Post is coming

Sorry, guys. I’m running late this morning — glares at dog.  There’s been a bit of upset at the house — glares at dog again. And it has thrown everything behind. I’ll be back with a blog post in a couple of hours after I take the dog to the vet and clean up. I don’t know if he just got into the birdseed the squirrels dumped out of the supposedly squirrel-proof birdfeeder or if he got into something he shouldn’t have. I think he’s okay but he had a tough night last night. In the meantime, if there’s anything you want me to discuss, leave suggestions in the comments.



  1. Is there really any such thing as a squirrel proof bird feeder?

    Hope both you and the dog come out none the worse for wear.

    1. Squirrel proof bird feeders involve .22lr versions of the smartgun turrets from Aliens.

      1. Or two members of the household having an unofficial contest for the individual responsible for stopping the most squirrelous behavior. And an air rifle.

    2. Have you seen that video with a slinky on the pole and the squirrels climbing and falling when they hit the slinky? Of course, I kept expecting Tarzan the squirrel to swing over, above the whole slinky thing, but…

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