I must go. Someone is being stupid on the Internet

I really need to step away from the internet now and then (who am I kidding? Like that’s going to happen without my network access being pried from my cold, dead hands), particularly when there is idiocy on display.

I have this terrible urge to play whackatroll and the next thing you know my news feed explodes with long threads as someone suffering extreme recto-cranial inversion tries to back up their first round of stupid with even more stupid.

Me, at least I’ve got the sense to back off when it turns out I’m wrong. I’ve even been known to apologize. In public.

This week has included two Facebook fracases (or should that be fricasees which would at least be tasty), one of which resulted in the alleged gentleman in question earning the dubious honor of being the first person Sarah ever blocked on her Facebook feed. Impressive, no? I have to say I was amused when he lost his marbles so spectacularly that the best he could manage was to call me (paraphrased slightly) a fornicating female dog. I didn’t do that much – just mocked his rather obviously passive-aggressive non-apology for being what it was.

Er… after dissecting his arguments, and doing the oh-so-plodding explanation of why A is funny and B is not (they just don’t appreciate me, Igor).

Anyway, this must be the season for it because today my Facebook feed acquired another case of severe recto-cranial inversion and I’m playing again. I really need to stop playing with the trolls. It only irritates them and who knows what I’ll catch.

This particular troll started with what could have been a decent discussion point – the matter of realistic portrayals of female character in extraordinary circumstances (particularly in mil-SF, but not entirely). Said discussion point started to lose validity when the “men with boobs” argument came out. Seriously, unless you’re writing SF comedies of manners where your characters are sitting around in Sfnal drawing rooms taking vat-brewed tea and discussing whether that latest clone needs physical behavioral therapy or not, you’re going to be writing characters who are at the end of their personal ropes, and hanging on by their fingernails over a bottomless abyss… metaphorically speaking (also possibly literally speaking but that’s your plot point).

They’re not going to act like normal people in normal situations. They just aren’t.

People in crisis situations do things they’d normally never do. Hell, people do different things in different environments. I worked with a geologist (female) who was as much “one of the guys” as it was possible to be without gender reassignment surgery and who really loved the girly-girl activities in her time off. I’ve done similar things myself, turning off as much of the weirdness as I could to be one of the guys on a 6 person camp in the middle of nowhere where I wanted and needed to be seen as their equal. I fail to see anything remotely unbelievable about women in any military unit doing the same thing.

Now, this isn’t to say that an author needs to have the five foot four woman kicking the asses of six foot males around her – particularly if they’ve had more or less the same training and are in similar condition. That’s unrealistic. But said woman being equally capable with the equalizers she has access to, be that rifles, pistols, powered armor, or anything else a twisted authorial mind can devise is well within bounds, as is her being just as willing to kill and just as willing to do her share of the dirty work.

Simple, right?

Wrong… at least to this specimen. He went on to trot out that women should be married housewives and mothers and that no “real” man would want a female boss, even a good female boss. That it’s better for a man to have a mediocre male boss than a good female boss because having a female boss damages his masculinity or some such nonsense. Obviously the result of empirical observation: “Oh noes! My boss is a woman and my dick is shrinking!” (Yes, I’m joking. Mostly. But seriously that was about the intellectual level of the dude’s commentary).

He also shifted goalposts fast enough to hit lightspeed. And committed quite a few other sins from the troll argument playbook. So far (around 8pm) he’s been quiet for almost an hour after I called him “Mister” (Which in Kate-speak means I’ll need help to hide the body if he opens his trap again because the gloves are coming off and I’ll eviscerate first, defenestrate second, then ask questions of the battered corpse (What? Jeez, what’s wrong with a bit of necromancy for a good cause?).

Honestly, what else is a writer to do?

And like the proverbial bad smell he came back, with some more goalpost shifting, evidence of extreme idiocy, with a grand finally of a preemptive accusation of racism – when race had not once been mentioned in the entire thread. This is going to be one extremely messy and gory redshirt-with-extreme-prejudice.

I just have to find a situation where I can legitimately put the specimen at ground zero of a nuclear detonation. It’s the only way to be sure.


  1. As a scientist, I find the inability to admit one is wrong to be baffling. Bad enough in internet trolls, but climate science is full of them. And they claim to be scientists.

    Now your pet troll has backed himself into a corner he didn’t realize he had, and he’ll call it reality, rather than the deep seated total lack of understanding female humans that he has just unearthed from his psyche.

    Years ago on the Bar I wound up in a flame war with someone who was deeply offended by the very concept of gender changes. This was in a discussion of LMB’s _A Civil Campaign_. He was flat unable to believe that a woman would be so dedicated to her home region that she would undergo a sex change to keep a very unsuitable cousin from inheriting. Impossible that patriotism and responsibility could possibly be more important to a woman than sexual identity.

    There are simply things so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that we don’t doubt them, don’t want to budge them, or even examine them. Stuff about sex seems to be a frequent subject. Hmm, makes me wonder about those climate scientists . . .

