>First Novel Squee

I got the momentous news yesterday – Impaler is scheduled for March this year, and I have a cover.

This makes it all so much more real, seeing the schedule notification on the Naked Reader blog, and of course having Laura Givens cover artwork sitting in my inbox. It’s almost like having the physical item (I’m old enough to be a bit of a traditionalist that way, but hey, one day…)

I’d be bouncing with excitement except that when I bounce, too much else bounces along and it doesn’t stop when I do. Besides, it’s fast approaching this Mad Genius’s bedtime. (I’m writing this Wednesday night).


  1. >Anonymous (Is that you, Linda?),My problem with celebrating is that not everything stops when I do. It's rather untidy – but I can and do stand at the side and tell feelthy jokes and laugh like a maniac.

  2. >Louise,Thank you! It's one of those huge milestones in a writing career, right up there with the first time someone pays you for something you wrote.

  3. >Chris M,Thank you – and thanks to the artist, too. I love the font she used – it's perfect.I second the kudos to Naked Reader. And third, fourth and fifth them, too.

  4. >Dave,Thanks! I certainly hope there'll be enough interest to justify continuing the story. Sheesh. I'm squeeing over my first novel, and already looking ahead to the next milestone. Typical author, right?

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