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I will try to be back later with a post, but don’t count on it. Some bug decided it was a good idea to attack me over night. Not the Covid but not fun either. So the floor is yours. Until later.

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  1. “So the floor is yours.”

    But I wanted the windows…

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon.

    More news on the RWA front, since you wrote about their descent into madness so eloquently back in Winter of 2019 (your posts on the subject are the reason I started reading Mad Genius).

    My chapter, like a number of others, is in the process of dissolving. We’ve lost too many members, no new ones are arriving, and now it’s a mopping-up action. A very few, very large chapters, who’ve got serious money in the bank and lawyer/writers as members, are beginning the process of disaffiliation. They want to keep their treasury.

    Almost everyone else is folding their tents and vanishing into the night. I thought RWA would limp along for a few more years. I no longer believe that, based on my own chapter’s membership and what I’m being told by members who belong to multiple chapters.

    RWA may fold by Spring of 2022. I’ll be gone too, as my membership expires in March. If I don’t have my local chapter, I’ve got no reason to remain any more.

    It’s a pity, but the circular firing squad keeps getting tighter and smaller so the only sane response is to leave. I don’t spend any time on their forums, but I believe the Vivian scandal was the last straw for the remainers.

    1. Thank you for the update.

      Do you know if anyone is planning on forming an alternative? At least as a social club or, heavens, just a discord group?

      1. Not to my knowledge.

        I can say that here in Central Pa, Penn Writers (the PA general writer’s group) is reaching out to former chapters. One of our chapter members — who rarely attends — is highly placed in Penn Writers. She made a point of coming to our October meeting to invite everyone to join Penn Writers. Apparently, the Valley Forge chapter is in negotiations now to join as a group. I suspect Penn Writers is making the offer to PA’s other RWA chapters.

        The other alternative I’ve heard of is the Alliance of Independent Authors but I don’t know much about them.

        20Books to 50K is huge.

        I’ve heard of Broad Universe but when I looked into them, they seemed crazier than what RWA has become.

        The other groups are not romance-centered so I dunno.

        I think that RWA will have to lay dead for a few years so people forget and then a new, different romance writer’s group may arise from the ashes. Whatever else they do, they will have to make it clear if they’re a writer’s group or a social justice organization. You can’t be both.

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