    1. Pam, you are NOT allowed to infest me with plot bunnies about the sexual hangups of climate scientists.

        1. I’m afraid so… I now have the beginnings of something about the climate scientist having a passionate affair with the devil disguised as Gaia. (whimper)

                1. That sounds like my Epic With Everything. 170k words of uber-stripped-down prose that would expand into at least 3 novels if I ever figure out how to extract all the twisting plot lines and make it all work.

                  1. Q_Q I have the near complete outline to what feels like either book 7 or 8, I have a baby plot bunny for book 10, and how to end the series at possibly book 15 in notes.

                    Ok I perhaps complain too much. I do have plot rough outline for book 1 (and am slowly doing first draft) have a plan for book 3 and 4 or 5.

      1. If you don’t want to think about sex and climate scientists, then for the love of mud do not look up the “novel” written by Pachuri or Potchuli or whatever-his-name-is from India that was the head of the IPCC.

      2. Aww, it’s even less likely than that they are closet Marxists hoping to crash the western economy so Utopia will rise from the ashes, with all the proletariat singing a PC/Atheist version of Kumbaya. But then only someone with serious, serious, twisted, nasty, sexual hangups would want that.

    2. And anger. Lady Donna’s transformation to Lord Dono involved a hefty dose of anger. I think it was Miles who made the comment, but it might’ve been By. But I remember the line because it was typical of LMB to so capture an essential element of character in an almost casual aside.

        1. Makes sense. She is exceptionally perceptive. Thanks…the hamster in my brain was going a little spin-crazy trying to remember.

  2. I’m sorry not sorry any male (if I use the word man someone might infer I think he is one and not a boy.) that use the phrase “…this hurts my manhood.” in any way loses all right to claim he had any to begin with.

    1. Apparently manhood is much more fragile than I thought it was. At least this specimen thought so.

    1. _Anyone_ that has worked computer support (on or off line) knows *that* feeling. BTDT for a couple of years as a “Student lab expert,” and a programmer/consultant. Sigh. “You can’t ‘idiot proof fast enough,” as they’re “devolvng” faster than we can plan for them.”

      1. Which is why I doodle up those strips – there is a desperate need to find an outlet to get over the flaming stupid – which is why Housemate shares the stories. I’ve done customer support before. I can TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THE NEED.

        I don’t intend for them to be high art, just as a means to share the hilarity and hopefully make someone chuckle.

      2. You can make it fool proof, but not flaming idiot proof. (Types she who is a flaming idiot when it comes to things computer.)

    2. I feel your pain. I test software. I get bug reports from customers. I KNOW your pain.

  3. Tangential rant: Not for credit.

    I think that some people read the word “boss” as “a person who is intrinsically better than me” rather than–what I feel is more correct–“the person who has the job of telling me what to do.”

    Supervisors tend to have better pay and more perks than those they supervise (not always, mind you, particularly in trades where the line workers have unions and management does not) because telling people what to do, as a job, sucks.

    I have a had a number of big sweaty he-man kinds of jobs fixing greasy machinery where my direct supervisor was a dainty flower of blushing womanhood, and it never made me any less butch. Statistically speaking, men are more likely to be at the top of the bash-stuff-with-wrenches bell curve and women are more likely to be at the top of the keep-track-of-which-thing-needs-to-get-bashed-next bell curve.

    As Speaker-To-Animals told Louis Wu, “My ability to procreate is not the issue here.” If I am working for a company that pays me, my part of the deal is to do what that company tells me to do, and it makes no difference if the lips that deliver those orders is covered with a huge ‘stasch or slathered with cherry red lipstick.

    I have a had a lot of bosses, female and male, who could not do what I can do. That’s irrelevant, because it’s not their job to do what I can do. It’s my job to explain what can and can’t be done, and what it’s going to cost in time and materials, and their job to decide what happens next.

    Okay, rant over.

    1. Absolutely, Misha. The boss is whoever is paid to tell you what to do. I’ve worked for good bosses and bad bosses of both sexes. I’ll take a good boss over a not good one any day, and I don’t give a damn whether that’s an innie or an outie down there.

  4. I saw that thread. That guy had a SERIOUS case of Teh Burning Stoopid. But I was crunching other problems, so just walked away.

    In related news, famed Larry Correia troll “clamps”, aka “Yama the Space Fish”, is now trolling Brad Torgersen’s blog, after getting banned from Larry’s.

    I swear, teh Burning Stoopid seems to be so infective these days, it makes Ebola look like a piker in comparison. . .

          1. “crappy post-apocalyptic piece of crap”

            Clamps is in a bad position to complain about other people’s writing.

            1. No, he’s not.

              Then again, he thinks all my sales come from the same 20 people who keep buying my stuff over and over and over. Clearly, his last two brain cells are arguing with one another again.

