This latest book has been far more of a collaboration with other authors than before – I’ve done a lot more bouncing ideas off others, and tossing out chapters and asking “What next? Where would you take this? How would you do that?”

My alpha readers can definitely tell you that I didn’t take all of their suggestions – but they will be able to look at the finished product and go “Ah, I see where she adjusted for the feedback I gave her.” Sometimes I adjusted the story so the readers wouldn’t expect that anymore. Sometimes I took the expectation and twisted it. And sometimes I ran with it… but often, I found myself staring at the cursor and going, “I don’t know. I guess I’ll go talk to a friend and see what they think.”

Does this happen to you, too?

…also, is amazon being really, really slow on the new books going live for anyone else?


    1. I picked up a couple of RAH Kindle editions (Starship Troopers and THiaHM), and for the first time, I had to go to the Kindle and force the download. It’s been automatic, whether I get it via the computer or through the Kindle, so *something* is going on.

      Looking forward to his new book. (Still not live. Dammitol!)

  1. Yes.

    Get fun ideas from talking to folks.

    I’ve also given feedback to writers, and seen interesting results.

  2. Check your email for something from Amazon. Occasionally something catches their plagiarism algorithm and they double check, asking you confirm that it really is yours.

    I have a webpage for my Alpha/Beta readers they get my stuff in 1-2K snippets and comment extensively. I love the fast feed back and “isn’t there a quarantine period for horses and dogs moving between parallel worlds?” sort of stuff.

    My last book, early in the panic slid through in a couple of hours. *Very* unusual. I figured nobody had time to worry about it.

  3. I’m more likely to either take a walk, take a shower, or allow my subconscious during sleep help me work through story problems or generate ideas. I have a handful of people I occasionally ask advice, but I almost always get a split opinion out of them – nothing definitive. So, mostly, I rely on myself

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