Changeling’s Island e-arc

“Could you fancy me as a pirate bold,
On a longship, Viking warrior with the old gods on his side?
Well, I’m an inshore man, and I’m nobody’s hero,
but I’ll make you tight for a windy night and a dark ride.
Let me take you in hand and bring you alive…”

SEAL DRIVER (Broadsword and the Beast) Jethro Tull 1982

CHANGELING’S ISLAND’S e-Arc is out and available. This is the cover.

changeling's Island cover bigger

I wouldn’t take too much notice of the blurb on the site. I wrote the book and didn’t recognize it. It’s something of a paean of love to rural Australia (probably rural anywhere), and to my people. If you enjoy my books, if you enjoy my occasional snippets of island life posted here, if you love the back country and wild places, if you have hunted your own food and have some grasp on what farmers and fishermen do to get that food to your supermarket shelf, if you understand what it means to ride the swells with salt-spray slashing at you as you battle the wind and sea… and how that all brings you alive, then this book is for you.

If you’ve done none of this, but are interested in what makes people like me tick, what brings me joy, what leaves me feeling, by God, I’ve lived, and how I love being able to do it, you will come out of this book understanding it a little.

If you want a straightforward adventure story with an element of fantasy that seems as much part of the place as its ancient granite, well, this is a good book for that.

If you want angst, paint-by-numbers political correctness and tokens, want that frisson of underage and explicit and bizarre sex, or are an urban slug who detests anything that isn’t a large city, and regards the people in flyover country as stupid red-necks… there’s a whole lot of award winning books you will prefer to this. While it’s unlikely you’d read my books anyway, I would recommend you buy something else.

I know, I should be a good capitalist and take their money. They’re going hate, abuse and libel me, attempt to denigrate and destroy, without reading or parting with their cash. I’m always puzzled by authors who are happy to let readers know they despise them, their way of life, their politics, their attitudes, but still expect those same readers to spend their money buying their books. I’m not one of them.

Talking of money, I was amused to see and read this – which is a far cry from where the Society of Authors was a few years ago, when they came across as the lapdog of the traditional publishing industry. It’s a sea-change that they’re daring to tell traditional publishing what ought to have been said long ago (by someone besides the MGC crew – who have been banging this drum for years). Personally, I doubt the industry is going to listen to their ‘CREATOR’ list, but really what is needed for Traditional publishing to survive is to stop trying to lawyer their way to survival – all that is doing is pushing more authors into Indy (and boy has the attitude there changed – in private at least – with, suddenly authors in my field admitting the industry leaders have screwed up and screwed them over. You’d have been burned at stake for that — by the same people — two years ago.)  And oddly, Indy authors seem interested in having a good relationship with their readers and providing them with what they want. That’d work for Trad Pub too.

Anyway – I need to get back to proof reading – but I must make mention of the fact that a couple of ‘brave’ SJWs have succeeded in getting Vox Day banned from Goodreads – as best as can be established for the terrible crime of badthink, for doing wicked stuff like organizing to write reviews of books he and his friends had actually read, and vote for or against books they chose to support or dislike.

When they came for Vox Day we said nothing, because we are not Vox Day… well, no, I didn’t, even if I am not.

It’s a stupid mistake.

I’m not a Goodreads user, but this will not end well. Freedom of speech and opinion are fragile and we ought to defend anyone and everyone’s – especially those we dislike – access to them. Censorship never stops by itself, but needs to be stopped. And no matter how you feel about Vox Day: the worm turns. It may be your turn, or the very people who took these steps turn, next. They do not make it easy to defend them, do they? Anyway, I would have thought they’d have learned ‘un-platforming’ hasn’t worked on him in the past and I see no reason it will this time.

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  1. and somehow they believe that:
    1) their censorship will never be turned against them
    2) there is no legal recourse and Vox can’t afford an attorney.