              1. Well, his ancestors went out for tacos instead of waiting for their Apple from the Tree of Knowledge. How in the name of Darwin natural selection hasn’t eradicated him from the gene pool continues to be a mystery of modern times. I mean, ‘look both ways before crossing the street’ seems to be the kind of sensible wisdom he’d ignore…

                1. He hasn’t been eliminated because he still serves. As a bad example true but it’s still a service.

              1. I noticed he posted it again.

                … I wonder what he keeps trying to get published, if that rumor is true. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets utterly rejected on formatting issues alone (never mind horrid writing) … and grammar.

                I mean, that commasplosion… I couldn’t help but giggle like a madwoman every time it was mentioned in that video review.

                1. Yeah, he’s a demented little puppy.

                  Especially since he’s lifting stuff from here for his arguments over there.

                  It’s like he’s not even trying to hide it.

                    1. I’m not sure he realizes that he’s reading his own comments.

                      Forget being out of touch with reality, he’s out of touch with his own delusions.

      1. It’s pure hearsay and we’re not sure if it’s true at all, but its too amusing not to share – but I will repeat that it’s hearsay and gossip, so feel free to take it with as much salt as you like.

        Supposedly, Clamps has been trying to submit to every publishing venue he can – self publishing and otherwise? – just to get something out there, and keeps getting rejected. Rumor has it that it’s in the realm of twenty or so rejections. Since we have no idea how old this info is, this may be more by now, because if nothing else, he is persistent.

        Given that lots of the successful authors keep saying they had tons of rejections before making it big, I’m not surprised if in his head, he takes it as proof of his ‘brilliance.’

        Also, given how bad we all know his writing to be, I think the rumor has likely at least a grain of truth in it. 😀

        1. I know he said before that there was only one publisher he would have “consented” to publish his work, and they went out of business. (Wonder why? They published literary SFF, and no one bought that crap?)

          I think it’s funny if he’s getting shot down left and right, but hardly surprising.

          BTW, check your email.

          1. Success is the best revenge, I say. By even selling a single copy of ANY of the three books I’ve worked with/co-authored/edited done covers for, I’ve already earned 100% more from my writing than he likely ever has.

            *shrug* And I’ve earned enough to either buy my children some clothes (the windfall came in when they’d had growth spurts) or purchased computer hardware or software, or gotten me books I’d wanted to buy.

            I don’t really count how much I’ve earned splitting the profits in half with the main author. And writing isn’t even our primary source of income.

            1. Hopefully one of the mathematicians here will correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you’re wrong on the 100% more than Clamps thing.

              Since there’s no reason to believe he’s ever made a penny off of his writing, you have actually made an infinite percentage more than he has.

              I’m also not kidding about what I said over there. Every time he blasts one of my books, he makes me money. Now that he’s badmouthing Bloody Eden, which is new, I expect it on a bestseller list any day now.

              1. *laughs* Well, I don’t mind being wrong, especially on something that amusing.

                And yes, I know. There was a time he dragged in mention of our books in a blog that has nothing to do with it, and we sold a lot.

                I’m in the process of reformatting them for a new venue of release too. ^_^v Several new venues, actually. The several we applied for accepted us and requested the necessary formatting changes.

                1. Cool!

                  And yeah, the first time he bad mouthed me, I mentioned it on Larry’s blog and immediately sold half a dozen copies. More and more trickled in over the next few days.

                  Really, he’s great marketing.

                  1. Every so often, I get asked “Has Clamps been badmouthing you recently? We had a jump in sales.”

                    The thing is, it’s just as likely as him badmouthing Housemate or myself that’ll result in that.

                    I think one of the times he decided to try troll the gaming clan forum we hosted we had a huge jump in sales. Bearing in mind that we split it in half, we both had enough to buy a few pieces of computer hardware for our computers and treats of various kinds for the kids…

                    1. He’s currently badmouthing an old-forum-only series of posts that we put up a long time ago. The actual published series, Seda’s Diary was done because we actually got feedback of interest, saying they wanted to see the series as a book. Because of a lot of revision, there’s not much resemblance in the original story and the published work, beyond the character’s name, race, gender and profession.

                      It seems to make him believe that if he declares any work ceases to exist, it ceases to exist. So he’ll never mention that the fanfic he so maligns that I wrote (and never finished) nearly twenty years ago now is the example of me as a horrible writer, and that a character’s weird speech quirks is the same as me not being able to ‘construct dialogue’ or sentences. He’ll bitch about the unfinished, trial story ideas other people put up for free in their first draft form. He’ll claim that everyone on the blog is the blog owner’s sock puppet.

                      Seriously, his projection issues are so bad that he probably has out of body experiences whenever someone mentions my name, my housemate, or anything we’ve ever done. But given that he just as likely has less of a soul than a rock, he has as much effectiveness as… well, actually, he is pretty ineffective.

                      Unless it’s making us laugh at him. That’s something he’s pretty good at, I’ll grant him that.

                    2. That’s what that was.

                      I looked it up, and there’s something called “Seda’s Story” that’s ranked almost 10 million on Amazon. I was like “What does he mean, ‘all those people who read’ it?”

