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My first venture into volunteer proofreading has been very rewarding. It’s been great to see new writers coming up whose careers I can follow; I’m getting a great list of new and forthcoming works to read. And I’ve been especially happy to see a lot of original takes on fantasy and science fiction themes. No tired reworkings of overdone themes; naturally I expected better from this crowd and I haven’t been disappointed. Now, having finally caught up with the queue of manuscripts awaiting proofreading, I’m ready to take on some more submissions.

I’m formalizing my system for noting editing changes. I don’t like to change the original text, both because that can be confusing and because I really don’t want to stomp on anybody’s personal writing style. Rather than directly editing the text, I prefer to list suggested changes which you can implement or ignore as you wish. I generally work in Word, using the Review tab. What I send back to you will be the original text plus a list of suggested changes that will appear as comments in Review>Show Comments. If you don’t use Word, let’s discuss what editing format/system would work for your software and I’ll see what I can do.

Writers: if we’ve worked together before, just let me know that you have something ready for proofreading. If I haven’t worked with you before, please begin by sending me a ten-page sample of your manuscript so that I can determine whether you’d benefit from the level of editing that I’m willing to do voluntarily. That would amount to light copyediting in addition to proofreading. I’m fine with suggesting a comma be inserted, moved or deleted to conform to standard usage; I’m not too happy if I have to completely rewrite the questionable sentence. If every page contains sentences or near-sentences that need to be rewritten, well, that’s more work than I’m volunteering for. (Send to: margaret ball 7 at gmail dot com, spaces removed, at and dot replaced by symbols.)

5 thoughts on “Proofreading open again

  1. Would you be open to light editing on fanfiction work?

    I’m working through arcs to develop my writing skills before starting original stories, but would appreciate getting some critical eyes on what I’m already doing. Practice makes perfect, so long as one is practicing the right things, after all…

  2. Great!
    P.S. I’m still hoping you’ll get some Magic inspiration and be able to write again 🙂

  3. Yeah!

    I needed to hear this. I think I’m about three weeks out from having a second draft ready, and I’m going to be needing some proofreading services!

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