Oh the noes

Duty from Ashes new coverOh my, the last few days have been interesting if you are a fan of science fiction or fantasy and if you have been following the controversy surrounding the Hugo nominations. I have thought long and hard about what, if anything (more), I want to say about the situation surrounding the comments Tor artistic editor Irene Gallo made and the subsequent statement by Tor’s elder statesman Tom Doherty. At this point, I think I will stick with saying just two things. Firs, Ms. Gallo’s comments were beyond over the top and her apology did not go nearly far enough for the simple reason that she did not apologize for anything except possibly hurting people’s feelings and painting with an overly broad brush. Second, I appreciate the fact that Mr. Doherty took the time to not only say that Ms. Gallo’s opinions were not the opinions of Tor and he put the lie to at least one of the accusations against SP3, that it was only trying to advance the work of white men.

Does this mean I don’t have other thoughts about what happened? Absolutely not. But, to be honest, I am still on vacation and I honestly do not want to have to wade into the reactions to figure out who said what. I may do that later but, for now, it is more important that I spend time with my son who is home for the first time in over a year. Frankly, I don’t want to ruin our last few days together by being in a lousy mood as I watch more mud being slung at people I care about.

Despite all the muck and mire surrounding the Hugos, this morning started in just about the best way it could for any writer. I had a message waiting for me from someone who has been reading Vengeance from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 1)ย and Duty from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 2). He asked the one question we all live to hear: when is the next book going to be published? Let me tell you, that is much more satisfying than looking at the mud pit that is the current Hugo controversy. (The picture above is the new cover to Duty from Ashes. I really love it and thank Sarah for her cover design.)

So I guess this has all been a roundabout way of saying my mind is not on much of anything right now except spending time with my son before he reports back for duty later this week. I promise a real post for you guys next week. Until then, I’ll turn the comments over to you. Suggest topics or discuss what has been happening with the Hugos. Just remember the rules. I’ll check in later.


33 thoughts on “Oh the noes

  1. It’s a sad commentary on the other side that some of them are more upset over Doherty’s apology and the “scalp” it gives Sad Puppies, than they are about Gallo’s remarks which precipitated it.

    1. Agreed. Even worse, can you imagine how they would have howled if Gallo’s words had been aimed at them? But we are supposed to sit back and take it. Sorry, but no.

    2. But of course! Gallo is a Mighty Warrior fighting against the Evil Vox Day! [Sarcasm]

    3. Apparently some of them think this ‘shamed’ Gallo. It didn’t, really, but she deserved it.

      And her apology was a fake non apology apology.

    4. They see nothing wrong with Gallo’s comment. To them, anything deviated from the currently accepted viewpoint is Nazi, and to disagree with that is Nazi.

  2. “it is more important that I spend time with my son ”
    Yes, it is. Enjoy your time Mom.

    “He asked the one question we all live to hear”
    Hooray! I still need to get the second Nocturnal book, but I ran out of over time money this go-around.

  3. Yup, son time is far more important. And congrats on hearing those sweet, sweet words of success. ๐Ÿ™‚

    OT: If I’m scarce the next few weeks, don’t send a search party. I’ll be w/o internet until the end of the month while I’m traveling.

  4. I’ll just be glad when we can get back to the business of writing, reading, and enjoying this genre while ignoring those who malign us for enjoying it incorrectly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Amanda, quit worrying about stuff while you’re on vacation. There’s plenty of others here to do that. Go enjoy yourself.

  6. I accept Tom Doherty’s apology on behalf of Tor. I believe he’s sincere.

    Gallo, on the other hand… ‘nuf said.

  7. Wait, family is more important than fights over someone possibly making a poor business decision?

    I’d never have guessed.

    This work-life balance thing is confusing.

  8. I’ll say it for Gallo and anyone else over anything else: an apology given under pressure or compulsion is no apology at all. I never demand an apology, and I don’t like it when others demand one. If anything, I prefer when people speak fearlessly, so I know precisely what they think.

    Then respond and refute their views if you can. Then, maybe everybody sees who’s right and who’s wrong. If people see that their wrong and offers an apology on their own, it’s appreciated.

    But that was a class act from Doherty, making it clear Gallo was only speaking for herself.

    I’m also happy I don’t feel obligated to boycott Tor. There’s a bunch of authors I love in that house.

    1. I never demand an apology, and I donโ€™t like it when others demand one

      I think it’s more important to demand a retraction, than an apology.

      1. For Tor the company, sure, to clarify that she doesn’t speak for them. For a company that could be putting this forward as some kind of policy or a journalist who’s implying that it’s verified news, definitely, but just some individual’s opinion? Nah, say what you want. I’ll do the same.

  9. And in the Tor.com comments, lots of people are angry at Tor . . . for apologizing. Shock.

  10. Anyone have a link to Gallo’s apology, I’d love to read it.

      1. That was no apology. I’m less than impressed with Irene Gallo.

  11. Enjoy time with your son! We just got home from a long road trip, and are trying to catch up on laundry, email, and the garden run wild, while the cat is trying to make sure neither of us get out of her sight.

    1. And have you told the cat that you shall be leaving soon again for LibertyCon? Then again, maybe you shouldn’t. The cat might make sure you never leave the house again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Sudden death of a promising career in the fast food industry.
      Good thing for her that traditional publishing is so much more forgiving, at least if you’re one of the special elite.

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