By My Fingernails

I have a confession to make: I don’t know what’s going on in the world. Not just the world of publishing (not many actually do, to be honest), but the wider world. Mrs. Dave returned to us this past weekend, so life has been jumbled. She’ll be home for a (measly) couple weeks, and then depart again. Uncle Sam says go, and she does.

What that means, however, is routines are borked. Habits are skittering around. Sleep is … elusive. Not because I’m sharing a bed, again – pervs – but because Mrs. Dave has to be awake well before I’ve been getting up while she was on the other side of the globe. And she’s still adjusting to the many-time-zones of difference between There and Here. So I’m a little foggy. And it’s been affecting my lifting, which also makes me grouchy.

On the upside, I’m hopping a plane *checks calendar* tomorrow. Oh, dear. So many things to do. Pretend Space Navy uniform to get in regulation order, clothing to try on for fit, packing list to write up. Have to make a final decision on whether I’m going to attempt to exercise over the con-weekend. As I said: hopping a plane tomorrow to Nashville, there to be picked up and driven (ah, luxury) to Chattanooga, to spend the weekend blessedly unattached and soaking in fannish shenanigans. I’ll get to be Writer Dave, and for a little while take off the Husband Dave and Daddy Dave hats. (I have a lot of hats.)

Which bring me around to writing.

One thing I’m going to be doing (all piecemeal-a-jumble) over the course of the next week is prioritizing the project list. I’ve got the space opera (the serious one), the other space opera (the humorous one), the WW2 urban/mil fantasy, the expansion of the rural fantasy, the follow-on to the UF collection. And then there’s the *cough* collab that’s still stalled, and awaiting edits.
It was actually at LIbertyCon a couple years back I was talking to a writer/editor, and he gave me a piece of advice I have heretofore been unable to follow, but I’ll pass it along to you. Pick one thing, and stick to it until you’re done. For those of us of a fractured bent (I’m not crazed, just a little broken around the edges), pick two. That way, when you get bored with one, switch to the other. Repeat as necessary until finished with something.

Short post today, and rambly, for which I apologize. Next week will either be superlatively awesome, or more of the same. No real middle ground, and I shudder to prognosticate. Con weekends are fun, and exhausting, full of amazing things and wondrous conversation. I’ll see what I can do to distill some of that for you.

Oh, and Sarah’s Uncharted (with friend-of-the-site Kevin J. Anderson) is eligible for Dragon nomination under alt-history. If you’ve read it, throw them a review, and if it was sufficiently awesome, a nom (if there was an edible award, would it have omnominations?).


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