The Day With No Brain

It’s been a Day. Yes, the kind you describe with the capital.

The day job has the big deployment happening today at Oh God AM (it will be mostly done by the time this post goes live), which means that I’m writing this after all the last minute scrambly stuff before something major. Naturally, Murphy being the bastard he is, this was when a few overlooked bugs chose to make themselves known.

End result, the Kate is out of spoons and is rambling at you.

So, yes. It’s a Day.

There are positives to be had in all of this. I’ve been spurred (or possibly merely gently nudged) into starting the long, painful process of rehabbing my website. This means on weekends I do the harder stuff like last weekend reactivating my Amazon Associate account and redoing a chunk of the links on the page listing my stuff. I’ll be getting more of that done this weekend, and hopefully bringing the thing up to date. I’ve also got it automagically posting to the Book of Faces, Twitter, and G+, and I’m trying (and so far mostly succeeding) to post something every day.

My biggest issue with “post something every day, and people will come to read the stuff” is that I find it really hard to believe that I’m interesting enough for that. We’ll see, I guess.

The other big positive is that I’ve finally started trying to get my lazy arse fit. I’ve got issues with this – some are really common to writers: when your job and your hobby mostly involve parking backside in front of a computer and making heavy use of a keyboard, you tend to have difficulty getting and staying in shape.

Yes, the peanut gallery is correct. I am in shape. The shape in question is “amorphous blob”. I would prefer something a little more defined.

I’ve also got the thoroughly cocked up metabolism courtesy narcolepsy and all the fun and interesting medications that follow (which impact my digestive system, since sleep regulation and appetite/fullness regulation are managed by the same chemical. Go figure). And a sway back that means I tend to have trouble standing or walking for any length of time. Then there’s the rack which means that running is not an option. There’s way too much mass there to keep bouncing when I stop, and I’ve yet to encounter the bra that’s capable of taming said mass (Yes, authors, take note. Your Amazonian warrior with her metal bikini and improbable endowments is going to be really sore if she has to run or bounce around a lot. She will visit your dreams and curse you in interesting ways that you will not like – this is in part why Amazonian warriors were reputed to remove the rack. The other reason will be familiar to any woman who has clipped a boob with the bowstring. It hurts. And this is from the woman who drove a thousand miles with an untreated broken ankle. If I say it hurts, it effing hurts).

The upshot of all this is that I dislike most physical activity. But I don’t mind walking in pleasant environments (the local park works. And one day we’ll get back to hiking), and I used to like cycling. So now I’m cycling or walking for at least 20 minutes most days. I’m still in the beginners shock phase, but I’m actually enjoying the exercise so despite losing more time I don’t have to this, I’m good with it. I’m kind of hoping I get to the “you will have more energy” phase soon, though.

The Bugger-Cat has gone puke-o-matic on us, which, while still digestive distress, is an improvement on the automatic evacuation of the other end we were having. I think I’ve cleaned up more cat mess in the last week than I usually do in a month.

Such is life, I guess. You do what you can with what you’ve got, enjoy what you can, and keep slogging on. It beats the alternatives.

27 thoughts on “The Day With No Brain

  1. I am in good shape – for a renaissance era woman. (I’d make a fair model for Ruben)

    I’d heard the line about Amazons removing the left breast, but never about removing both. I thought it was to improve aim. Speaking of Amazons, urban rumor has it that Linda Carter did have problems with some of the running scenes in Wonder Woman.

  2. When I was riding horses on a regular bases, I was glad that I only have an average “endowment.” That’s when I also started wearing something besides my usual means of support. My hip and knee preclude running (unless I’m being chased by something large and mean.) So I try to walk at least 30 min 5X a week, something I don’t like doing from May – October because it means getting up at oh-dark-awful. And I do weights once or twice a week, schedule permitting. I don’t have any spare vertical inches to lose to osteoporosis. And I tend to get solutions to plot tangles while I’m walking.

    I’m in shape. Irish washer-woman is a shape (big shoulders and upper arms, small chest and waist, sturdy lower half.)

  3. Thirty years ago I could put my head on the floor going over backwards and then stand up again, work two weeks of twelve hour days painting, shoot a dime at 100 yards with iron sights, and so forth.

    Today, not so much. Arthritis in the hands, reduced eyesight, funky knee from all those work hours. BUT, I can still do stuff, so I contrive.

    Only day from Heck yesterday for me. Dentistry. Ew. You know how they say the nitrous wears off after ten minutes? They’re lying.

