The Hugo Countdown – A Matter of Logistics

This time next week, I will likely be panicking in a highly undignified fashion, but I will be doing so from Kansas City while I prepare Puppy Central. In the meantime, I’m sorting out what has to be done, what has to be organized, what has to be booked, etcetera etcetera ad nauseam.

So far… Puppy ribbons have been ordered and have arrived. They look awesome. I have my hotel booking sorted despite a late hiccup with the hotel I originally booked not being quite built yet. Membership, of course.

My only set plans at the moment are the business meetings each day and possibly the awards ceremony.

The things I still have to do include:

  • Check my flight itinerary and find out if I need to book and pay for a shuttle from the airport to the hotel
  • Get contact info from some of the locals who are willing to help
  • Then organize a supply run to collect stuff for the suite – note to self, do not forget large trash bags. I’ve been in enough Con Suites to know the trash supply grows. Fast.
  • Put together a shopping list of stuff that I’m bringing with me – this won’t be a big list, but there will be things I’m not going to leave to chance (like extra multivitamins to help ward off con crud and protein-heavy insta-snacks)
  • Bitch and moan about how much easier this is when I can just throw everything into the car and drive where I’m going. There will be a lot of this.
  • Panic repeatedly. Yes, this is already happening, but it’s going to ramp up as the departure gets closer.

This, on a slightly less epic scale, is why I only ever go to one fly-to convention in a year. It’s too much damn stress and expense, and if it wasn’t a worthy cause I wouldn’t bother.

That said, the broad plan is for Puppy Central to be open from after the business meetings end until some time in the evening or I fall over, whichever happens sooner. Narcolepsy isn’t that forgiving and I do tend to push too far when I’m enjoying myself, so I’ll be telling any minioning folks what my warning signs are (usually “Kate is swaying on her feet and sounds drunk, but she hasn’t had anything alcoholic”) and to order me to my bed if I get that bad (Based on experience? I will. Probably every night).

There’s food (snacks only, because I don’t think there’s going to be any ability to heat anything or do more than that) to be planned and purchased, soft drinks to be planned and purchased, miscellaneous other stuff to sort out…

And this is why logistics matters. If the planning isn’t done before the event, you’re left with limited or no options when everything is happening and something craps out on you. Plans might not survive engagement with reality, but planning what you’ll do if something goes belly up means that when it happens you actually have an option or three.

I will add that I have absolutely no idea what next week’s post will look like, because I’m going to be up past my eyeballs in this party organization thing and probably stressed off my nut.

Maybe I’ll just post a lot of photos.


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23 responses to “The Hugo Countdown – A Matter of Logistics

  1. Looking forward to seeing you!

  2. Christopher M. Chupik

    I will be there in spirit. If anything inexplicable and paranormal happens, you know who to blame.

  3. The Other Sean

    Good luck and best wishes for a successful Puppy party! I, alas, shall not be there, but celebrating my mother’s birthday, 1300 miles away, but I shall send good thoughts in the direction of the Puppy Central.

  4. Matthew

    You guys have fun!

  5. One of the nifty things Chaz Baden does when he runs a consuite or big room party is instead of piles of snacks, he’ll provide something that at least resembles Real Food, for the people who just haven’t gotten around to eating an actual meal all day. I recall one year it was shredded BBQ in one of those tray-warmer-bin thingees with canned heat underneath. Another time it was hamburgers (patties in the warmer, buns on the side).

    And I wish I could be there, if only to get a Puppy ribbon for my Con vest. 😀

    • Kate Paulk

      Failing something like that, I’m thinking of going for things that can be snacks or meals and are actual real food. Sandwich fixings, meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits and so on. Basic stuff, but food rather than empty calories.

  6. TRX

    > con crud

    They still make the old flat-style face masks, as opposed to the formed cup type.

    There’s still time to print some up with a puppy nose and whiskers…

    • The Other Sean

      That would be epic! If anybody does this, please post pics!

      • Kate Paulk

        I don’t have the time to do it, but I’ll sure as hell take pics of anyone who does!

        • TRX

          The masks are probably too thick to feed through most printers, but a Kroger or Safeway bakery might be able to do a dozen or so if you provide a jpeg. They’re used to printing on uneven objects.

          Of course, having just watched the entire Kiss Alive IV: Symphony concert video, with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Australian Children’s Choir, and much of the audience wearing Kiss facepaint, the idea of attending a con with whiskers painted on seems perfectly logical…

  7. I’d say ‘don’t worry,’ but that would be silly, right? ~:)

    How about ‘rest easy in the knowledge that the job already got done, and this is the celebration part’? You already did all the work, and you don’t owe anybody anything. We owe you. M’kay?

    Good job, well done, and if you post anything at all I and others will consider it above and beyond the call of duty. Have a beer, you earned it.

    • Kate Paulk

      Thank you!

    • Bibliotheca Servare

      This. Many times over. The job is done! Now you can take a deep breath and celebrate the accomplishment. Whatever the…lovely…people who hate us with such passion…choose to do is beyond anyone’s control. Maybe they’ll show some class this time. Maybe the horse will sing. Maybe they’ll act like assterisks per their usual MO. Either way, it’s not important. The important thing is that the job is finished, the race is run, and nobody got hurt in the process. To mix metaphors horribly, it’s all up to the Russian judge now. So yes, relax and have an alcoholic beverage of your choice! You’ve certainly earned it. Oh, and a belated congratulations on your becoming a US citizen! Welcome, and yes, the dumpster (Washington, lol) was burning when we got here. Definitely. 🙂

  8. Having inside knowledge of running consuites, I wish you good luck and godspeed!