Most of the people I know are very carefully keeping their heads down, or panicking about inflation, rising gas prices, shortages of all kinds, and how they’re going to keep the lights on and food on the table until the morons who are nominally in charge pull their heads out of their posteriors (or we have a Romanian Christmas- hey, it could happen).

So, what am I doing in the midst of all of this?

Making a Halloween costume for a horse.

Yeah, I know. I’ve been periodically giving myself the side-eye, too.

It goes like this: one of the employees at the barn wanted to dress up her horse and a few others, and take photos. Mostly because she has kids of an age to enjoy Halloween, so this was a fun thing to do with the kids. Then it snowballed. I’m still not quite clear on what Saturday afternoon will bring, but I think there will be horses and humans in costume, a semi-professional photographer, a parade of costumes, and of course, lots of food. A regular party.

I haven’t gotten roped into helping plan or execute this party, for better or worse. As far as I know, I just have to show up with a costume for my horse. And possibly some food to share. But who knows? The situation has an air of a great success or a massive catastrophe, no in between.

And I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. I have a piece of blue satiny cloth that I can drape over Bailey like a blanket, and I’ve made her a sparkly browband to use as a tiara. I have a floor-length dress that I’ve worn once and have no other use for. So we’ll have Queen Bailey and her lady-in-waiting. I figure Bailey will appreciate it; she’s quite a diva. And I will have spent about ten dollars and a few hours of creative thought on the whole shebang, which I appreciate.

There are weirder ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. Just pray it doesn’t rain.

*And, yes, there will be photos. Barring the disintegration of the universe, of course, but I think we’ll have other things to worry about, if that comes to pass.

9 thoughts on “Surreality

  1. Oh, yes – a senator!
    Honestly, I’m cherishing these moments of normality, if doing a Halloween costume for a horse can be called normality. It’s silly, non-serious and fun. On the edge of g*d-knows-what kind of looming chaos, moments of fun and tradition are even more appreciated.

  2. Queen Baily! I hope she doesn’t mind being draped . . . but the reaction of the horses to each other’s costumes should be funny, and hopefully not too energetic!

    1. She’s worn a blanket before without trouble, but yes, I’m expecting a few fireworks once we get half a dozen of them in proximity πŸ˜€

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