Learning to laugh with and at ourselves

I recently had the pleasure of discovering the comic art of Steve Ogden, particularly his Magnificatz series.  It’s defunct now, following the deaths of the cats that inspired it, but it’s still available online and in e-book and print form.

I particularly enjoy how he expresses the frustrations and realities of the writing life through the antics of his protagonists.  Here, in no particular order, are three of his cartoons to whet your appetite.

Steve Ogden cartoon 1

Steve Ogden cartoon 2

Steve Ogden cartoon 3

The collected Magnificatz cartoons are available from Amazon at these links.  The first three are in economical e-book editions as well as print;  the final, omnibus edition is on paper only.

Life is Just a Series of Naps and Snacks (Vol. 1)

You’re Terrible at This (Vol. 2)

It’s Exhausting Being this Cool (Vol. 3)

Magnificatz: The Colossal Collection (Omnibus volume)

Very entertaining, and highly recommended.

5 thoughts on “Learning to laugh with and at ourselves

  1. :laughs: That top comic is taped to the side of my computer, along with the Two Foxes “I am a BRILLIANT infiltrator in the world of competent adults” comic.

    (There’s comics on the fridge, too, but those ones I want where I am writing and grading the kids’ work.)

  2. The top one is a wee bit too true in my case, although it wasn’t a roomie but fellow grad students who ended up starting me on the road to publication.

    1. Eh. I’ve technically published before. A few times, this’n that. Twenty years ago, now. One of these days I gotta do it again.

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