                    3. One of the things I’m told by people who meet me RL after knowing me online is that other than my height, which seems to startle them since they imagine someone much taller and intimidating, is that I’m not at all different from online or RL.

                      I don’t put on a persona unless there’s a reason for it. Like a roleplaying game or because I’m acting out something, or trying to be amusing.

                      Well, I do swear a lot RL, if I’m around company that doesn’t mind it. But again, that’s not different from how I conduct myself online.

                    4. I’m like the online me, but more foul mouthed…generally whether the company I’m with is fine with it or not.

                      From what I understand, Kate might be able to outdo me…but I’m not sure that’s a given. 🙂

                    5. Same with my kids.

                      Well, my son. He’s 13, so he’s old enough to know if he’s going to talk like that, don’t do it around the parents.

                      My daughter is 2. She’s at that “parrot everything” stage. Nothing is off limits in her mind and she doesn’t really understand the problem.

                    6. I dodged that one. The one time my daughter swore, it was at the age of… two. And her intonation and pitch was a perfect copy of my father when he stuffs up something. Hilariously, it was appropriately used – she’d knocked over a drink, swore, and grabbed up a napkin to wipe the table clean.

                      We praised her on being a good girl for cleaning up and helped her. I think that stuck more than the swearing, because she never swore again. She’s a meticulously neat girl and has a very tidy room.

                    7. Let’s just say that if the circumstance require us to find out, the situation is probably not a good one.

                      I can turn the air blue – but I usually don’t. I find it has much more impact to save the language for when I *want* to shock the living daylights out of someone.

                    8. When I wore a younger man’s clothes, I was a sailor and then a truck driver. I have issues with swearing. Some days it seems like those words replaced all the ums and ers.

                    9. I was a sailor, who had a company commander in boot who was so skilled in the use of profanity that I liken it to Rembrant, Micheangelo, or other master painters of eras past.

                      I learned well. 🙂

                    10. It is a skill. Of course you don’t know you’re really in trouble until they switch languages. On a related note I always wanted someone to teach me to swear in Tagalog. I figure it’s obscure enough that no one will understand, except maybe the Filipina ER nurse.

                    11. Well, Hispanic-speaking folks will know too, at least parts of it because of language cross over. I don’t have a wide Filipino swear vocab, but I know some.

                      Took me a long time to find out why ‘leche’ was a swear. (it’s spat out with the samevitriol as ‘goddamnit!’)

                    12. Mine didn’t have to. He was from South Boston. It took three weeks just to figure out what he was yelling at us in English. Well, sort of English at least.

                  2. What’s wrong with “which now felt like it weighed the same amount approximately as a small elephant”, anyway? I doubt that it’s a sentence I’d ever write, and it’d probably be better without the “approximately”, but other than that, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

                    1. The only thing really “wrong” with it is that I probably wouldn’t write it that way today.

                      In his warped little mind, what’s “wrong” with it is that I didn’t use nearly enough purple prose on it.

                    2. Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t and don’t write the same way I did as when I was 15-16 years old. There were some style and format errors that I did back in the day (such as two people talking being in the same paragraph) that I definitely wouldn’t do now. I wouldn’t use the three adjectives thing (which people enjoyed because to them it seemed lyrical as a result) for first person thoughtstream stories… but even with all the mistakes I used to make people liked what I wrote, and to this day I’ll get an occasional email asking if I’ll ever finish the fanfic.

                    3. Well, in all fairness, I didn’t write it nearly so long ago. However, it’s also first person POV by a guy who just witnessed a nuclear explosion and makes it home in time to find out his family high tailed it (it took him too long to get there).

                      What old Clamps doesn’t get is that every sentence doesn’t have to be a home run. It just has to get the information across, which that one does.

                  3. I was going to read his opus, so I could critique it and get him to attack me and aid my sales . . . not worth it. I mean, open with him regaining consciousness? Eep! Total lack of grounding in the situation. Environs described at length with lots of latin species names as he sees a statue of Ganash. Then he gets up and walks away. Apparently all that description was for a half page scene. But no history of why the library was abandoned. Nothing about the rebellion, and why everyone just ignores dead bodies (apart from the ghoul munching on it, which was not described well enough to determine if it was a degenerate human, something supernatural, or a space alien.) And then the girl he thinks he remembers. Jewelry described at great length, dare I hope there’s a reason for that later in the chapter/book? No one’s buying tickets, but the subway trains are still running? Must be cash before boarding, but I gave up before that happened. Or didn’t.

                    Total mash of florid descriptions of the unimportant and a notable lack of useful information. He really needs to call this a learning experience and figure out what info the reader needs and how to put in into the story before he writes another one. And how to write a hook. Which does not involve “he woke up” as the start of the book.

                    1. The attention of his POV is randomly focused. He will give detailed multi-sensory descriptions of elements of a scene and totally fail to show the larger picture. Things which should be explained first (who’s fighting who and why, for instance) are unexplained or only explained later on, and explained incoherently. As you pointed out, there’s an abandonded library, there’s monsters, there’s a war — and there’s no real :”why” for any of this.

