I am stuck in auto ownership Hell. In other words, I’m stuck in the waiting room as my car is repaired and the internet is spotty at best. There will be a post when I’m released from durance vile. In the meantime, help me by giving me suggestions about what you’d like me to blog about.

Until later!

Edited to add: Sorry, everyone. I got stuck at the mechanic’s until a few minutes ago and now I have other things I need to take care of. Continue talking cars and pickups and whatever.

Oh, and Mustangs Rule!


  1. Hey, at least the international commieball invitational is over. Last time I was stuck at the dealership for a recall, I spent almost three hours of a thirty minute appointment watching foreigners fall over.
    I guess that’s what they call entertainment in the backwards corners of the world.

    1. Is that that thing where they take the fine art of watching grass grow and then endullen it with three thirds of nothing, or possibly less?

    2. I’ve tried to like soccer. I really have. But every time I turn on a match, I keep being tempted to change to the infomercial on Channel 18. Nothing has ever made me wonder so much if the Wen Hair Care System could really give me the shiny, beautiful hair I’ve always dreamed of.

      I admit that there may be a level of entertainment to the game that I just don’t understand, but given the sheer number of “soccer riots,” I have to wonder if the supposed fans of the sport deep down find it as boring as I do.

      1. As I understand it, the way to appreciate it is to rate the players by how well (or easier, how poorly) they fake being injured .

  2. I like most dealerships. My fav has vending machines, tables and chairs, electrical outlets. Give me hostess cupcakes, a coke, and no internet connection, and I get _so_ much writing done! Actually I think they have WiFi, but I don’t want it!

    I hate to say it, but most waiting rooms are so last millennia. They all need to get tables.

  3. “…help me by giving me suggestions about what you’d like me to blog about.”

    Cars, obviously. They are characters in books, after all. How do women deal with cars? (Men indulge in car worship, ladies. We do. They are graven images to us.)

    One of my characters, Frankie Venom, has a crappy 1969 Camaro with a Roots blower and zoomie pipes, created as the Platonic Ideal of a cool late 1970s/early 1980s car that would be owned by a kid.

    500 cool points to anybody who can come up with Frankie Venom’s real name and band without Google.

    1. I have it on excellent authority that there are some men who really don’t understand what the fuss over cars is about and some women who are thoroughly enchanted by cars – including the mechanical aspects.

      1. I am proof of the male side of this, & my best friend’s daughter left school to get a mechanic’s apprenticeship, so I suspect she is the flip-side (either that or she didn’t want to go to University & grabbed onto a more reliable source of income for when she leaves home).

      2. I pretty much have never cared about the looks or speed of cars. Utility, and reliability, a little, but not tons.

        I became more interested after learning about some of the specialized mechanics of vehicles.

        ‘Alignment of the suspension’ is just words until you learn what the details mean from a simple clear description.

      3. If you really want to lose all the supposed romance of the automobile, become a traffic engineer. To me, a car is a wheelbase with a engine.

      4. There are. I have a 20 year old Corolla that I will likely have for at least another 10 unless Bad Things Happen. Cool? No. Classic? No. $AnythingCarGuy? NOPE. Fades into the background and lets me get on with things? YUP!

        Now, show me someone with a nice mountain residence, Zeiss optics, on a Beyers drive… and I might have to deal with a nasty case of envy.

          1. Plus, you can still powerslide with them.
            (Oh, right. Kids these days call it drifting, and think it’s a recent innovation. )
            And with that 90/10 weight distribution, you’re encouraged to do so.

            Understanding how the parts work is only part of mastering the machine.

            That said, I’m old, and I really appreciate not having to break out ether on cold mornings, and not having to play impromptu mechanic on the roadside every thousand miles or so.

          2. Pickup trucks do rule. I have two live ones and a half-dead one. The F-250 crew-cab diesel is hands-down the finest vehicle money can buy right now. Mine is 2011, it runs like new. And it keeps up with anything short of a Mustang or WRX on the street. In the snow, nothing beats it but a rally car.

