Some promo and then the floor is yours

Since one of the purposes of our Saturday posts is to promote our work, I thought I’d take a few minutes today to do just that. In case you missed the notice elsewhere, Dave has two new short stories and I have a novel that came out earlier this week.


When she was “convinced” to buy the new Mark 7583 robo kitchen diner-bar and barbeque unit module, she had no idea it would rouse the jealousy of her antique Harry’s Bar unit. How could she? Robotics weren’t supposed to have emotions, no matter how realistic and devoted they seemed. Now she has to figure out how to escape the perfect prison her Harry’s Bar has created for her, all in the name of love.

You can find Boys at Naked Reader Press, Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It will soon be available in other outlets as well.

The Poet Gnawreate and the Taxman

There are some things even more terrifying than a visit from the taxman. When the taxman runs afoul of a witch who really wants to be a successful poet – and who is willing to do anything to attain success – the taxman finds himself in serious need of a dentist. Of course, finding a dentist willing to do an extraction from the pages of a possessed book might prove more than a bit difficult.

On a personal note, this is one of my favorite short stories by Dave. I highly recommend it.

You can find it at Naked Reader Press, Amazon or Barnes & Noble and, just like Boys, it will be available in other outlets soon.

Nocturnal Serenade

In this sequel to Nocturnal Origins, Lt. Mackenzie Santos of the Dallas Police Department learns there are worst things than finding out you come from a long line of shapeshifters. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself. It’s not that she resents suddenly discovering she can turn into a jaguar. Nor is it really the fact that no one warned her what might happen to her one day. Although, come to think of it, her mother does have a lot of explaining to do when – and if – Mac ever talks to her again. No, the real problem is how to keep the existence of shapeshifters hidden from the normals, especially when just one piece of forensic evidence in the hands of the wrong technician could lead to their discovery.

Add in blackmail, a long overdue talk with her grandmother about their heritage and an attack on her mother and Mac’s life is about to get a lot more complicated. What she wouldn’t give for a run-of-the-mill murder to investigate. THAT would be a nice change of pace.

You can find Nocturnal Serenade at Naked Reader Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It will be available through other outlets soon.

I know I speak for Dave when I say we hope you’ll give these new titles a try.

Now that that’s out of the way, the floor is yours. Do you have any questions for the mad ones?


4 thoughts on “Some promo and then the floor is yours

  1. Wow, I’m getting a backlog! So many books to read, so much time wasted on Facebook . . . I’m going to have to do a lot of sitting around waiting next week, so I ought to be making progress. Thank you, NRP and Amanda.

  2. As someone said over on fb, “Facebook is the timekiller….”

    Hope everything is okay…is worried by the “lot of sitting around waiting next week” comment.

  3. Routine, husband’s medical checkup stuff. They insist on someone else doing the driving, after. Therefore, lots of sitting around waiting, for me.

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