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>Sorry, guys, but I’ve been sick all weekend and don’t have a post to go up today. So I’m throwing the door open and letting you play. You know the rules — no politics, play nice and have fun.

If you haven’t had your fill of the Borders debacle, you can check out what I had to say about it all week at The Naked Truth.

I’ll be back later. Right now, I’m going back to bed. Have fun!

8 thoughts on “>Open Floor

  1. >My current work in progress features Clement Merriweather, AKA "The Traveler". He's nice, tends to be funny, and is definitely well traveled. He also has no moral qualms whatsoever. He'll do anything and everything for the chance to see new places around the world. Quite the odd character.

  2. >Luckily this character *shouldn't* hit the "ick threshold". Still, the fact that he'll quite happily contemplate methods of providing fresh humans to be terrorized by a haunted forest just to ensure a guided tour of said forest makes him… odd.

  3. >Watching for the "ick" level is interesting when you haven't got one – I tend to guesstimate and hope. And rely on my first readers to tell me when I'm going to ick people out.

  4. >And everyone's ick! is different. You just have to aim for something with a large reader base and not push the limits. Assuming you can figure it out.

  5. >Kate, I had that problem wiuth the story I just submitted to NRP. It's the first really dark piece I've ever written, and it's pretty far out of my typical comfort-zone as a reader, too. I needed readers to tell me whether I'd gone too far or not.

  6. >Good rule of thumb: if, after reading your latest creation, all your first readers are rather pale with a slight greenish tinge, and hold out your MS like they would a three-day-dead rat when handing it back to you, it's entirely possible you might need to dial something back just a skosh.

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