  2. Hickock45 is a video blogger who does fairly lengthy pieces on a variety of firearms, talks about them, their historical significance, and shoots them at everything from steel plates to water filled jugs. Apparently he has sponsors and derives some income from his efforts.
    Last week his YouTube account was terminated…
    For about 24 hours.
    Best guess is some SJB types went looking for things they wouldn’t like, got to his cubby on YouTube, went “Ooh, icky guns!” and registered a barrage of complaints over the content of his posts.
    After a massive protest from his subscribers as well as a few pointed e-mails from the companies that sponsor him YouTube evaluated the complaints, found them baseless, and restored his feed.
    And oh yes, the original complainers have been placed on probation. Should anything similar come from them in the future their accounts will be shut down.
    So, sometimes bullies do get what they deserve. But by the same token, said SJBs apparently had no problem threatening the livelihood of someone simply because he dealt in a subject they found distasteful, and would gladly and enthusiastically do it again had they not been slapped down hard.

    1. The probation thing is a new wrinkle on that story I hadn’t heard of.

      But maybe YouTube will learn a lesson and start examining complaints before they act on them.

      We can hope.

      1. I doubt it would have happened without the sponsors (and their unmentioned lawyers). YouTube would likely have taken much longer. Or did something akin to their “Nero” unverification.

        1. I’m curious where you heard about the complainers getting hit with probation. It’s NICE to see people who abuse a complaints system get nailed for it.

    2. What has struck me particularly about the SJB crowd is how they have tightly tied all their ideological wagons together – many of which you have to wonder how fit – feminism, anti-gun lobby (and there ain’t nothing like a firearm to make a small woman – or man, the equal of anyone in a fight), gay marriage activists defending 80% male Muslim migrants into Europe etc. It’s pretty hard not to associate all of these narratives and all of those pushing them together. This will not end well.

      And as for making a living: As far as the SJB are concerned anyone who doesn’t agree 110% with the narrative isn’t really human and deserves what they get for daring to not agree with the party line. As we saw last year with SP3 they prefer to attack the livelihood of authors with overt lies than actually attack what they say – or what the make up that they said.

      1. The problem is that they’re stupid, to put it mildly. Having determinedly declared that they will not push assimilation, they have determined to import people who think that their culture is degenerate and can easily be convinced that said culture is ripe for the plucking.
        This, by itself, is not evidence of stupidity. The fact that they have determined to disarm themselves in the face of this is.

  3. The entire Vox situation has been one self-inflicted wound by the SF community after another. Day after day, they keep finding ways to make him bigger and more influential. And they just don’t learn.

  4. While I am a loyal minion to the ladies running SP4 I do sometimes wonder if it would not be best to just sit back and let Vox burn the Hugos to ash. The puppy kickers are never going to relinquish their privilege, and open the award back up to include all manner of fan interest. No, they gamed the system, packed it with their ever so politically correct SJW darlings, and ain’t a gonna give that up no way no how. Listen to all but a few more rational of them today, they think they won last year by crapping all over the awards, burning down the barn to drive out the unacceptable wrong fans.
    Anything we do to represent a valid viewpoint is going to be treated by them as a direct attack on their ever so special privilege. A suggested reading list becomes in their eyes and in their whiney postings a slate. Their demands that their loyal followers “no award” without reading anything we even mention is just their way to ensure fairness and honesty. In their tiny little pea brains at least.

    1. As much as I’m leaning to the nuke it from orbit school with the Hugos, I’m not sure it would “fix” the issues with Fandom. And, unfortunately to this outsider, much of it seems tied to convention culture as the same old names keep showing up in the same types of controversies in fandoms that share the same cons. (Please, if you disagree, sell me on the idea I’m wrong. I want to be.)

