Thinking it through

I have to wonder, sometimes, if some people think anything through. Hell, I admit there are times I don’t. I try. Your survival time doing things like rock-climbing (especially as I did, opening new routes no-one had ever climbed before) and diving in ocean caves and cracks 30-45 feet down, tends to be relatively short, otherwise.

I’m still here, so far. I also volunteer as an Ambulance officer (we don’t have any paramedics here, we’re it) which has a few calculated risks, but a ton of forward planning – you get a call-out, and especially here it helps if you know where you’re going (GPS here is quite imaginative), and who you’re going to, and what the likely condition or problem is so you can work out what kit you’re going to possibly need and at least have some idea of the treatment.  Practice, scenario training, thing possible problems ahead… means thing are less difficult to think of, when stress happens.

I suppose I do think ahead, more than most. It’s a big part of plotting novels, which after all is my trade. Books work better when logical consequences happen – which means when decision points occur you have to work through, logically, what the short medium and long term probabilities are.  

I’ve been fighting my way through the vindictive machinations of a local petty bureaucrat here on the island. I keep getting her wrong, because I struggle to see just how anyone could be that short-sighted and that unaware of the consequences for her and her employers. And to be fair, they seem equally unable to see the logical consequences.  I’m planning write a book about my move here. I’ve made no secret of this. A minimum of research would tell you it’s going to be quite widely read.  If your medium term job depends on good publicity, and your employer’s survival depends on it, you’d think I’d be the one person whose cheerios you would avoid pissing in.  But that was plainly too much logic. Oh well, let the chips fall where they may. We’ll cope.

Talking of not thinking things through in the publishing world: I found this article about the staff meltdown at the dreadful, awful news that their company was going to be publishing Jordan Peterson’s next book a magnificent example of what the hell is wrong with modern publishing.  I gather they expect to sell around 5 million copies.  The company buys a lot of LGBT + alphabet soup books apparently. The staff bitching about Peterson seem to have trouble grasping that one 5 million seller means… the company can afford to spend on books that may well sell… well, very little, no matter how those staff members love them.

My grim scenario is were not that far off hungry and poor in a lot of first-world societies.  One misstep and there we go… I wonder how they will cope? Perhaps reading Jordan Peterson would help.

Anyway, on the other amusing news of the publishing industry full of these ‘geniuses’ – Penguin Random House is apparently in the throes of acquiring Simon & Schuster.   Just think of the naming possibilities Randy Penguin SS?

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  1. A while back I heard this rumor that S&S not only does distribution for Baen, but has a financial interest in the company as well. As apparently does an imprint I won’t mention the name of.
    Baen still publishes several authors I’m rather fond of, though it has also managed to drive off a number of their midlist regulars for some unknown reasons, so it would not surprise me if their days are numbered. Seems in publishing as in most business the observation “get woke, go broke” is not so much a warning as the latest trendy business plan.

    1. Will be seen if German ownership results in an effective ban on criticizing Muslim societies or the PRC.

  2. Heh, when I read about your plan-to-do-something I was going to mention one of your co-blogger’s posts on the induced helplessness of the Peterson freakout folks

    It occurs to me that I’ve bounced off of a lot of TV because it simply does not follow. It shows 2+2=5. If they move fast enough and do enough blinky lights, it can be papered over– but it doesn’t work very well in text, or even in long-running TV series. They eat themselves in contradictions.

  3. And then there’s thinking it through, until it’s too late to react at all. That’s me, most of the time. I’m terrible at reactive sports. Tennis? Hahahahaha! Bowling and golf? I’d be decent if I’d ever invested the time to get there.

  4. “… staff CRIED and expressed dismay with the decision to publish ‘Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life.’”

    “How to improve business in 2 steps:
    Step 1: identify crying adults
    Step 2: fire”

    News out of Minneapolis is interesting on the “thinking things through” front. First, the guy who used to own Uncle Hugos SF/F bookstore is considering opening a new store… outside Minneapolis. Also, there’s a new sport in town, carjacking random people in rich neighborhoods. Goblins are learning that the car is mightier than the shitty .22 caliber Raven pistol, apparently, as some of their would-be victims are using the car on them.

    One of the problems with thinking things through that I’ve found is that most people don’t. Here in the Demented Dominion, thanks to Corona many people have been allowed to defer their rent for six months or so, because you can’t get blood from a stone. (Please note my use of the word “defer”. That particular word means to delay, to put off. It does not mean “cancel.”)

    This means, for many people and particularly those with government jobs, a little windfall of money. No rent for six months is a solid few grand, y’know. So, does anyone want to take a wild guess at what these public service professionals did with the money?

    Coincidentally, you can’t find a boat or a camping trailer around these parts for love nor money.

    Unionized government employees, ladies and gentlemen. Geniuses, each and every one. We are safe in their hands. Oh yes, let there be no question.

    As to Jordan Peterson, I hope he makes MILLIONS from this book. Millions. I hope he makes so much that the Random Penguin idiots take his daughter’s advice and fire all the weeping Wokesters for endangering the Golden Goose.

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