              2. Gee…how do I get on this guy’s bad side? I’m sh*t-poor at marketing. And as an anti-agent, I wouldn’t even have to cut him in for a piece of the action.

                1. Come on over to Brad’s blog and join on in. He’ll look you up, take enough look at the preview to find a sentence to critique that everyone else will look at and go, “What’s the problem?”

                  And, for an opener, you could always ask about his obsession with fish semen. 😀

                  1. Realistically, all anyone has to do to get on his bad side is:

                    1) Hang out at any SJW hated blogs, sites, etc – like here or Sarah’s or Larry’s, and so on.
                    2) Be Pro-Israel and Anti-HAMAS
                    3) Say anything neutral or nice about Vox Day. Well, anyone he hates, really, but Vox Day seems to be a Trigger Warning for the moron, it’s hilarious.
                    4) Disagree with Clamps somewhere. On anything.
                    5) Mock Clamps’ pathetic attempts at writing or basic grammar structures.
                    6) Be a better writer than him (this is not hard. Really it’s not.)
                    7) Not be a flaming leftie
                    8) Mock Rachel Corrie in some way (He seems to worship Saint Pancake.)
                    9) Like anything he thinks is horrible (like any of the books we enjoy here!)
                    10) Be liked enough to be able to chat here. (Which, again, is not hard. Very few people get banned, I hear – just the flamingly stupid trolls and blatantly dishonest handwringing twits. Example: Clamps.)
                    11) Sell anything. Guaranteed if you’re not on his whitelist of what he considers ‘acceptable’ any creation of yours that you sell is sure to make him envious about that reality. No matter how much he claims to not care.

                    The guy’s a flaming hipster that’s even more illogical and ridiculous than the standard pretentious hipster-wannabe.

                    That is hard to achieve.

                    1. Yeah, i went back to that time he was on Larry’s blog, and that excerpt Larry posted sounded extremely anti-Israeli, if not anti-Semetic. I guess we can add that to his list of annoying attributes.

                    2. Which is why I ended up wondering why he dislikes Vox so much. They both don’t like Jews, and yet on Brad’s blog he’s yelling that ‘I don’t think Vox is wrong, even though Vox is quoting stuff practically out of the Protocols of Zion’.

                      Hypocrisy is a strong suit of Clampsy’s, and I’m surprised he’s not flying the Penile Swatzika of Pride.

                      The funny thing is, I said that I’d read what Vox writes and make up my own mind on what impression I get from that – apparently, I’m not supposed to do that and accept that Vox is a jerk on say so, when I honestly don’t know much about the guy. So far: Opinionated, rather proud, likes to verbally bait and trap people, I don’t think he’s wrong on some things (like everyone on the planet), and I disagree with him on others. And yes, from the recent posts I’d read, anti-Semitic.

                      But yes, apparently taking time to come to one’s own opinions about something or someone is the same as ‘agreeing’ with someone.

                    3. Hmmm…
                      1. Check.
                      2. Check. Check.
                      3. Dear Vox Day: have a nice day. (Check.)
                      4. This is a fun blog. (Also check.)
                      5. But then I’d have to *read* it.
                      6. Okay, I read the sample elsewhere. Check. Check. Check.
                      7. Check-a-palooza.
                      8. Who is Rachel Corrie? (I’m not kidding, so this may not be a check)
                      9. Check!
                      10. (Fingers crossed for good luck) Check.
                      11. Small check. As in $. But it was cashable. See above about “sucks at marketing.”

                      That should do it? I gotta go work out some plot wrinkles…

                    4. Rachel Corrie was woman who went to Israel to protest the use of bulldozers to destroy buildings determined to belong to terrorists, and lay down in front of one. The driver of the heavily armored bulldozer didn’t see that she had done this and ran over her. Thus the appellation, “Saint Pancake”.

                    5. Ah. Thanks for the clarification. Well, I guess I can’t quite bring myself to mock her–tragic circumstances, and since I don’t have kind words, I’ll pass in silence. But the one I feel sorry for is the Israeli driver of the bulldozer.

                    6. Actually Wayne, there’s some evidence that she survived, but was badly injured by the bulldozer, but in the Palestinian-controlled Ambulance, they decided a dead American martyr was worth more to them, and strangely, she was dead by the time they got to the hospital.

                      This story gets buried, of course.

                      The sad thing is that here in Washington, we have a whole college dedicated to churning out idiots like her.

                    7. That’s gruesome, but hardly surprising treatment of the ‘dhimmi kuffar.’

                      And now that you mention it yeah, you’re right. I remember reading about that. I’m sure it all got handwaved as the ‘poverty-stricken Palestinians’ having no resources to save her, because they didn’t have the magical Jewish medical tech… /tongue in cheek

                    8. Which, interestingly enough, the Jewish doctors freely apply to any sick or injured Palestinian they see in their emergency rooms. Even if said Palestianian would just as gladly kill the doctor who just saved his life, the Israeli doctor only sees him as a life in need of saving.

