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We humans are adaptable critters. When our lives go abyss over apex, we have trouble with it for a week or so – sometimes as long as a month or two – but we adjust and eventually what felt like the end of the world as we knew it becomes normal.

This is not always a good thing.

Not when there’s a concerted effort to keep the entire freaking population of the world under house arrest – and when everyone has to stay locked down for six bloody months, it’s house arrest. If it was a quarantine, the only people affected would be the ones who actually had the disease.

But, because the would-be dictators call it quarantine and have their sycophants proclaiming how the blasted virus is deadlier than deadly (hint: if it was that bad, there’d be reports of homeless people dying like flies, not reports of homeless people being infected at a slightly higher rater than everyone else) and you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without finding bodies – you know, black death levels of fatalities. Not “bad flu season even with anything that could possibly have a sideways involvement with the virus being reported as being caused by the virus”. This thing isn’t even hitting Spanish Flu levels of fatality (of course, Spanish Flu took a big chunk out of soldiers who were exhausted and overwhelmed after four years of what was at the time the worst war in history, so I daresay their immune systems were a long way from healthy).

What it is, is a manufactured panic that’s driving a lot of people crazy, and destroying lives and livelihoods. Worse, it’s one that is almost certainly illegal, albeit enforced by people who think it’s legitimate. After all, at least in the United States, the Federal Government claims the ability to regulate all economic activity on the grounds that any economic activity has the capability to impact interstate commerce.

And yet, states shutting down their entire economy on little more than hearsay doesn’t affect interstate commerce? Yeah right. Pull the other one, it plays Jingle Bells.

But we’ve adapted. Or at least around here, chosen to ignore most of the hooraw and gotten on with life. The only place I’ve seen people wearing the bedamned masks is in the places where state governor (not state law, governor’s order) has said you can’t enter without them. Said governor has ignored the numerous attempts by the state legislative body to quit the idiotic cower in place nonsense, so it seems like at least my part of the state is engaging in mass civil disobedience and a lot of grumbling.

It’s still polite grumbling, but this kind of thing is what ends up with what I gather is called a preference cascade. There are going to be a lot of very irritated people deciding that those who are keeping them from making their living and enjoying their leisure time need to be out of power as soon as they can be removed, and acting on that decision. It will not end well.

Who it will burn remains to be seen, but I do hope that we don’t end up adjusting our freedoms even further downwards to cope with losing even more heavy-handed bloody idiocy from people who think that phrases like “shall not” are as negotiable as the meaning of “is”.

Oh, and the cat pictures are because I like my cats. They’re not because I think they’re super-appropriate or anything.

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  1. i don’t think that many of these authorities believe that those ‘shall not’ phrases still apply to them.

    1. I suspect that most of them never believed those “shall not” phrases applied to them. Laws are for the little people, after all. (puts the sarcasm shovel away)

      1. I’m rather hoping that over the next few years the courts teach them otherwise, specifically on the covid-related bullshit.

  2. I’m already seeing complaints from parents that their kids have come back from the first week of school with some sort of crud (which, of course, MUST be the ‘Rona) and how this is proof that we shouldn’t have opened schools.

    Um, no, you shouldn’t have kept your kid locked up and sprayed down with Lysol for 6 months. My daughter has been working all along, as one of the essential workers who did NOT have time to make TicTok videos (not that she was stupid enough to put that malware on her phone). She hasn’t had so much as a sniffle all year, and we took a trip to Disney over the summer.

    1. I’m “ejnoying” the onset of my autumnal allergies, exacerbated by smoke from out of state. That’s normal for me. Not welcome, especially when I have to wear a mask at work, but normal. I had to explain the other morning that if I sound like Darth Vader’s chain-smoking sister, it’s allergies and drainage.

      The curve is flat. Enough. Let’s get back on with life and what we should be doing, and start trying to get the social and economic pathologies induced by this never-ending-two-weeks back under control.

      1. Wet your cotton mask. Helps enormously against both pollen and smoke. (Smoke was so bad here last week that one evening I had to wear a wet mask indoors.)

