Apologies to Jason for top-posting on him but I wanted to ask everyone to send all their good thoughts and prayers out. I just had a text from Sarah. She is currently in the ER. No diagnosis yet but there is the possibility of a heart attack. I will update this post as I get further information. In the meantime, I know she and the rest of her family would appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts.

Update (1515 CST)

I just spoke with Sarah. They are going to keep her overnight for observation. She sent her thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I’ll post another update when I know more. Keep the good thoughts going. Thanks!

Update 2

Check out Sarah’s blog for more information. She has updated what’s going on. Of course, we may all have to gather to sit on her to keep her in the hospital until the doctors say she is ready to come home. She is just a tad stubborn. VBG.

Update 3 — Saturday Morning

I just spoke with Sarah and she said to assure you reprobates that she is feeling better. Being Sarah, she wants out of the hospital NOW. I reminded her that there are enough of us willing to come tie her to the bed that she might want to reconsider. In the meantime, she has a battery of tests to go through. Her doctors want to make sure they find the root cause of what happened and get it treated once and for all.
For now, she is comfortable and chafing at the bit. I’ll update again when I know more.


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  1. Aye-yi-yi! Thoughts and prayers for her.

  2. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Can’t “like” this.

    Hope everything goes OK for Sarah.

  3. Hopefully a false alarm. And under a damn good doctor’s care.

  4. Prayers for Sarah’s health. I hope it is something easily remedied.

  5. fynbospress

    We’ll be praying for her. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

  6. Luke


    Best wishes for a full and happy recovery!
    (Hopefully, from the most minor of things!)

  7. CACS

    Oh no. Prayers.

  8. MY GOD, NO! Prayers, whether they’re any good from an agnostic or not. For Dan and the boys, too.

  9. Message received, hoping for a good outcome for Sarah and family.

  10. Thoughts and prayers, for Miss Sarah and all her kith and kin. The rest of y’all, you stay healthy too now, y’hear? There aren’t enough good people in the world that we can be losing more of them just now.

  11. Ah, crappity-crap. Here’s hoping for the best. Stay with us, Sarah.

  12. celebran

    My thoughts and prayers for a good outcome for Sarah and her family.

  13. Christopher M. Chupik

    Oh no. Prayers.

  14. I’ll keep Sarah and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Thoughts and prayers for Sarah and her family. I hope it turns out to be something minor.

  16. Done and will be done more as the day goes on.

  17. May this be a false alarm, with the ER bill the only ill consequence.

    • Which is a very ill consequence. But far better than the alternative. Had a false alarm myself, several years ago. ER charges, night of observation in the hospital (with a diet that I swore would kill me if it wasn’t a heart attack), radioactive tracer, nuclear magnetic resonance images, and treadmill stress test the next day… I was fortunate to be working at the time for a company with a very good plan, I got away for less than $300 on an $8K+ total.

      (You might think that all of that was excessive – but I remember my father, when some of those tests were very new, had far fewer installations, and much more expensive. Given a clean bill of health by his doctor in early January, after EKG and treadmill only – he died of a massive heart attack in mid-February.)

      • Take “nuclear” out of that, please… Or at least I don’t think they did spectroscopy on me back then. “Plain old” MRI. (Got it confused with the tracer study.)

        • If’s it not nuclear, what in Magnetic Resonance Imaging is actually resonating in/with the magnetic field?

          • It’s a picky thing – MRI is the medical application, NMR is the spectroscopic application – of the same physics.

            They dropped the “nuclear” from the medical application fairly quickly – for obvious reasons. It has nothing to do with unstable atomic nuclei, but people would think it does. (Although they did that to me, too. Had nothing to do with it being radioactive, but it gave me the weirdest sensations as it went through the body.)

  18. dammit!
    Get Better Milady!

  19. Hope she’s feeling better soon

  20. greyratt

    from my lips to gods ears

  21. Arwen

    My thoughts and prayers to Mrs. Hoyt and her family.

  22. Skandia Recluse

    Good Wishes for Sarah and family.

  23. Yikes. I hope she is okay. My thoughts and prayers.

  24. slab1

    Thanks for the update.

  25. Staying overnight? Hospital food? Ack! Somebody better send warm socks, and a food bag. And books.

    Seriously, though. Glad to hear it, hope all gets better soon, and bodies learn to mind their minders better, so’s they don’t go off the rails so easy.

    • I hope they are taking good care of her … I’ve always hated being kept in hospital – they’re so damn noisy, no one can get a speck of sleep unless they are drugged up to their earballs.

      • That is what your audiobook and headphones are for!

        • Thank goodness for modern technology. Headphones and suchlike were a bit out of my price range back in the eighties and nineties (I was a wee tike in the early eighties), else I’d have *loved* to have done this all the times I had to spend in hospitals. Mostly not for me, but when family goes, so do you. It’s a rule, I think.

    • If I were closer, I would. Especially when they give you the “cardiac regimen.” (Oh, dear, I hope they listen to Dan – when I had that one, it was absolutely loaded with carbs…)

  26. Thanks for the update! Good news.

  27. Sarah’s got an update at her place. She’s awake and grumpy.

  28. Bob

    Glad to hear the update. Stay strong.

  29. Thank you for the update! She is in my prayers and well wishing!

  30. CACS

    She is just a tad stubborn.

    Ya think? Of course, this can be both a good thing and bad thing.

  31. SlitherKitten

    Thanks for the updates, and best wishes to her.

  32. I’m so sorry to read this. We’Lloyd add her and her family to our God-blesses tonight.