                    9. I was chatting with my mother the other day and she keeps closer tabs on the news than I do lately. I think she said that the Israelis are fed up with that and are about to withdraw all aid and support to Palestine.

                      If that is true then it’s about bloody time. Considering that Palestine seems to have exhausted any sense of goodwill they may have over in Egypt… who aren’t happy with those smuggling tunnels… and the Muslim Brotherhood ties HAMAS has… The Palestinians can enjoy real starving and dying of insufficient supplies.

                    1. Perhaps he believes that if he does the same with his own, that’s the only way he could ever hope to reproduce.

                      Fortunately for the rest of us, it doesn’t work that way with humans, so the world will be spared the disgrace of supporting his get.

        2. It’s normal to get a lot of rejections before one gets acceptances. On the other hand, this is Yama‘s work we’re talking about, and I don’t have any reason to assume that either his style or his content have improved any. Given this, I will be very surprised when he gets published. Which he probably will be eventually — I’m guessing, by a friend or ideological ally. Heck, he could BRIBE someone.

          1. You know, it’s funny how Yama has to lie too. From what I remember about how According to Hoyt’s and Mad Genius Club rules go, you’re only moderated for the first post, and after that, you’re able to post until you get banned.

            I didn’t start participating in either MGC, Hoyt’s blog or even Larry Correia’s blog til this year. I discovered that Clamps/Yama was banned before I arrived – at least I know for sure that he’s banned in MHN and Hoyt’s, so it’s strongly possible he’s banned here too.

            Unfortunately that means that he will drag comments or convos on blogs I participate in and refer to them elsewhere and answer’ there.

            1. I started reading and commenting on Larry’s blog right as Clamps was getting his sad self banned. (And even then it was more because of real-life stalking and less the insanity he spewed forth) I find it hilarious that he’s making the rounds to those who haven’t banned him yet and cross posting. (Granted, I’m cross posting here, but not because I can’t post there.)

              What I hope really rankles him is the fact that he is directly responsible for me reading MHI and going from occasionally reading Monster Hunter Nation to daily reading MHN, AtH, and MGC.

              Long story short – he was posting some of his stuff as inherently superior to Larry’s, and I read through more of his Dreck than I’d willingly do again. I decided to do a comparison and put up his first sentence next to the first sentence of MHI, so I read said first sentence. It was fairly late at that point but I still ended up reading most of MHI before I went to bed that night. The rest is history.

            2. Yes, he’s banned here, too. We get intermittent attempts by him to sneak back in under another name and block them as well.

              We don’t ban many folks here, but he has the signal “honor” of being one of them.

    1. From Wikipedia 2020:

      The first cases of BSS (Burning Stoopid Syndrome) across the Internet were almost ignored, however, once a brilliant researcher on the MGC circuit described the symptoms, it was quickly diagnosed as a wide-spread and quickly growing epidemic. It took memetic scientists much longer to determine that the method of infection was actually due to unbridled blogging, twittering, and other thoughtless use of the Internet, which had been thought harmless, if engaging, for years. However, when a control group and an experimental group were carefully studied, with rigorous monitoring of their internet use, along with forced withdrawal of internet access for members of the experimental group — no one could deny that after the initial sulks and other signs of addictive withdrawal, the experimental group did indeed begin to overcome their BSS. Access to books was then shown to be a strong aid to overcoming the symptoms of BSS. The control group, unfortunately, continued to frequent YouTube, twitter, and Facebook, with daily stronger symptoms of BSS. The experimental group is currently planning methods of treatment, including a 12-step plan for BSS sufferers.

      This has been a test of your LOL abilities. Please do not hesitate to laugh freely.

    2. So that’s who that was with the inane comments. I was laughing at the only being in it for money remark.

    3. Ah, Clamps. All the likeability of chlamydia and twice the persistence… Then there’s his writing which may outshine the legendary Eye of Argon.

        1. There’s also a certain raw joy in the Eye of Argon, where Clamps is just too self-consciously twee

          1. Yeah. I actually felt bad that people hounded him so. For a first effort it was not good, but it wasn’t horrible. Certainly it was not Yama-level epic failure. He had a grasp of basic grammar and sentences, which immediately puts him ahead of our resident word-disease, and a character that was more alive and understandable than any of Yama’s.

            1. Theis also told a story. Not a very complicated or great story, but at least a coherent one — Grignir gets into trouble, thrown into dungeon, escapes, kills foes, rescues slave girl, beats final monster from the titular gem, and then makes it out alive with girl. I mean, it’s not very well told, but I can understand what’s happening and why. That’s not true for Yama’s work.

              1. With the proper encouragement and guidance he might have been able to make a decent story out of it. The plot was basic, straightforward and, as you said, coherent. You have an understanding of the hero’s motivations to some degree and what’s going on per scene. Also the scenes progress logically. Grignir does this, results in that.

                Yama’s characters drift along like his much beloved ‘fish semen’ in the ocean, with no guarantee they’ll fertilize their metaphorical egg. Indeed, they’re likely to drift off towards the Marianas and be trapped in the Bermuda Triangle and then taken up as samples of organic sea debris by aliens. Except that I doubt ‘fish semen’ survives that long in the ocean.

