Saturday Links and Open Floor

Here are some links that may be of interest.

Kris Rusch has a great post on “Scarcity and Abundance” and how publishers are still trying to operate under the scarcity model, doing things like adding non-compete clauses into authors’ contracts. This is a must read, as are all her posts.

Dean Wesley Smith has a few words to say on the Scott Turow Authors Guild letter. (If you haven’t seen the letter, I discussed it here last weekend.) Dean doesn’t mince words about his feelings for Turow regarding this issue. He also links to Joe Konrath’s post about the Turow letter and to Turow’s response. I recommend you read them all. Then decide for yourself just who is in the wrong.

If that isn’t enough to think about and discuss, we’re throwing the floor open–no, don’t go too near the center or you’ll find yourself falling into the dungeon–to your questions, comments and future post suggestions.

The floor is now yours.


    1. Well, if they WANT to pay us serious money to be thrown into the dungeon where all our really bad stories are tossed, I’m sure we can set up a Paypal account to handle it 😉

      1. Ee, gads, what torture! Over here, we have stories that start fine, but then, just when you think you’re going to get a great climax, the deus ex machina swoops in and saves the day. Or how about this fine pile of Mary Sue tales, with everything going fine for the protagonist, no problem too big, no opponent too strong, just let the golden touch of the protagonist take care of everything, nothing to get hot about… Mary Sue wins forever! Oh, and don’t forget the plotless wonders of the literati, without meaningful endings, just … what, that was a very thoughtful place to stop, wasn’t it? Or would you prefer two doors, with the protagonist unsure which to open?

        Aiiee! I see what you mean. That dungeon could be dangerous! What other fine tales lie mouldering down there, traps ready to engage the unwary reader until the jaws close on them?

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