Sometimes the jokes write themselves…

I missed this article when it was published last December, but it came up during an Internet discussion this week:

Is Superman Circumcised? wins Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year

I did a double-take when I saw it, and looked it up to confirm what seemed an impossibly weird headline.  Sure enough, the book “Is Superman Circumcised?: The Complete Jewish History of the World’s Greatest Hero” really did win the Bookseller/Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year last year.

Cover 'Is Superman Circumcised'

I had to smile at one of the questions being asked in the online discussion:  “Does it really make any difference whether Superman was circumcised or not?”

Well, of course it does!  It makes a vas(t) deferens!

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19 thoughts on “Sometimes the jokes write themselves…

  1. The question that answers would be “Is Superman neutered?”

    Which might explain Lois Lane’s continued survival, if you read your Niven. 😉

  2. Well, IIRC the current Superman was “born” on Earth (his Kryptonian artificial womb opened on Earth).

    Still IIRC the current Superman was more Earth Human Normal as a child so might have gotten circumcised as an infant.

  3. Wasn’t necessary. The Kryptonians eliminated foreskins with genetic engineering thousands of years ago. 😛

    The next question is, how does Superman shave? Who cuts his Super hair? Can’t burn it off; he’s dived into blast furnaces without losing his hair.

    1. Heat vision and a mirror. Don’t blame me, it was in a Superman comic when I was a kid. One of those ones where he picks up buildings by the corner.

  4. Ahem. [puts on grumpy old man hat]

    One of the biggest problems with comics these days is that questions like this arise from certain political circles, members of which appear to have taken over Marvel and DC. All we ever hear about is race, gender, orientation, plumbing and political affiliation. They’ve been going at it to the exclusion of all else since the 1990s. After thirty freaking years, you’d think they’d come up with something different. I mean, just from boredom alone, or even by accident.

    The correct answer to this question and all others like it is A) who cares? and B) what is wrong with you?

    [removes hat, but remains old, male and grumpy]

    Still, good excuse for an anatomy joke. ~:D

  5. It’s only fair that Superman gets to be Jewish, too. In one of the collections about superheroes gone bad, the infant-bearing spaceship landed in Germany, and he was a Nazi superhero. He never fought against the Americans, though, and he allowed himself to be captured at the end of the war. I don’t recall what his rationale for the restraint was.
    And you deserve a carp avalanche for the vas deferens pun.

      1. The one where he was raised by Ma and Pa Kentski in Stalin’s USSR and ended up a drug addict in an American jail?
        Yeah, very uplifting. [suuuper sarcasm tag activate!]

        Possibly I’m a bit salty about this stuff…

    1. If Brave gets wokeified, try Qwant. So far, so good.

      Would the German Superman have a big “U” on his chest?

      Ist der ja ein’ Ubermensch? Der ist ja ein’ Ubermensch! Uber dooper Ubermensch! (stolen from Spike Jones.)

      1. Qwant has been my #2 for a bit but just good promoted ahead of DDG which has been my primary almost as long as it existed.

    2. They’ve done that for a while, to screen out ad-farm clickbait sites like eHow. Stuff like that generically improves the quality of results against Search Engine Optimization scams.

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