                The species of supposedly immortal jellyfish might though, witness the hatching of the fish spawn and note that the sperm which wandered away has met the Darwin Award, and nothing of value was lost…

                1. The only thing I’ve seen as bad or worse than Clamps stuff was one of Damian Walter’s short stories. Even then that’s not fair to Damian, (now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write) because while that one story was downright vile (seriously, I had to take a shower afterwards) his other ones are merely bad. The rest of his stories I read at least had decent construction, grammar, and plotting.

      1. Well, he also trolls after Banner, but considering he slams MGC there, yeah, this is probably what led him there.

        You’d think that someone with such an effluvient writing style could come up with something a bit more descriptive than “They suck”.

  5. I have worked with men who couldn’t directions from a female supervisor. They didn’t last long. In their efforts to prove they didn’t need to listen to a female they screwed up royally.

    1. And I’ve left contractors with explicit instructions to accept supervision from my wife, to come back and discover they’d failed to do things important to both of us… because they wouldn’t listen. (To be fair, they might not have listened to me on the details, either, except I could have monitored the details and fired them if necessary!)

  6. Kate, please don’t forget his “Ah, just like a woman to call names” when the only “name” you’d called him was mister.

    As a man specifically pointed out as unmanly since I don’t care about the plumbing of people I work form just their competence, I guess I need to sell all my guns, all my hunting gear, all my fishing gear, turn in my DD 214, return all my varsity trophies from high school, have any record of my collegiate athletic activities expunged, and have my wife and kids abandon me. At that point, I will take up flower arranging, interior design, and have my hair cut in the current metrosexual style.

    Or, like a real man, I could just tell him he’s full of it and since he was using biblical reasons to justify his idiocy, call him on that. Which I did.

    Moron was too stupid to get it and instead managed to double down.

    1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, bro! Y’know who did flower arranging? Samurai, that’s who. TOTALLY manly. Because swords, which I’m told are a metaphor for something.

                1. He’s obviously on the lam. Escaped from the labor/breeding farm I’m sure, but is he wrong?

    2. Oh, quite. And “mister” from me is a declaration of war – and he will be suffering an extremely unpleasant redshirting just as soon as I can figure out how and where to slide it in.

      He’s dismissed every female objection as “emotional” – despite being hammered with facts – and claims every male objection as insufficient manliness.

      Moron is a poster child for retroactive abortion in my opinion.

        1. But of course. That was the reasoning behind the British army uniforms for many, many years.

            1. And the Romans were copying the red cloaks of the Spartans. I guess Starfleet is following that long, proud tradition. 😉

        2. OK, totally OT, but when I first heard of Deadpool, I wondered what in the world people were talking about. Because in my corner of the universe, dead pool is a technical term for part of the water stored behind a dam. Talk about being enveloped in a cloud of confusion.

      1. Honestly, anyone who has to tear down every other man who doesn’t agree with him must not be much of a man.

        Part of me wants to find how just how badly his wife emasculates him when we’re not looking.

          1. Entirely possible.

            Either way, I’m pretty sure there’s a woman out there running his life in some way, and he resents it and can’t fathom a man who doesn’t resent working for a woman.

  7. Funny, one reason I ended up fighting the Work Just Finished was because the two protagonists, both female, wanted to stick with their “traditional” roles despite necessity forcing them to do otherwise. A little voice in the back of their author’s mind kept saying “Wait, what? You don’t want to fight, or to do guy stuff, or to give orders for the defense of your lands?” To which the response was, “Nope. I’m a lady. I take care of domestic matters. That’s why I married a soldier,” with “you dumb author” implied. Of course, her idea of “domestic matters” included acting as a judge, preparing the area to withstand a siege, and managing the accounts and contracts so her husband and household soldiers and supporters had the resources available to fight off the bad guy, as well as raising kids and keeping the Hall tidy and comfortable (for roughly early Renaissance levels of tidy and comfortable.)

    1. Well keeping the homefires burning is necessary (Logistics) for keeping the fighters fed, clothed, and ready for the next fight. Without logistics, you can lose the war. 😉 I prefer the adventure… but I was always different.

      1. Plantation and ranch life life in the old south was expected to be managed by the lady of the house. Thus the first university in Texas was an all girls school (Texarkana I think). If I recall correctly a lady commanded the defense of Pembroke Castle through a year long siege.
        The idea of the helpless female really is a myth.

            1. Purely anecdotal and I have no idea where it happened or when-story… but there was a base shared by Americans and Australians – the Aussies were largely RAEME mechanics and engineers. There was an urgent job to fix something that none of the Americans present were qualified / cleared to do, but the Americans had the tools. They asked the Aussies if anyone had the qualifications and clearance to handle, the answer to which was ‘yes, we’ve the personnel’, who asked if they could borrow the equipment to do the job. Some pointy-haired idiot said no, the Aussies ‘weren’t cleared for access’ but insisted they had to do the job, even if that request made ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE and could not be done without the equipment.