        Looking more and more like most of these wildfires are coordinated arson. Antifa is taking credit for some, and several lowlifes caught or seen in the act is already WAY more than the one or two SoCal firebugs typical for a CA fire season. And funny how the fires are clumped on the map. Meanwhile, Canada has only 10% of their normal seasonal wildfires. Must not be able to get passports.


        The initial reaction to the China Plague *should* have been “everyone wear a mask in public for the protection of others, consider not doing voluntary activities for the first 30 days after cases appear in your area, don’t travel internationally if you can avoid it, but otherwise go on about your business”. Masks DO work against the spread of pathogens (there is plentiful data on this); general lockdowns and “social distancing” not so much. As you say, the curve is flat enough now and healthcare won’t be overwhelmed by future little spikes.

        But being defiant about the one actually-useful measure because “you can’t make me!!” … is on par with declaring it useless because you want to defy it.

        1. Which does not disprove my hypothesis of Chinese orchestration as part of the early stages of the next world war. And I almost wrote civil war there, but definitely mean world war.

    2. Oh gawd. Schools are incubators at the best of times, and this is prime virus spread time when kids come back after having spent months elsewhere. Of course they’re gong to catch every kind of crud imaginable.

      I’ve been enjoying working from home (the commute is so much better), which means I’m somewhat vulnerable, and I caught the cold my husband’s more robust immune system mostly shrugged off. But it was a perfectly normal cold and did exactly what head colds always do to me. Meh. Situation normal.

  3. No, this disastrous pandemic is exactly like Blacklight, which is why we absolutely have to break out the flamethrowers and use them to suppress BLM and Anti-Fa. We should have nuked China before the 2018 election, and Trump should have nuked Manhattan, Portland, Seattle, LA, Chicago and San Francisco this time last year.

    Humanity will utterly cease unless we erase the infected populations in every place to the cultural right of rural America.

    That is an admission against interest, but we have gone too long with only using half measures.

  4. It’s obvious pretty much nobody believes they hype, especially the people pushing the hype. If this virus was so bad the masks would be considered biohazards, but they’re not. They get considered normal every day trash to be thrown in the waste basket.

    1. They wouldn’t be visiting their hair salon either, but of course, they’re better than the rest of us so they’re not going to get sick. Idiots.

      1. Thing is, to say that Speaker Pelosi is being hypocritical, and compromising the message, we would need evidence that she was ever really well educated, and is not currently experiencing some combination of dementia and being surrounded by too many yes men.

        Evaluating her behavior by the standards of an even moderately serious biology focused sci fi fan is not reasonable.

        One could argue that San Francisco elects her precisely because she lacks any awareness of hygiene or sound public health policy.

        1. Evaluating that female by any standard involving intelligence is going to fail, because she hasn’t shown any sign of any.

  5. There’s a movement growing to declare September 15 “Liberation Day” — the day we all burn our masks, cease “social distancing,” and return to normal, pre-WuFlu life regardless of what the “authorities” have to say about it. They can’t arrest all of us, now can they?

    1. True, that. Most of us don’t have to worry about a Tiannenmen Square type response, after all.

  6. I can’t get too excited about any of this Corona crap anymore. -Everybody- is saying that its all BS by now, everybody except the media. They’re still ringing the fire bell and shrieking, getting all the more shrill as they see nobody is listening to them. Not even the Know-Nothin’ Normies.

    I’m sorry, but airplanes have been landing from China this whole time. So any governmental fretting and puffery is taking place with that as a backdrop. The Pandemic!!! is so dangerous!!! they didn’t even stop airplanes. For f sakes. Even Normies can see that, and they are all quietly talking about it amongst themselves you may be sure.

    I think the one positive thing out of all this is that the incredible ROT in our government health and safety institutions, all the way from the local level out to federal and international bodies. The WHO is outright run by China, that was good to know. The Canadian government DID NOT HAVE any personal protective medical stockpile at all, and the chief medical officer of Canada is a lying weasel, that was good to know. The CDC is a cabal of worthless bureaucrats who couldn’t run a simple testing program, good to know. Revelations regarding the software used to predict pandemics being written by a rabid Greenie fruitbat, also nice to know.

