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Okay, I’m going to start out with a blatant plug. The King’s Bastard is on the ballot for the David Gemmell Award. If you enjoyed reading my book, please vote for it. Here’s the link.

So what is the David Gemmell award? According to the people who run it:

The DGLA aims to:
• Raise public awareness of the Fantasy genre

• Celebrate the history and cultural importance of Fantasy literature

• Appreciate & reward excellence in the field

• Commemorate the legacy of David Andrew Gemmell and his contribution to the Fantasy genre

This award sets out to celebrate fantasy. All the awards I’m going to mention set out to celebrate their genre.

I like awards. I like to find the books that have been short listed and read them to see what’s going on in my genre and associated genres. You discover fresh new voices and people who are pushing the envelope of their genre.

So I’ll start with the Aurealis Awards. This is Australia’s version of the Nebulas, in that the selection is made a peer review. Then there are the Hugos, which are voted on at the World Con. Then there are the RITA Awards from RWAmerica. I go to my favourite sections, the Paranormal and the Regency. That is how I discovered Melissa Marr’s books. Then there’s the RWAustralia R*BY.

I’ve done my fair share of setting up awards and working on the committees that run them. The people involved in these awards all deserve a pat on the back. For instance, it takes dedication to judge fantasy section of the Aurealis Awards with over 40 fantasy books to read and you know how big those fantasy books are!

Do you read the books that are shortlisted for awards? How do you keep track of what is happening in your genre?


  1. >Still in recovery from food over dose.No, I generally am oblivious to awards. I read recommendations from friends, things that catch my eye in the Science fiction Book Club, or in the store.I ought to add award winner to my list of "how to find new authors."

  2. >Hi Rowena,I just got your book the other day and also a bunch of others at Christmas. I had to finish Trent's Death Works before starting TKB but it's got me hooked.I find I've usually read some of the books on those lists anyway (I must be discerning) so I don't go out looking for all of them. I find it as interesting to see who's publishing them as who's writing them.

  3. >I think my taste is at abolished angles to that of awards people – most of the time if I've read something that's up for an award (Pterry being the BIG exception here), my reaction was at best "ho hum". Maybe the nomination means someone in awardsville is starting to think like me… Hm. Maybe it's just one of those exceptions that happen now and again.Congrats, Rowena. And apologies for being mostly absent in situ – after 5 days mostly doing nothing, I'm finally starting to recover from the last 12 months.I'll try to do better in the next 12. I promise.

  4. >Matapam,I go with recommendations from my friends.I ask people who work in bookshops if there is anything that pushes the genres from Indy Press.And I hunt up the books that are short listed for awards.

  5. >Chris L,I'm so proud of Trent and Tansy's books. I think it comes from belonging to a writing group, seeing the book and the writer grow and then seeing it published.I get such a kick.PS. Thanks for buying my book.

  6. >Merphoul… from the word verification thingie blogger makes us type in.This time it's aildsxe, which is sort of unpronounceable.

  7. >I like these verification almost-words. And figuring out what they ought to mean.undoli = What happens when a girl grows up and stops playing with dolls.

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