Free Friday!

Hey! How come this month gets five Fridays? Doesn’t the universe know that the Mad Geniuses only have four people signed up for Friday posts?

So writers! Yes, all of you, not just the Bloggers here.

What is your favorite of everything you’ve ever written and why? (And post a link!)

And readers? Anything you want to ask? Or tell us about?

The Floor is Open!

18 thoughts on “Free Friday!

  1. So I’ll start. _Empire of the One_ is my favorite. I took all my characters and hauled them out of their familiar places and tossed them out into the Multiverse. Plus I added a bunch of new characters with unlimited potential for future mayhem.

  2. “The Floor Is Open”?

    Does that mean that there’s a Hole in the Floor? [Crazy Grin]

    1. Some primal termite knocked on wood
      And tasted it, and found it good.
      And that is why your Cousin May
      Fell through the parlor floor today.
      — Ogden Nash (quoted from memory)

  3. Not published, but I’m having an amazing amount of fun writing a space-pilot himbo. Sweet, genuinely likes people, glass canon in a fight and general intelligence level of a fizzy drink–can eventually think his way out of a paper bag, but good heavens don’t ask him to think quickly, you get REALLY BAD ideas, FAST.

  4. Although I make most of my living from military sf and fantasy litrpg, I have a fond spot in my heart for my apocalyptic horror novel, Shadowfall: Las Vegas. It’s Lovecraftian horror combined with disaster-movie dynamics, lots of violent action, and a bizarre and diverse (actual rather than merely demographic diversity) cast with a dash of humor and hopefulness amidst the darkness. I enjoyed writing it quite a bit and even though it didn’t set the world on fire sales wise, it remains my favorite.

  5. The favorite thing I’ve written, which I gave away so I can’t link to it, was a short story about a small-town airshow and a WWII plane (SBD Dauntless) that crossed a generation gap. And a poem about said plane that sort of went with the story and sort of didn’t. The national organization picked up the story and poem and used them, and so did a WWII US Navy reunion group.

    The one that still makes me tear up sometimes was the one (unpublished) about walking around the empty ramp at the salvage end of the airport and looking at one of the last Pan-Am planes before she was recycled.

  6. But, but, that’s like admitting in public you have a favorite child! Won’t the other books get jealous? Won’t your muse for not equally loving all her “inspirations”? VBEG

  7. My favorite thing is my most recent book review, because I am feebly hoping to be able to write them again on a regular basis. I’ve only posted 11 book reviews this year, and I used to do about 11 per month. Those are on Papa Pat Rambles. It’s not JUST the writing, though; my reading rate is WAY WAY down.
    I’m trying to prime the pump by writing Papa Pat Tiny Devotionals, which are 300 words or less, taken from Proverbs.
    I wrote my name for the bill at the Mexican take-out place. Does that count?

  8. I think the book that I’m about to get out may be my favorite so far. It’s called The Harper, inspired by the character in the Childe ballad “The Twa Sisters” (seriously, murdering your sister out of jealousy over her fiancé is one thing, but what kind of creep sees a woman’s dead body and thinks, “Hey, I could make a great musical instrument out of that”?). However, since it’s not even pre-orderable yet, I can’t promo it, and because I don’t think I should let a promo opportunity go to waste, we’ll pretend that it’s prequel, The Changeling is my favorite. It’s a sequel to Red Lights on Silver Mountain Road, where the heroine has to travel to the Fae Realm and serve as the defense attorney in a very literal Seelie Court.

    1. Whenever I rip off the fairy tale, I go for the “reed” variant. It is just so gruesome.

  9. Five Fridays. It happens. And, since I’m a reader, not a writer, I have nothing I wrote to post about.

    So, for possible amusement, an utterly trivial fact.

    The Washington SF Society, since 1960, meets on the first and third Fridays of the month (the club goes back to before that, but they standardized on that meeting schedule in 1960). If there’s a fifth Friday, they hold a party.

    And, starting with 1980, if there’s a fifth Friday in Feb, they hold a convention (that was the first time since 1960 there was a fifth Friday in Feb). It’s just a relaxacon — 100 people or fewer, with no program. They’ve held two so far, since the five Friday Feb happens every 28 years. I’ve been to the first two, and look forward to the next one in fifteen years.

  10. My one and only dark, dystopian epic fantasy, THE MOUNTAIN, which came out a couple of months ago. It’s a big’un (at a little over 700 pages), and it took ten years to bring it into the world, but I like to think it was worth it. It’s a book about a war between ideas (autonomy versus collectivism; freedom of faith versus state secularism) as much as it is a book about a war between realms—which is the kind of book I like to read. Anyways, thank y’all for opening the floor to newbies such as me.

  11. A Kingdom of Glass holds a special place in my heart. It’s my first book, and while I’ve gained a lot of writing skills since then, there’s a kind of newbie innocence to it that still makes me smile.

  12. That’s hard. Very hard.

    Maybe, because it allowed me to have superheroes and philosophy —

  13. OK, this is way late because of Reasons. But I have been bitten by a paranormal romance bug and am having problems with some of the nuts-and-bolts. Any kind souls with an understanding of the genre want to help me bash it out a little?

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