Poor, Poor Kitteh

It’s another not exactly with-it post this week: the Bugger-Cat spent a good chunk of time this afternoon at the vet. Again.

The poor little imp has chronic diarrhea (those of a sensitive disposition may wish to go elsewhere now) and since he’s a bit over 10, thoughts of cancer rear their ugly head when all the usual culprits test clean but the sloppy deposits continue to land in places they shouldn’t be – especially when the cat himself has trouble making said sloppy deposits and is clearly straining and at times in enough pain that he’s crying.

In addition, he’s been having issues at the other end, with some truly spectacular power pukes. Since we got some cat grass he’s chewing that then puking, but it’s nothing like as nasty as what was coming out that end before we got him the grass.

Hence, vet.

At this point the primary suspect is inflammatory bowel disease, possibly causing thickening of the intestines (leading to partial blockage which in turn means things aren’t moving through properly, hence… you get the idea), so he’s got treatment for that in the form of a steroid shot before he left, plus a vitamin B shot to help with the nutrients he’s probably not absorbing too well what with the sloppy deposits and power pukes. We start him on a course of steroids tomorrow, along with a short antibiotics course.

If there’s no improvement, we get to take him to get an ultrasound so they can see what’s going on inside. That’s not exactly cheap, but if it will get his Buggerness a better quality of life the Husband and I are all for it.

And just to top things off, it turns out that the other call of nature came through while we were taking the Bugger-Cat home after his veterinary indignities, because there was a remarkable amount of piddle in the cat carrier when we let him out. Cue one fast cleanup and a cat carrier outside drying after liberal use of the hose.

I may eventually have brain, but it ain’t going to be today (aka Wednesday night, when I write these things).




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24 responses to “Poor, Poor Kitteh

  1. paladin3001

    My sympathies. I have a stronger stomach now. Having to deal with poopy diapers from a toddler. Still think the worst was a stomach virus back when the Squire was 8 months old. :p

  2. Christopher M. Chupik

    Sorry to hear that, Kate.

  3. Been there dear. We had a cat that had IBS. It was pretty bad. In fact his previous owner said that cleaning up after him was a pain. (No, he wasn’t abandon, or anything. Mickie was a retired show cat/breeder. He came to us at the end of his show/breeding career to live out the rest of his life) We tried a few things. Pumpkin was suggested, but he would not eat it. Finally settled on high fiber dry food. (Science Diet, Hairball formula I think. Had not less than 11% fiber) That helped solidify his stools. The hardest part was keeping him on that dry, probably tasteless, food for over 7 years.

    • Kate Paulk

      Bugger’s sense of smell isn’t that good, which doesn’t help. We need to give him food that he can smell or he simply won’t eat it.

  4. CACS

    I am so sorry. Sorry that the cat is suffering. Sorry that you are dealing with the particular symptoms that come with the cat’s suffering. Sorry that it has knocked your brain for a loop.

    May things improve for everyone involved soon.

    • Kate Paulk

      Thank you. We mostly want him to not be suffering – but we’ll take not suffering and not pooping where poop is not meant to go.

      • CACS

        You have my sympathy.

        Mittens, The Gray Cat, Overhead, Underfoot, Purrbucket, Leadbottom, formerly called Jake developed kidney problems in later life. He had problems with using the litter box, but would climb up on the bed curl up between my legs, relax and … laundry! Neither of us was happy.

  5. Since Kate’s brain is on cat-duty (or is that doody?) allow me to deposit something similar. There is great uproar in Artistic circles because somebody dared question Cultural Appropriation.


    This is the state of artistic “freedom” in Canada at the moment.

    We also had Nora K.J. whinging that the trailer for some movie or other was “whitewashed”, so it seems racism is alive and well in the USA as well.

    My response is to steal stuff from every culture I can think of. China, ancient Sumeria, France, Scotland, I steal it all. If it makes them mad and they tweet about it, that’s free advertising for me.

    Condolences to the kitteh regarding the intestinal upset. This too shall pass.

    • paladin3001

      Interesting, I see we have traveled some similar blogs. 🙂

      • Canada is really small. ~:D You probably live down the road from me.

        • paladin3001

          In a manner of speaking, yes I probably do. 🙂
          Let me put it this way. I used to hang out with BCF and Kate from time to time about 5 years ago. :p

        • Given that the vast majority of the Canadian population is squashed into a band about 150 miles “high” stretching along the US border, “populated” Canada is quite small. Just very, very wide. 🙂

    • Kate Paulk

      It’s passing just a bit too quickly at the moment.

      And yeah, that’s not freedom. It’s tyranny using pretty words to pretend it’s nice.

  6. Meh. SH. I would posit that if we are not able to patiently wait another week – or more – while someone adjusts the cat, we are probably not fit to be writers…

  7. Draven

    One of my cats is sick too. The vet wants to do a rather expensive set of xrays etc etc…

  8. mrsizer

    Good luck. Our old cat is supposed to be on a special diet for kidneys. It’s miserable for everyone making that work with two kittens. We’ve decided it’s better that he dies early, not-hungry, and not-hated-by-us (he howls for food at the most annoying times [i.e. while we’re trying to sleep] if it’s not left out, which if we do the kittens eat the expensive prescription food).

    • Dorothy Grant

      Kili, due to bladder stones, gets the urinary-tract food. Due to her habit of making sure she will Never Be Hungry Again, it’s also low-calorie.

      The maine coon kitten, Ashbutt, has decided her food must be the best food ever. So we ended up getting the full-calorie version for him, as the vet said it wouldn’t hurt a growing kitten. Kili, of course, now eats his food instead, because the grass on the other side… But it’s still good food for her.

      Ashbutt eats her food, his food, and then sits back and looks innocent when Kili comes crying that she can see the bottom of the foodbowls, and famine is upon the land!