    2. SP4 is attempting to fix the problem in a moral and honorable way; problem is that is a Sisyphean task with all the SJWs jumping on top the rock and Vox planting land mines in the path. The SJWs have been *rewarded* for their behavior in the past, so they will continue to act the same way as long as they receive confirmation (like having Vox banned). Vox has realized that the SJW’s have already destroyed the Hugo, so the simplest way to stop the pain is a few KEWs from high orbit.
      I support SP4, because they are right, but I know Vox’s solution is far more practical.

  5. BTW: Finished the four Heirs of Alexandria books (I assume there will be more – hint, hint) this weekend. Loved them. I’m guessing Eric Flint provided a lot of the research (the 1540s are not that far from the 1630s) and you wrote most, if not all, of the Eric/Manfred scenes. Not sure what Mercedes Lackey contributed, but the ever expanding scope with tidy book endings seems like her. Maria and Kat seem like Mercedes’ characters. It’s all very seamless, so it’s hard to tell who did what. Group writing must be very difficult.

    Congratulations, you’ve made my “buy them all” list!

    1. Did you include Mankind Witch to that? Tis, Manfred, Eric and Francesca and you can get it on Kindle at Amazon. It’s my favorite of the group. I pestered Doctor Monkey for more of Cair and Princess Signy

      1. Yes – and somehow I managed to read it out-of-order. The two later books referenced “Telemark” and I had no idea what they were talking about. It makes sense, now. (It is #2, btw.)

        1. I should retry the rest of the series. I read the first, and the second just wouldn’t sit with me well and I cannot recall even finishing the blurb of the next in the line, but after the rights reverted to him, I related this to him as an excuse for not buying it when it first came out, Dave mentioned that if I liked Manfred et al in the first book to give Mankind a shot and I read it like this new one, rather quickly, with great enjoyment, and he mentioned timeline-wise it was right after the first book even though it came out a few years after Rough Magic did.

    2. I’ve always assumed that Misty set up the mystical worldbuilding, and did that side of the initial research.

      Dave has been teasing us, I want to say for years, with the next book. Assuming I haven’t overlooked it coming out.

    3. mrsizer – sorry to have been so remiss in replying. The next one is sitting with Eric. Basically the first one started with Misty wanting to reuse 70K of old text – which I had to incorporate – after chopping and editing that came around 35K of 240K of the first book – in and around which I had to develope the characters. Maria and Kat and Marco and Benito were in that, but Benito only slightly. Erik and Manfred are yes, mine. Eric Flint has done some of the nastier characters – I struggle with those, and is the overall structural editor. He does that well. Misty’s role after the first book has really not been substantial.

  6. I’m a city guy and couldn’t resist getting the e-arc. Good thing I did. It’s an enjoyable lighthearted fun book. An ideal reading for these gloomy rainy winter days. Any chance of a sequel? :0)

    By the way cu in Portuguese means butt, so I had a bit of extra fun reading bits like “letting loose the great Cu”. Heheheh!

    Rui Jorge

  7. Just finished it. The book is great, but nowhere is the cover’s blonde mermaid mentioned in the text. I suppose blonde mermaid and selkie with long dark wavy hair wearing a wetsuit are the same thing to an artist.
    But that will be ignored in my review. Mostly.

      1. OTOH, I wonder how many of the people looking at the cover realize that the mermaid is actually pretty much a guarantee of no inappropriate activities —- with her, anyway.

        End of the Tail (Julia Ecklar?):

        “Now a girl on the land
        has two legs you can see,
        And her treasure’s between them
        to find easily.

        But a mermaid’s a fish,
        from the waist to the ground,
        And in fish,
        such a treasure has never been found.

        So my Jackie has leapt
        in the teeth of the gale,
        for to marry some sea-cow
        with crabs on her tail.

        Now he wails on the rocks,
        for he’s found much too late,
        that the creatures of ocean and land….
        Cannot mate.”

        Always date within your species. 😎

        1. How many Mermaids have you met?

          They do have an opening for the male organ but the opening has teeth. [Very Big Evil Grin]

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