Line Edit Still In Progress

As you read this, I’ve gone out to shoot something. Probably a perfectly normal paper target. JL Curtis would probably look at me funny if I brought the chunk of the first draft I’ve already entered the corrections from, and used it for targets.

…Although given the makeup of rest of the pistol class, they might help, or might respond by bringing their own WIPs…

177 pages down, five major corrections / edits left on the list.

When all this is done, it’s still not the end. Then I get to send it to a handful of beta readers who are good copyeditors, to see what mistakes and typos I put in as I fixed stuff, and at least one or two people who haven’t seen it yet, so they can look at the edited version, and see if it makes sense and flows together well.

After that, I’ve got to publish this thing, because there’s all this work I’ve put into it. Which reminds me, I’ve got to get back with my cover artist, and explain better what I’m looking for, and why. Fortunately, she’s also going to be at the range tomorrow. Whee!

Oh! Completely random fact I have learned! Diane Duane, who wrote some absolutely awesome Star Trek novels, and the Young Wizards series… also wrote several episodes of Scooby Doo! How cool is that? Talk about not getting pigeonholed in a genre!

7 thoughts on “Line Edit Still In Progress

  1. Loved Diane’s Young Wizards books. Looking forward with great anticipation for your latest work’s release.

  2. Diana Duane also wrote the Feline Wizards series. She went indie, so you can buy them straight from her. “Stealing the Elf King’s Roses” is also good. It’s a stand-alone urban fantasy.

  3. Having read some POD published books that desperately needed both editing and copy editing, I have very happy to see that you are getting this done. More writers need to be encouraged to do this. Also, graphic design is important, I have seen too many books with poor layout, poor font choices, and too many widows/orphans as well as inexplicable blank pages. What looks fine on an ereader doesn’t always work on the printed page. Yes, I’m ranting, but it’s is in favor of what you’re doing.

  4. I’ve always thought that Diane Duane’s version of the Romulans should have been made canon instead of what they actually did.

  5. You did good at the range today! All your work is paying off, and I ‘think’ you might have gotten a frustration or two out! 😉

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