Viva la Resolution!

Resolutionistas! Now is the time to overthrow the established order of things, the habits that chain us, and reclaim the world as it ought to be!

Of course, while that sounds excellent, we all know it’ll immediately fall apart because no one has a standardized vision of how the future should be…

But tell me your glorious vision, comrade! What are your resolutions? And if you are so bourgeoisie as to actually work to make your world a better place, what are your milestones that you’ve planned to track your progress! Do you plan your year by month, or by quarter? Or does it depend on the goal?

…Alma Boykin wishes you all to note that I had the good champagne, and to be please be patient with me.

Patient with me? Am I the one playing doctor, or are you? Wait, no, edit that out before I hit post!

I think I shall call it a night. Or maybe I’ll love it and hug it and squeeze it and call it George…

13 thoughts on “Viva la Resolution!

  1. You do know that if you start calling Peter George it’s just going to confuse the boy.

  2. When come the revolution, we will all eat strawberries!

    But I don’t like strawberries?

    When come the revolution, we will like strawberries…

    (The Goonies were such a fun group in their prime)

  3. Good champagne? Is there actually a version that isn’t so highly carbonated and sickly-sweet?
    (Both can theoretically be mitigated by drinking from a lady’s slipper, but I’m not convinced that would actually improve the taste.)

    30 minutes instrument practice daily.

    Dedicated, scheduled writing time 6 days/week.

    “Date night” 1/week.

    1. There is! Look for a dry champagne, and it removes the sickly-sweet. As for over-carbonated, that depends on what your tolerance for carbonation is, that you decide the rest is “over.”

      I recommend looking for a “dry sparkling white” wine, because true Champagne from the EU-approved regional labeling has this image to maintain, and the fountains of spume to go with… but the same grapes grown in the USA are bottled with the intent to be enjoyed instead of flaunted by label.

      1. My favorite fizzy wine is Prosecco, which is made without the addition of extra yeast to add the bubbles in the bottle. Until it suddenly became popular in the UK around 2010 it was also nicely budget priced. Since then the price has gone up and the quality may have gone down – not sure on that haven’t tried it for a fair while

  4. Hmm. To publish at least one book length work (probably a novel/novella rather than a collection). Try for two

  5. I am planning to firm up all my goals for the year, today, or at worst tomorrow. My phrase for the year (I do a word or phrase every year) is: “Do, Rinse, Repeat”. I know currently that in the plan is: finish 2 novels, edit and publish. Write and Illustrate 4-6 kid’s books. Get my cover art website actually working, so it can work for me. Do at least 12 covers this year. There are other things, but those are my big author/artist goals.

  6. I’m going to try for a daily schedule with daily checkoffs and see how that goes. If I don’t do one day, the next day will be right there to try again on.

  7. To finish the current set of Familiar Generations stories, finish the Scottish novel, and get both out the door. Beyond that? No resolutions, other than try to keep lifting and getting in better physical shape.

  8. That, once I’ve published (we’re nearly there so I can say I will) the two WIPs, I’ll get the majority of War Dogs of Barsoom written this year.

    I won’t finish, but I’d sure like to get to the halfway point or better.

  9. To get three books out the door… that’s the goal and I’m going to do my damnedest to meet it. Organizing myself to be able to achieve all that. To continue lifting weights and walking.

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