


9 thoughts on “Additional Classes

  1. Reblogged this on Lee Dunning and commented:
    I haven’t watched any of these videos yet, but I perused them and there are a ton of topics covered. There is bound to be at least one which will prove entertaining and maybe even informative.

  2. They put them up a few at a time, apparently it is quite a bit of work to convert them. And it’s all done by volunteers. My thanks go out to those folks too! And yes, string theory was a good panel!

  3. LTUE is one of those things that is perfectly terribly timed for folks tied to an academic calendar. I’m very, very happy that they are uploading these.

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