Greetings From the Road

I’m on the road traveling today. I’m writing this from a Waffle House in Georgetown, KY. We’re sitting down to a hearty breakfast after about two hours of driving. We have about another ninety minutes ahead of us, so this seemed to be a good place to stop and rest a bit.

I always wind up driving on these trips, partly because it puts me on the side of my husband’s good ear, so we can talk without me having to shout. It works well, because while we travel, we talk. And he plots at me. Well, his nickname is the Evil Muse for a reason! I tell him where I’m stuck on the work in progress, and we talk it through until he Sparks enough ideas off my work for me to catch fire on the work again. Of course, I’m driving and can’t start writing immediately, so that’s a little frustrating, but it helps!

There’s something about being stuck in the car for hours that feeds the creative brain. At least that’s how it works for me!

I’m going to have breakfast, and throw open the comments for you all to chat, I’ll try to check in later when I’m not visitin’ and answer any questions.



13 responses to “Greetings From the Road

  1. paladin3001

    I need an evil muse. My current muse isn’t talking to me lately. Safe travels.

  2. Aren’t you going the wrong way?

  3. aacid14

    Get a notepad and pen and put in glove box. Next time he drops a mindworm tell him to start transcribing.

    Or audio recorder.

  4. Draven

    mmmm hash browns scattered smothered covered and topped 😀

    • Dorothy Grant

      Chocolate chip pancakes! As an adult I understand the necessity of getting shots, and will go to the doctor and pay for my own shots. But darnit, if I’m not going to get a lollipop for being good when getting my shots anymore, I’m getting chocolate chip pancakes! (And bacon, sausage, and coffee.)

  5. Dorothy Grant

    When I’m not driving, I tend to catch up on my sleep. When Peter’s driving, he’s working out plot tangles and subplots. This works out well for both of us – he gets to plot for miles and miles, and I get to wake up happier and better rested.

  6. My Muse is currently lurking in the depths, just waiting. She already threw me a mess with one of the two protagonists in the WIP, is tapping her foot for me to get through that so I can finish the second medieval trade fantasy, and I’m a little worried what she might throw at me next. I sense an urban fantasy vibe, possibly another short-story swarm . . .

    I love long drives. Just me, my music, and the road. Life is good. Especially if I’m headed west. Apparently I have a bit of the yondering trait in the blood.