These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (When I do NaNoWriMo)

Still buried in Through Fire, and the problem with a mystery like Elf Blood is that you can’t be hazy and drop bits.  I need to go back and clean up and reorient.  I’m doing NanoWrimo which should take care of the backlog and allow me to return to your regularly scheduled program.

Meanwhile, particularly if you’re doing Nano, you’ll find that there are things you can do to make your day easier.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

1- Get out of doors.  Do this at least once a day.  Trust me, you might begrudge the time, but you’ll sleep better for it, which will make it better/easier.

2- Have a hot beverage.  Unless you’re in the permanent hot spots of the globe, a hot beverage, caffeinated or not, will fuel you for the writing binge.

3- make sure you eat three meals a day.  If I find myself falling asleep it’s a sure sign I forgot lunch again.

4- When stuck, take a shower.  This is from the NaNo site, and no one knows why it works, but dang it if it doesn’t.

5 – Remember you can always fix it in post.  Character changed name mid-stream?  No problem.  Wait till you’re done, then do search replace.  Plot took a turn and you need to put in leads to it?  Make a note on a sticky, put it on your monitor/desk, then keep trucking.  You can always fix it in post.

6 – It’s not the length of time to do your writing, it’s the intensity of your creation.  Some of the best books are written very fast.  Forget what you heard in school about years and years of crafting.  That’s just what writers tell mundanes to justify our princely pay  money for day old bread. HOW you write is more important than how long it takes to write.

7 – Read.  The engines of creation must be fed.  Mostly while writing SF I read mystery or romance, and vice versa, so as not to contaminate my writing with words or dropped phrases from someone else’s work.  But reading SOMETHING is important.  Story feeds on story.

8 – Write.  Just write.


  1. The only reason I am doing NaNo is to see if I have the self discipline to work at it. It’s one more attempt to redeem my lazy self.

    And sitting at the keyboard for hours and hours is a bad idea, and still I do it. Go figure. .

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