It’s Time

The time has come, the walrus said… Except it was actually the huge manatee, and what he said was “HOON!”

Because yes, it is time to start Sad Puppies 4 in Earnest. And Houston. And Philadelphia. And Back-o-Beyond. You get the idea.

Nominations will open in January 2016, and probably close in March (the closing date hasn’t been officially announced). I’m planning to have The List posted mid to late February (depending, as always, on just how feral my work schedule happens to be). Recommendations have been trickling in, but we need more. MOAR!

Next week, I’ll be starting a series of category posts, starting with the more obscure award categories and working my way towards Best Novel. There’ll also be more news showing up periodically on the Sad Puppies website (which is about to get rather more active than it’s been), and on Facebook.

In the meantime, we can all bask in the warm glow of the knowledge that Sad Puppies have gone mainstream and appeared on Jeopardy. Okay, they got the name wrong (“Puppygate”? Really. Watergate was named for a freaking hotel you twits. Appending -gate to something does not automatically make it a scandal. But I rant…), but still. It’s the big time, baby!




And if all goes as planned, the real Puppy Gate will be at Worldcon in 2016 keeping the eager hordes at bay. Or something.

(Worldcon Puppy Presence Preview…)

Baby Gate and Dog Wanting to Be Let Out - wslider|dollarphotoclub

42 thoughts on “It’s Time

    1. Oh? You don’t think what the Puppy-Kickers did was a scandal? [Evil Grin]

  1. “Puppygate” was used a bit by the other side, but it was never that common.

    Mean while, at File 770, we had this:

    “Teresa Nielsen Hayden on December 10, 2015 at 5:12 am said:
    I’m waiting to see who the Puppies blame this time for the mainstream attention.”

    Hmmm . . .

    1. “Blame”? Doesn’t she mean “thank”?

      And I think they are trying to mix us up with GamerGate. But still . . . Jeopardy!

        1. So, now that they know that our initial response was not to look for blame, but to squeal in delight, how are they responding? 😉

          Obviously, they don’t understand us as well as they thought they did. (Or understand us at all.)

    2. Blame? I want to know who to *thank*. That question has now pretty much permanently associated the Puppies with the Hugos. PR win, baybee.

      1. I’m seriously embarrassed to ask, but does anyone have the link ready where I can drop my recommendations? I’ve read some pretty awesome books this year that will qualify.

  2. More 770:

    “RedWombat on December 10, 2015 at 7:41 am said:

    @Teresa – Clearly Tor’s secret cabal visited Alex Trebec in the night!

    …Which in my head looks a lot like that X-files episode with Jesse Ventura.

    “The object most often mistaken for a Hugo Award is the planet Venus.”

    No, after last year, it will be most often mistaken for the planet Uranus.

      1. And now I’m diving into the IMDB trivia, but Johnny Cash was considered for the Trebek “man in black” cameo. How perfect would that have been?

  3. Break down the Puppy Gate!
    And yes, drop -gate from little thing some one or other dislikes and use an accurate, or at least creative name. -gate is just plain lazy. There was one, and one, use post-Watergate that was any good at all. One wag dubbed a religious scandal ‘Pearligate’.

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