The Fourth Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale!

Welcome to another long holiday weekend, and have we got reading material for you! Kick back, relax, let the smoker do the work on that brisket, and check out these books and stories by independent authors.


Coming Home

By Tom Rogneby

On sale from Sept 1 through the weekend


Elsked, son of DaddyBear the Minivandian and Ruarin, the Lady of Eyre, ventures out into the night to learn the saga of his mother and father.

An ancient storyteller exchanges tales of Elsked’s life for the story of how DaddyBear and Ruarin became the lord and lady of their manor.

Coming Home brings together the stories of Quest to the North, Lost Children, and Lady of Eyre, along with four new short tales of the Minivandian and his family.

Join Elsked as he creeps into the storyteller’s lair and comes to know the next Tales of the Minivandians


Rimworld- Into the Green

By JL Curtis

On sale  for $1.99 1-3 September.


After a chance encounter with Dragoons and Traders turns a routine planet exploration into a rout that kills his team and his career, Lieutenant Ethan Fargo, medically retired, wants nothing more than to hole up in the backwater Rimworld he’d explored and enjoy a quiet retirement far from people or problems.

Unfortunately, he’s about to find out that he’s not as retired as he wants to be, and that his new home system comes with dangers, politics, and Dragoon sightings of its own. What promised to be a boring retirement will turn out to be anything but.


Take the Star Road

by Peter Grant

$0.99 Sep 1- Sep 4


Nineteen-year-old Steve Maxwell just wants to get his feet on the star road to find a better homeworld. By facing down Lotus Tong thugs, he earns an opportunity to become a spacer apprentice on a merchant spaceship, leaving the corruption and crime of Earth behind. Sure, he needs to prove himself to an older, tight-knit crew, but how bad can it be if he keeps his head down and the decks clean?

He never counted on the interstellar trade routes having their own problems, from local wars to plagues of pirates – and the jade in his luggage is hotter than a neutron star. Steve’s left a world of troubles behind, only to find a galaxy of them ahead…


Scaling the Rim

By Dorothy Grant

On sale for $0.99

Sept 1 – 4


Never underestimate the power of a competent tech.

When Annika Danilova arrived at the edge of the colony’s crater to install a weather station, she knew the mission had been sabotaged from the start. The powers that be sent the wrong people, underequipped, and antagonized their supporting sometimes-allies. The mission was already slated for unmarked graves and an excuse for war…

But they hadn’t counted on Annika allying with the support staff, or the sheer determination of their leader, Captain Restin, to accomplish the mission. Together, they will overcome killing weather above and traitors within to fight for the control of the planet itself!


Carpathian Campaign

By Alma Boykin

It is on sale today through Wednesday, September 6 for $1.99. The sequel, Grasping for the Crowns will be out in November.

War rumors stalk Europe, but István Eszterházy has other concerns. Or so he thinks. The Powers—ancient creatures living on the very energy of the land. Allied with the Houses, together the Powers and Houses have guided parts of Europe for a thousand years and more, humans, HalfDragons, and True-dragons working as one. But other forces shift, movements of peoples and of pride. István ignores them, intent on his military duties and his forthcoming wedding. War waits for no man, and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand turns rumor into red war, setting Power against Power and House against House. And war is not what István imagined. How can he survive this new world and protect his new family and his House? He must find a way, even as he begins a delicate dance with the Powers, that of his House and some far older and much more dangerous. István’s world is changing. He will survive this new campaign, or die trying.


Jade Star

By Cedar Sanderson

Free from Sept 2-4

Jade is determined to die. She is old, and useless, when she points her tiny subspace craft at the cold stars. She wakes up in the care of others who refuse to grant her death, and instead give her a new mission in life.

Jade isn’t happy, and she only gets angrier when she learns that her mysterious new home hides a horrible secret. It’s time for this old lady to kick butt and take names. Aliens, death, destruction… nothing trumps the fierce old woman who is protecting her family.


Dragon Blood: A Collection of Short Stories

By Sarah Hoyt

From the trenches of WWI where the Red Baron just can’t help turning into a dragon, to the desert sands of a future world where humans have become something else, from a coffee shop between worlds where magicians gather, to a place where your worst nightmare can love you, let Dragon Blood take you on a series of fantastic adventures.



