Battling on

It’s an unfair world.  That’s reality. One of the reasons that a belief an afterlife is attractive, is not so much a fear of death, but that good, kind and decent hard-working folk get a fair reward, and the cheats, thieves, murderers – as well as slew of people who do little but bring misery (they’re often from the guv’ment, here to h’ep you) get what they deserve, instead of the other way around.

I’m dealing with some potentially really bad health news about my wife. I’m dealing with the possibility of some bureaucrat making impossible – and possibly getting destroyed – the home that I wanted to give her. I believe we’re in the right, but I’m fighting a government machine which doesn’t like giving up any power, where I’m fighting the referee, and them, and they have the state’s resources behind them. And yes, they tell me they’re ‘helping’.

I have worked and saved so desperately hard for since we left South Africa and arrived here with nothing.  It’s been eleven years of brutal slog, saving half or more of our income, living on what we can grow or catch, hand-me-downs and charity shops.  My wife is one of those people who just does so much for everyone else, and gives so much time and care to others. She puts up with me, which probably says it all. We put in, between the two of us, a year’s worth of work hours in volunteer time with the ambulance service every year.  I’d like to have seen her get something besides a kick in the teeth for it, but that’s life.

I’m understandably in not a great place right now.  Not sleeping. Trying to focus on writing (because one way or the other we’ll need the money). Not much point in trying to work on building our home, when I have someone threatening to demolish it.  When I get enough into it, it does actually work to take me away, but it is hard to get into it.  I must admit I’ve also spent too much time reading Louis L’Amour novels. Most of them for the many-th time. They’ve always been high in my comfort-book reading. I guess it’s good to escape to a world where the bad guys lose, and the good guys and hard work and integrity are actually valued and pay off.

Rather like Puddleglum said, that world may be an illusion, a daydream – but if so, I’ll go down writing books in which it happens. Fighting to keep a home for my lass, for as long as I can.  Maybe I can pay forward some the relief that other writers brought me.

There’s a lot of it going on, at many levels besides my personal one.  Strength to your hearts and arms, good folk.

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  1. So sorry to hear this Dave. Is some socialist bureaucratic bastard threatening your house…and what’s the health issue with Barbs? Sounds not good. Our hearts are with you. Nick

  2. If you like L’Amour, then you should read Elmer Kelton. I’d recommend The Man Who Rode Midnight, The Time It Never Rained, or Stand Proud as a good initial read.

  3. “Public servants” evidently don’t take implied threats very well, so I’m afraid you’re just going to have to kill him.
    (Sarcasm and bitter humor, obviously. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could give these “servants” the whipping that they so thoroughly deserve?)

    My best to you and your wife. I hope you get some lucky (nay, miraculous!) breaks in your favor.

  4. I’m so sorry, Dave. I hate it that a bureaucrat can have so much control over what should be you and yours to decide. Many hugs, positive thoughts, and prayers.

      1. That’s the shit that hurts the most, Dave. I never deal with it well. I barely stay functional, to be honest. Laying off the sauce and going to bed on time were necessary for me, it doesn’t help anything if I crap out first. Beyond that, I have no advice. I didn’t die, and she didn’t die, so it’s a good day. Fuck everything else.

        Suggest porta-potty service for the sewage issue, short term. Having a serviced unit on-site screws up the government idiots. Slows them down.

  5. Prayers for y’all, Dave. Sadly, most of us are too far away to offer much in the way of actual help. I’d look at getting the media involved. David vs. Goliath is always liked by the media, and negative media is one thing the ‘powers that be’ don’t like!

    1. Media or The Church Committee. The Church Committee might be more powerful, in a small town.

  6. Prayers for you and Mrs. Dave, Dave. I’ve seen a lot of people referencing Puddleglum lately; it’s a sign of the times I guess.

  7. Just remember, if you have to drop down to the SSS level – don’t drop him where you fish. They ain’t picky eaters, but you should be.

  8. Local government must be quite different in Tasmania than it is here in Central Pennsylvania. No one from the township can come to my door and waltz inside. The police have to have a warrant. I’m amazed at how intrusive your local government must be.

    Is this a holdover from when Australia was a British colony? You have to allow the local lord to come and inspect whenever he feels like it? Or his agent?

    Best of wishes to you.

    1. I was utterly shocked by it myself. It’s ridiculous over-reach. If, when, I get through this, I’m going to make an effort to get this seriously taken back down.

  9. Move to Texas. But NOT Austin, or any of the other big metropolitan areas. Someplace 40-60 miles away, where you can get city services when needed but avoid Californicators moving in and messing with stuff.

    1. Sorry, for some reason the spam-trap ate both your responses! Swept out now, and I think you’ll be good.

      Much as I’d love for Dave to move to Texas for my own selfish reasons (as I now reside in the great state of Texas as a transplanted Alaskan tolerated by my neighbors), I suspect he’d object to picking up and relocating to a new country yet again. *wistful sigh*

      1. I suspect you’re right about Dave not wanting to move to another country, but he would be mkre than welcome here in Texas.

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