Post will be late but it will come

Sorry, everyone. I overslept this morning and the brain is slow to come online. I have a post half-written and will finish it as soon as the coffee kicks in. Until then, someone please tell me who had the temerity to put half caf coffee pods in the holder under the coffee maker. They must be taught the error of their way. Such a thing is just not allowed on any morning, much less one when I have to deal with a warranty service calls.

(Wanders off in search of real coffee so the brain will finally wake up.)

2 thoughts on “Post will be late but it will come

  1. Don’t look at me. I drink tea so black that it might as well be a gravitational singularity. My students fully understand the phrase “too much blood in the caffeine stream.”

  2. Never understood decaf coffee or tea. If you don’t want stimulation with your beverage, stick to water or just mix dirt in till it looks right. 😛

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