Staggering to the Finish


Hugo voting is closed, and yes, I’ve submitted my votes. In two weeks the Worldcon will be upon us and I’ll be in Kansas City, probably panicking and flapping over trying to get Puppy Central organized – because life keeps getting in the way.

Just for perspective, since I started this last year, I’ve had to deal with:

  • Being diagnosed with diabetes
    • Adjusting to the diabetes medication
    • Changing my diet dramatically
  • The Kitten. Who is currently waking us up around 5am. Every morning. I have kitten-induced sleep deprivation.
  • Expectations whiplash at work, complete with two major changes in direction and no idea what the next one will be.
  • Two and a half months of project death march
  • Becoming a citizen of the USA (complete with several panic attacks)
  • And of course normal life as well.

This is why I didn’t do as much as I’d wanted with a lot of things. Things like an application to collect recommendations and auto-build the list so that no matter when anyone looked, they’d see the current state of things. Things like getting my assorted ducklings in their nice little rows before now. Like posting more to the site.

Honestly, I’ve been fighting to just keep up, mostly because I’m – like so many folks here – lurching from crisis to crisis. WorldCon will be the third time this year I’ve gone to a convention expecting it to be a quieter, more relaxing time than I’ve been having at work. Usually it’s completely the opposite: I go to a con, have a blast, and I go back to work to relax.

I’ve enjoyed the experience, and I’m planning to enjoy the last hurrah of Sad Puppies 4. It won’t be an alcohol-fueled enjoyment on my part because I can get tipsy off the fumes – thank you ever so much, medications – but it will be as good as I can make it.

And if there are any puppy-supporters who are good at party organization please contact me because I suck to high heaven at social anything. Even – or possibly especially – private parties at conventions.


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26 responses to “Staggering to the Finish

  1. Christopher M. Chupik

    Well, whatever else happens, you did what you said you would do.

    Take a bow, Kate.

    • Kate Paulk

      Thank you!

      Honestly, I’ve mostly enjoyed it, but I do wish I’d been able to more than I did.

  2. I live in Kansas City, will also be at WorldCon, and can help you organize the party. I friended you on Facebook so we can chat about details.

  3. mrsizer

    The key to successful hosting is to not stress about it once the party starts (stressing in advance is up to you, but I recommend against that, too). Plans will go agley. Do what you can in advance then let it go. People are there to socialize, not critique. It will be fine. Don’t forget to smile – you’re having fun 😉

    • Kate Paulk

      Good advice! I guarantee I’ll be stressing, because I’m that kind of person. But I’ll try not to.

  4. We’ll be at WorldCon as well, live in Kansas City. I’m not really an organizer, but if you want to put me to work, I’ll be willing.

    (And if you see me, it’s pronounced ja-SEE-nee, not Jazzy-knee. It’s also pronounced Betsy. 😉)

    • Kate Paulk

      That would be awesome, Jasini! If nothing else ‘m going to need someone with a vehicle to help me collect supplies so that it’s not a complete “bring your own everything” private party. (which also means making extra-sure about the rules relating to edibles and drinkables for private parties)

  5. Thank you for doing SP5, Kate. It was, to me, clear, clean, and educational. _I_ like seeing logical and organized thought facing down Feelz. Not that I hold any hopes for the eventual outcome. But everyone who isn’t totally closed minded ought to have noticed by now that the Emperor hasn’t got many stories, and all he’s wearing is a gauzy wrap of PC idiocy that gets in the way of what little story there is.

    • Kate Paulk

      Actually, SP5 if it happens is the next one. It’s not decided yet, since all three Bitches of the Apocalypse are staggering from crisis to crisis (but since when has THAT stopped us?)

  6. I’ve heard unpleasant things about the Party Regulations at the WorldCon hotel. You may want to plan offsite.

    • Kate Paulk

      Party regulations aren’t pretty, but private parties are allowed. There will be some restrictions including the “thou shalt not be a butthead” rule, but I’m figuring we can manage a decent arrangement despite that.

  7. I am looking forward to meeting some of yal keep us posted on where and when

    • Kate Paulk

      I shall – I’m sure you’re in at least one of the private FB groups I’m in. (Private party. Thou shalt not organize in public)

  8. Yes, some of us Kansas Citians (and new con goers), are hoping to get to meet some of the MGC and Huns, etc., and are willing to help out where we can. Want this to be a happily remembered first as Con goer…

  9. We’ll be at Worldcon, but given that we’re dealers, I don’t know how much time we’ll have to go to parties. Last year, we concentrated mostly on the bid parties, and on Saturday night we turned in early and missed the whole brouhaha over the Hugos (since we had to load out and then drive all the way to Missoula, Montana on Sunday after the dealers’ room closed). This year we’re going to be staying Sunday night in the Kansas City area (just a cheaper place on the outskirts), so we may actually consider going to parties every night.

    But in case we don’t make it, please do drop by our booth in the Dealers’ Room. We’re under the business name of Starship Cat, and if we have pipe and drape, we’ll make sure to have our sign hanging up.

    • Kate Paulk

      I’ll definitely do that, although I do hope you’ll have a chance to drop by outside dealer’s room hours.

  10. airboy

    Sorry to hear about the diabetes. As a fellow sufferer – it sucks. Hopefully the diet change and perhaps weight loss can get it under control. Getting the right meds for diabetes is almost always a multi-month struggle.

    Kansas City has some of the best BBQ in the USA. Both Gates and Arthur Bryants have multiple locations and are excellent. Best of all, lots of meat (without the white bread) is an excellent meal for diabetics.

    As much as I like Kansas City, I’m not going to World Con. Too many jerks. I would rather go to LibertyCon or Origins.

    • Kate Paulk

      Thank you. Going very low carb is helping to control things, although the meds have been… interesting. Constant nausea until relatively recently just is not fun.

      And yes, diabetes most certainly does suck.

  11. Kate, I appreciate all your efforts for Sad Puppies 4. Watching all the Usual Suspects throw a hissy that you dared challenge their arrangement was excellent.

    I’m in Canada, but were I in KC I’d throw a 24 of Labat’s your way for the party. Best party planning is a case of wobbly pops, bunch of chips and fun people to talk to. More than that is overworking it. 🙂

  12. I can probably get you ~ 100 or so 1″ buttons to give away, if I can ship directly to you at World On.

    Just let me know the mailing addy and what image(s) you want on them.