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Slightly off-topic, here, but I thought it might be of interest to some of our contributors and readers:

For a couple of months now I’ve been participating in an online book club started from Francis Porreto’s blog. We’re reading history, politics, economy – anything that we find interesting and that may have some bearing on present-day events. We’ve just wrapped up a discussion of Machiavelli’s The Prince and we’re about to start Chevalier’s Society, Manners and Politics in the United States. (Chevalier was more or less a contemporary of de Toqueville’s.)

We are currently meeting via Zoom on Tuesday afternoons, at 2:30 Eastern Time.

We’re also looking to expand the group from five to eight, and I thought some of this gang might have interesting insights to share. If you’re interested, please email me at margaretballseven at gmail dot com, replacing “seven” with the Arabic numeral, and I’ll send you an invite to next week’s Zoom meeting.

The Chevalier book is available for 99 cents on Kindle. I’m trying to insert a link but am not quite sure if this will work; I am not exactly au fait with the current version of WordPress.

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  1. The concept is awesome, the time is not at all good for me, due to the day job. But when I get done with this stupid Masters Degree maybe there could be a spin off group. I love the eclesticity.

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