Welcome to our new digs

Pull up a rock.  It will take a while for us to get everything ship shape and give the rooms that lived in feel.  Sometime over the weekend clickable book covers should appear, if one of us figures out how to do it, as well as maybe a few pages introducing the authors.  Also I need to figure out how we can build in Post-signing so we don’t have to do it every time.

Let me assure you that despite the dedicated url and posh address we remain the same  geniuses  writers  goofballs you used to know.  We wouldn’t have gone through this trouble and confused you except that Blogger really was becoming a problem for both posters and commenters.

Our post schedule will resume.  I hope Chris McMahon gets around to doing today’s post which Blogger wouldn’t let him put up, but I’m making no promises since he’s in Australia and probably asleep by now.  Other than that, our schedule will be normal.

Bear with us as we place the furniture and hang the drapes!

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  1. So is the house warming to celebrate the move at your place Sarah? If it weren’t 9am I would raise a glass and propose a toast wishing you the best in your new digs.

    Ah, what the heck! I am sure I have some non-alcoholic grape juice around somewhere. Hip-hip-hooray!

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