            In summer I pull a 36 foot camper trailer, winter and summer I have to haul various machines around on the car trailer, plus the odd boat. Can’t do that with a WRX. ~:D

            Also, and all you short-bed people out there will feel a pang of jealousy here, I can put a load of 4’x8′ sheets in the bed, and CLOSE THE TAILGATE. No tie downs, no screwing around with binder twine.

            Downside, it is immense and can be challenging to park. But, I like a challenge now and again.

            1. My Tacoma is not quite that large, but it handles plywood sheets just fine. I’m still not thrilled by the excess of electronics, but so goes it.

              1. The Tacoma is very popular with desert racers. Very long travel suspension is easier to fit, and guys are getting 600hp out of that engine without changing anything in the bottom end. Strong, like bull!

  4. I have no problem with the local dealwership’s waiting area, so long as I get out before 0800. That’s when they turn on radio over head, and leave the TV on. I can’t turn my music up loud enough to drown the combination out.

  5. Waiting rooms involving car repairs have led to both a couple of the worst experiences I have had and a couple of very pleasant ones. Yet car repair, as opposed to regular maintenance, remains a pain. It never seems to come up when you have nothing better to do with your time or your money. Hope this one doesn’t prove too onerous.

    How about a blog on the use of the pedestrian but unexpected occurance in stories?

    1. “How about a blog on the use of the pedestrian but unexpected occurance in stories?”

      I like this. AKA, “How the ordinary becomes the Oh Fuck.”

  6. The comparative unladen airspeed velocity of African vs. European swallows.

    1. Wow. Looking at the sub-genre charts… Indies really dominate a lot of the sub-groups, by a very large amount.

  7. So, Hondas have a little flexible tube to drain the water out of a tray that sits under the AC condenser and gets filled with cold water. It is actually pretty common for this to be clogged and you to end up with cold condenser water splashing into the passenger side front floorboard.

    Alas, this is not what happened to us. When i drove the car cross-country, thus tube apparently came disconnected, resulting in that water draining into the passenger compartment whenever we ran the AC. we initially were is a car loaded with me my roomate two cats clothes a half flat of water and a bunch of snacks, so we thought a water bottle leaked.

    Once we finally take it to the dealer, they fix the tube but tell us all the carpets need to be replaced. they order the carpets, and once they get in they need the car back for ‘at least’ three days… the problem being that Thursdays, my roomate has to go into the office. I end up dropping it off Sunday night and having to take an Uber back here (because they were closed) and then getting a ride back with their shuttle bus.

    In addition to replacing the carpets they also put some odor removal stuff in the car to try to get rid of the smell. So now whenever the car is closed, it smells strongly of that stuff, in direct proportion to how long it is closed. It at least seems to be fading…

  8. For durance vile, medical offices beat car dealerships by a wide margin. To add insult to injury, the very same places that make you wait upwards of half an hour to see someone for a scheduled appointment now add a charge as well as canceling your appointment and requiring you to reschedule if you are 15 minutes late, because *their* time is money, but *yours* costs them nothing…

    1. I once wondered if the painkiller I was given was for the medical condition I had or to help me recover from the truly awful crap on the waiting room TV. And, no, it wasn’t CNN.

  9. Try to buy a Ford van to transport my handicap scooter, but the model I want is almost unavailable in my area new. Find one almost new (3449 miles) in TX and buy it. Fly my grandson down to drive it back to CO. I breaks down in Middle-Of-Nowhere OK. Tow it to the nearest dealer. They have it for 13 days but swear there is nothing wrong with it. I have it trucked to CO, and it breaks down again the day after it arrives. Get it to the nearest dealer where it has been in their service shop for 41 days. They have tried everything Ford engineering suggests, but it is still not fixed. Last I heard Ford is not authorizing further work. After weeks of emails and phone calls I finally hear last night from the Ford Customer Service Manager, but she can tell me nothing. Sitting in a waiting room for hours is far better than owning a vehicle for two months, but not being able to use it.

    1. “Last I heard Ford is not authorizing further work.”

      That sounds illegal. Given the warranty, they have to make it work or give you one that works.

      What model and what’s wrong with it?

      I’d be tempted to use any old van or pickup truck and put a lift gate on it. I’m a little redneck that way though, I freely admit. ~:D

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