Just a quick post to give folks a head’s up. If you have a website and your web host is Hostgator, check to see if your site is loading. Both of my sites went down for a number of hours today and just came back up. Apparently, HG was migrating to new servers and there have been issues all week. Folks have been without email, e-commerce, sites loading, etc. Worse, there was little to no communication of the problem from HG to its customers, myself included.

That’s bad enough. Worse, my page widgets were, well, wonky when the site came back up. Who knows what will happen next.

So if you have a site hosted by Hostgator, check it now. Keep a close eye on it for the next few days.

This concludes your public service announcement.

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11 thoughts on “Warning

      1. Was literally scrolling down to suggest that, tech issues happen but communication NEEDS to happen.
        Heck, I’d be annoyed about not knowing about a migration being going…..

  1. Both my sites have been so slow for months as to be unusable. I contacted HG in February, but no luck. Life’s been very busy, so it wasn’t until last week I tried again. I finally reached someone who told me I needed to upgrade from their server to the cloud, and I migrated. (My sons have been involved in performing migrations, so I was excited to tell them I was doing it, too. One of them pointed out that I was merely “being” migrated, and was not impressed.)

    Interesting to hear that they were doing it to everyone. I was so pleased there’d be no price increase. I check them daily, and they seem to be working, although they’re both still a little slow on the dashboard.

    1. I check my sites too. Usually every morning. But I realized my email from the site wasn’t at the level it usually is and went to check. Imagine my surprise when I could log into my CPanel but couldn’t even bring up the website itself. And there has still been no update from HG about the situation. Just crickets.

  2. I was with Hostgator for about ten years, very pleased for most of that time, displeased enough the last few that I moved everything (domain management, sites, email) to Namecheap a few years ago. Been happy there so far, but don’t assume that they won’t change management or something and things could go sideways there. So it goes.

  3. I have a local guy whom I have done business for (ulp) almost 20 years who hosts my various websites. Sometimes he’s a bit slow to get to complaints – but he’s otherwise good and responsible.

  4. Moving my site this weekend and it has been “interesting”. I chose to go with Siteground. Excellent price (they’re running a sale) and good recommendations from some folks currently using them. So far the tech support has been awesome. The problem with the transfer has come from the HG end. I need to edit one line of code that I should have access to. Can I find it? No. Does it show up in a search? Hell no. It’s aggravating enough, I contacted Siteground and they are doing the migration for me for free–no special treatment. That is part of their package. Now I’m just waiting for the confirmation the site has migrated over. Then I will redirect everything there and we will be back up and running.

    1. I was “just there”. Has it been completely moved?

      1. No, it is still on HG. Once they have the database migrated, it will actually be on two different servers until I get everything redirected and cancel the HG contract. Hopefully, that will be done tomorrow at the latest. I’ll be updating here because I don’t want to have two different servers showing two different things.

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