Lucky Number 7: A Rats, Bats, and Vats Story

By Dave Freer

John Norway is an alcoholic, a double amputee combat veteran, a street beggar with nothing much to live for. But once — before conscription – he’d been a rally driver. One of the best, at the wheel of Lucky Number 7. Now… Ariel the rat wants to have him drive in a desperate race against death, and the ‘magh.



The only question: does Norway want to win that race?

And will it solve Fat Fal’s inflatable rattess problem?

Directorate School

by Pam Uphoff

Free through Wednesday

First Book of The Directorate Series

Ebsa “Kitchen” Clostuone invades the sacred precincts of the High Oners! The School of Directorate Studies has a wide variety of students, including the president’s daughter Paer, this strange Ra’d fellow, and Nighthawk, the first foreign student from Comet Fall. Ebsa wants to explore across the dimensions. And all he has to do is keep his grades up, learn how to shoot every kind of gun imaginable, and not get pounded by the Action Team trainees.


And not to leave out our commentariat, if you are reading this and have a work you’d like to promote, feel free to share the link below. We don’t often open up comments for a promo, but why not? Let’s all have fun discovering Independent Authors who can write and amuse. Also, if you own all these books already (or even if you don’t) please share the love, and spread this post across social media everywhere. This is what keeps Mad Geniuses going, selling a book here and there when we aren’t trying to help out other aspiring writers. 

34 thoughts on “The Fourth Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale!

      1. Yep. It’s draining. Made it to a grocery store. Slim pickings, but who needs, milk, right? Bread and Cheese, top of my wish list have been procured.

    1. Someone at PG’s place referred to Amazon ans “the greatest royalty-recycling system ever invented.” 🙂 You sell books you write, then you buy other people’s books to read, and the money never leaves the ‘Zon. *wry grin*

      1. LOL! There’s some truth in that, up to a point. I blew my book budget last month buying some research material, but on the other hand, business expenses. So it’s all good.

  1. I’ll leave a link to this, an anthology featuring Sarah, Brad, Martin . . . and me:

  2. Amuse, yes: May I present a humorous suburban fantasy with robots, zombies, robot zombies, AIs, object-oriented magic, recursive monsters, mayhem, and a touch of romance.

  3. Grumble Grumble.

    Just what I needed. More Books to break my monthly book budget. 😉

    Note, some of these I already had, some I decided to pass on but I did add some to my Kindle order today. 😀

  4. Curse you all, you tempting sirens of readability! My book buying budget is miniscule (tight finances ATM) and all those books are soooooo tempting….

  5. I suspect it’s because I live in Japan, and Amazon knows it (so is not showing me sales prices) but I’m seeing

    Rimworld $5.08
    Take the Star Road $3.19
    Scaling the Rim $3.12

    It’s Sunday afternoon, 9/3, here, which seems like it should have sales prices active? Oh, well… don’t gripe at the authors about something the distributor is doing.

    1. nothermike,

      My apologies! Yes, it’s because you’re in Japan – and it’s also because I used the KDP promotional dashboard instead of taking the prices down by hand in every country. Which means it only changed prices in the US, and I can’t change it now. My sincere apologies!

      Mea culpa! …let me go shamefacedly file this under “things to put in BIG BOLD FONT to do differently next time on the sales checklist.”

  6. My wife just published her second book on Amazon Kindle. It’s a funny murder mystery, with magical powers. Tough for me to explain, but it is a great read! She just released it this week, so there haven’t been any reviews on it yet, though she has reviews on the first book in the series.

    It’s called Ayre Conditioning (the first book was Into Thin Ayre), and her pen name is Rachel Portmann

    Here is the blurb
    Emerson Ayre is still new to the Orber game. With the memory of her botched first assignment still fresh in her mind, the stakes are high. When she gets a vision of two sexy cowboys for her next assignment, she is thrilled. That is, until cop and best friend, Cal, points out that she is no match for a couple of ranchers.

    Thanks guys, and as always, love the site!
    Plus Amanda’s husband (boyfriend?) has a great blog site as well.
    Yes, I am a Canadian Deplorable, and proud!

    1. Ok, maybe not Amanda. There is an author who is with a man who blogs about firearms, etc, and his photography. Of course, you would think I could remember his website (it’s bookmarked on a different computer), but he is a great blogger and photographer.

      Sorry if I got it wrong.

        1. Sorry, late night brain fade. Oleg Volk is the site I was referring go.
          New rule, no posting on the internet after midnight!

          Thanks for letting me plug my wife’s book.

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