>And the winners are….

>Sorry to be so late with this.

For the first paragraph, a couple of general comments, first. Most of you went waaaayyyy beyond one paragraph. Also, a couple of them were very good except for a tendency to ricochet between present and past tenses.

Among those who disqualified themselves through length but whom I wish to mention as very, very good are Brendan and Behind The Pyramids. Among the verb tense disqualify the best was Ori’s.

So — now, the winner and the runners up. Email me at sahoyt – at- hotmail – dot – com for what your choice of my book is. The first place gets one of my books and Dragon’s Ring. The others get one of my books, excepting the Shakespeare trilogy AND the first of the musketeers’ mysteries (sorry, guys, but I’m down to two copies.)

First place — Synova, for your first entry. You really couldn’t improve on that!

Then Pam and Mike (for Mike’s last. The others were way too long)

Now, Rowena’s contest — the winners are fourth guy and Brendan. Please email her at rowena -at- corydaniells (dot) com with your snail mail.

11 thoughts on “>And the winners are….

  1. >thanks for the compliment. 🙂 🙂 you made my day.I think I got confused about whether or not dialog counted as a paragraph…but ended up having so much fun I took it and ran with it.

  2. >Actually Pam, you and Mike were darn close. It's just that I used the criterium of "I want more NOW and will beat the writer to get it."Ahem, only I won't actually beat you, Synova, rest easy. :)Not driving madly to NM at the moment and dictating this answer to #2 son. HONESTLY. I promise!

  3. >Congrats to all you winners. Looked like everyone did really well. I'd say I was sorry for not entering myself, but was seeing my little brother for the first time since December, so I'm not all that sorry. 🙂

  4. >Yay to the winners of the writing contest and thanks for the honorable mention. I had a great time writing mine and reading everyone elses entries.

  5. >Just to confirm I'm "fourth guy", right? (oddly enough, you may find several people with this nickname that are not me)

  6. >Rowena,How does he know that he's him, though? If he were some other him, would he know it?Someone close the mind. It's getting awfully solipsistic in here!

  7. >You would have loved this one. One sentence.Hesperus chuckled as he picked the lock of his own door, a large shapeless bag carelessly set near his feet.[And before you tell me that I didn't mention all those bits and pieces, they are in the bag — we'll get them out later.]Thanks! Lots of fun.

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