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The writing brain is still on extended vacation. I’m reading a lot but beyond that? I find it extremely difficult to initiate anything. I can, though, keep minor commitments to other people. For instance, I’m the one with the Zoom account allowing for extended meetings, so I stop wallowing in despair long enough to sign on to Zoom every Tuesday afternoon to host the online book club meeting.

The recent discussion on typos did give me an idea. Maybe I could get help making some more minor commitments and at the same time be of a little bit of use in the world. I’m sure most of the contributors here already have satisfactory proofreading arrangements but that might not be true for writers who are just getting started with indie. So, as long as I’m reading compulsively, why not read some books before they’re perfected for publication?

Anybody who’d like some free proofreading, drop me a line at margaretball7 at gmail dot com. I am actually quite good at catching typos, not to mention homonym abuse. I’ll let you know how long it’ll take me (usually just a few days, unless more people than I expect take me up on this) and then… I will… keep that commitment. Because it’s to somebody else, see.

8 thoughts on “Making it useful

  1. I would love to take you up on the offer, but I just put out my last book, and it’ll be a few months before I have another one ready to hunt for typos. Any idea if you’ll still be on your vacation come February or so?

  2. I’m about 10K into the NaNo book, and on hold with the other book, and short story. It’s been . . . a week. Yeah. A week.

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