    1. I had a wisdom tooth extracted last year. Things have moved a *long* way from the Comfy Chair and the spit sink. Instant digital X-rays, the dentist rotating the image in 3D on a big monitor, procedure that lasted about thirty seconds. Even rural Arkansas has moved with the times…

      1. replacing a missing tooth by using a wand with a camera to photograph the opposite tooth, and photograph the site for the replacement, and using photogrammetry to build the tooth and then mirroring it, adjusting to fit, and then CNC machining the replacement, in about two and a half hours…

        really frikken cool demo shown by 3m at HP a couple years back.

  4. While I’ve never personally clipped a boob with my bow string, I know people who have that have, and I’ve snapped my arm often enough to imagine the pain. I once had a five inch long bruise on my wrist that blood blistered so badly, I couldn’t wear my watch. I can’t even imagine trying to wear a bra with a snapped boob.

    1. I’ve got a scar from the one and only time I ever held a pistol the wrong way. The slide bit me. 😦

      1. I used to have a 1911 (Not 1911A1, but a Great War original) and the hammer added to the scar collection on my right hand. Got a new hammer and eventually sold that pistol. The curved backstrap on the A1 works better for me, anyway.
        I’m told M1 Garands can do interesting things to the unwary. I was careful…

        1. AKs and variants. Reciprocating and pointy bolt handle. Owie.

          The M1, I was Told to keep my fingers out if I wanted to keep them. The Garand has a reputation for biting when you shove the clip in. There is a Right Way and then there are all the other ways.

    2. My wife is left-handed. If you should ever meet her, she can tell you all about what happens when you shoot a submachine gun while wearing a scoop-necked top.

      I think she was more upset at me for laughing than at getting burned. All in all, it was probably a good thing the magazine was empty before she realized what happened…

  5. One thing I like about my job is that it gets me up and moving. Sometimes I get 10,000 steps before 10 a.m..

    Otherwise, on my own, I might not even break 1,000 steps.

  6. I can’t do stuff. I am now allowed, by virtue of cardiac rehab, 8 minutes of exercise three times a week, in two minutes chunks interrupted by four minutes of rest. It is heaven. I also do it in my basement in my jammies, which makes it easy, but I’d love to go for a walk.

    Enjoy! Remind yourself of the old saw: “If I’d known I was going to last this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” Rejoice that you’ve already started. Know that the oxygen flow to the brain cells will actually improve the day job and writing performance in normal people – even though the brain stubbornly refuses to believe that when clutching the mouse. The breaks WILL do you good.

    And you already started! The worst is over. Be kind and don’t push so much it hurts, and you are already started!

  7. Free advice on the ‘Net is worth the electrons one pays for it, of course, but is it at all feasible to try swimming? For low-impact, high-burn exercise I have found it very useful to help stay in reasonable shape. However, it does require a pool of convenient location, size and affordability — not to mention a decent tolerance for chlorine — so I understand if it is not a practical option.

  8. I’m not in shape. Well, “dumpy hausfrau” is a shape, but I am physically unable to do the things I want to do, so I’m not in shape. On the other hand, when I was at the rehab gym yesterday wheezing and panting and trying to complete all the listed exercises, the physical therapist wandering by was very happy that I’m continuing the discharge instructions.

    Here’s to us getting better, and getting everything we want done!

  9. *hands Kate a spoon

    and a small tub of her preferred ice cream

    and a pack of timtams.

  10. Don’t worry, for some people, every day is a day with no brain.

    1. Yes, and quite a few of them seem to be customers of my employer.

      I’m being mean – they’re frazzled and just want to do their stuff. They’re not paying attention to the fancy new features we released or the extra goodness they can get out of our software. I’m sure there were thoughts of “Stop improving things, damn it.” But boy it felt like we were getting a ton of PEBKAC issues today.

      1. If it helps, imagine them as that idiotic, brain-damaged, rock-eating chicken from Moana.

        I misread ‘stop improving things’ with “stop improving issues”… which, sometimes, seems to be what people are going for (Making problems worse!)

      2. Um. I’m hoping you are not the ones that just “improved” the Kroger / Frys website apps? (If so, well, I must plead extreme annoyance – particularly when the spouse just about put a fist through her monitor…)

        1. No, I had nothing to do with those. My employers are a tad more specialized.

          1. Phew, dodged a stake there…

            (Now, having been a developer for many, many years myself – I know the flames of user blowback myself. These people, though… My only theory is that their “user focus group,” if they had one, was entirely made up of those that order online.)

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