              So the RAEME broke into the locked up bay where the stuff was kept, did the repair job and gave back the broken lock to the people who asked for the job originally, saying something like “Sorry mate, you said you needed this as a rush job.” The folks who originally asked for the job apologized for the red tape idiocy and no problems were had between the rest of the Aussies or Americans.

              The pointy-haired idiot tried to complain to his superior officers and was shot down because he didn’t give the Aussies what they were very kindly asking for to do a job they were asked to do. Supposedly the pointy haired moron was also very quickly shifted off base to somewhere else.

                1. Yeah, so could I. The thing is, it may not have been a singular event, given how such stories go, and how widespread and common Pointy Haired Idiot Bosses are – regardless of what country or profession!

                  I consider it one of those anecdotes that may likely have never happened as told, but similar enough or some events conflated into one for a good yarn…

                  From the RAEMEs I’ve heard though, it’s related with a certain amount of snarky pride. “Well, bloody oath we got the job done, didn’t we?”

  8. It’s terrible of me but it can be fun to hear about the Stupids. [Wink]

    Of course, it’s not as fun to deal with them. [Smile]

    1. True, especially when they’re so dense they don’t even notice the Clue Bat of Doom.

  9. I wonder what this dumb sob thinks about my parents running a business together where my mom has the title President (though it is my dad’s name on the business) and me working there? Are me and dad being emasculated?

    1. Of course you are. You can’t possibly be real men if you’re taking orders from (gasp!) a woman!

  10. I am sometimes amazed at how fragile the masculinity of some men is, and how willing they are to announce this in public. In particular, I’ve met quite a few supposedly-manly men who are very upset by the knowledge that some guys enjoy the animated show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” (which, like many Disney animated features, is deliberately written so that people who aren’t little girls can also appreciate it). It’s clear that this show, and the notion of males liking it, fills these macho men with fear. They are apparently terrified that if they watch even a single episode, they will turn gay, or their dicks will fall off, or something.

    I pity these men. I’m not anyone’s idea of an Old Spice advertising model, but I’ve watched MLP: FIM (as well as Powerpuff Girls, because it’s funny) with no ill effects. I also act in community theatre productions, so I’ve worn makeup in public, and even appeared on the cover of a local magazine in a dress (to promote one of our plays). Total damage to my masculinity: zero.

    1. That garbage is on the level of those “Strong Women” who fear being at the same SF con as Larry Correia. [Frown]

      1. Yes, and yes. Real men are secure enough in their masculinity that they don’t care who knows they enjoy shows like My Little Pony or wear pink or whatever.

        I guarantee Dave Freer would intimidate the hell out of this specimen – despite Dave being only a little taller than me (and I’m a shorty), and not a particularly bulky sort of man. *But* Dave is absolutely secure in who he is and it shows.

  11. (What? Jeez, what’s wrong with a bit of necromancy for a good cause?).

    oh come on Kate. Just mount his head on a spike out on the wall and move on to the next one. so many trolls, so little time . . . .

  12. It’s becoming fairly obvious that I need to start following you around, Kate, since you always seem to get into the good fights. Though I did enjoy playing kickball with the Titanic idiot.

    1. Why thank you! You say the sweetest things.

      I rather enjoyed playing whackatroll with the Titanic idiot, myself. It’s quite entertaining in the slow-motion train wreck kind of way.

  13. He went on to trot out that women should be married housewives and mothers and that no “real” man would want a female boss, even a good female boss.

    OK, not having been a party to the thread under discussion, I hadn’t known about this level of stupid coming out. Frankly, my current boss, who is a woman, is probably one of the best I have had in 30 or so jobs. I may have had one or two better, but the jobs were very different, so I’m not sure.

    Of course, she’s also married and has children (though I don’t think she qualifies as housewife, because outside the home job).

    1. Oh, she’s part of the downfall of society according to this idiot.

      A good boss is a treasure – I will say I’ve had more good male bosses than good female bosses, but I’ve also worked mostly in male-dominated areas so that could just be how the numbers stacked up.

      1. It’s hard for me to do a fair comparison, because I’ve also had far more male bosses than female ones, but the couple I have had have been pretty good. I’ve certainly met some who fit the description of ‘female dog in heat’, though, but thankfully, I haven’t worked for them.

    1. Don’t worry – I’m sure there will be more sooner or later. It seems to be the in thing.

  14. Shadowdancer, is your Seda’s Story series going to be available in e-format? Also, are any of your stories available in e-format?

    1. I’ve finished the reformatting of The Right Place (a military sci-fi novella) and the first book in the Seda’s Diary series, Bias. Housemate will upload them and I’ll post the link to Bias as soon as I get it. Will work on getting Outcast ebook ready tomorrow.

      Once I get that done, I’ll set up the original short story entry for ebook.

      For the moment I’m gonna curl up and sleep. I’ve been up twenty hours fixing the format.

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