    So really, on balance I’m good with it. The seed of doubt is planted. Every time a socialist proclaims “the solution is more, better and smarter government!” the Normies will be thinking “you mean like the mask thing? Yeah, that was great,” and vote for somebody else.

    1. Yeah, what this makes clear is how much good is done by the slowness and dysfunction of the federal policy making process. The non-appointed guys running these federal agencies are bureaucrats who get the seniority in a way that makes them obsessed with a single narrow slice of policy. They are largely monomaniacs clueless about any part of the world beyond what they think they regulate.

      The senior non-appointed leaders of the DEA, EPA, FDA, NARA, GPO, FDIC, etc. are probably all just as insane in their own way.

      If the mayors, governors, and county commissioners were running around in a panic over some GAO related issue, and asking GAO ‘experts’ for suggestions, the answers would be at least as insane and dysfunctional.

      If the media panicked us with “model says we will all be eaten by sharks”, and we were to ask the Coast Guard how to make sure nobody got eaten by sharks, we probably would not be getting sane, actionable plans. And that is coming from someone whose definitions of ‘sane, actionable plan’ is likely to include, relatively speaking, drying up the ocean as part of exterminating the sharks. (Getting the whales is a bonus, we should be working on that anyway.)

      1. “They are largely monomaniacs clueless about any part of the world beyond what they think they regulate.”

        I can tell you, from my medical training, that the CDC has been clueless about what they DO regulate. Utterly clueless and criminally incompetent.

        And the Canadian case is just plain corruption. I mean, they’re not even trying to pretend this is a functional plan. The Liberals are using it as a distraction to do other things under the table.

    2. Oh, yes. If there was ever going to be a real attempt to curtail the thing it would have been mandatory quarantine for 2 weeks for anyone entering the country. Not that that was ever going to happen, of course, but it would have worked – an equivalent policy continues to work in Australia, albeit not for the humans.

      Anyone bringing pets into Oz must have them in quarantine for a time that depends on what, exactly, is endemic to the country of origin. Thanks to that, rabies doesn’t happen there. (Along with a long list of other diseases that I don’t remember right now, but is shrinking because each time someone screws up the quarantine procedures and something slips, a new disease finds its way into the country). It’s expensive and painful, but if you’re serious about keeping something out, quarantine for the length of the incubation period plus isolation for anyone that actually has it is about the only effective way to do it absent an effective and universally applied vaccination.

  7. I figured a cat in a sink was an awesome example of the need to define what you mean by “normal.”

    Our boys won’t sit in a sink.

    If you don’t have a cat, it’s be odd.

    but it seems common enough among a lot of cats.

    1. Midnight is our only sink-sitter. He loves it – at least when he’s not in our bed or in one of the cat beds that lives on my desk, or lurking somewhere he’s hard to see.

      Dread Kitty Westley likes to sprawl on my desk, or park himself in the cat beds, or leap at the window to try to catch whatever he just saw. He’s the hyper one – very much a Dread Kitty.

      And Princess Buttercup curls up and sleeps on her scratching chaise lounge or the Husband’s chair, or the bed. Just who is where varies, as long as there’s always at least one cat on human-sitting duty.

      It’s very important that the human not be left unsupervised.

  8. We’re wondering of the local authorities here are going to forbid tricker-treating, in the name of public safety.
    And definitely, if they carry this stuff on into the Christmas season, there will be a lot of open defiance.

    1. There’s an election in November. Just remember the local guys all are elected too, and vote accordingly. If your local Health Poobah bans Halloween, kick him to the curb. (Halloween is fricking voluntary, for God’s sake. If you’re afraid of catching the ‘Rona, don’t hand out candy. Duh.

      By Christmas there’ll be open fighting in the streets as the Lefties all react to their loss in November. Corona will be a distant memory.

    2. I imagine some of them will try. And they will be hammered into the ground by irate retailers who absolutely cannot afford to lose their holiday season shopping and know damn well their websites can’t cope with holiday volume. Most of them are already having issues. They’re going to be applying the universal palm grease big-time to get the restrictions lifted.

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