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Good afternoon, everyone. Here at MGC, we know everyone loves to read. Right now, most of us have extra time to indulge in our favorite pastime. Some of our bloggers decided to follow the example set by fellow indie author JL Curtis. We have either put some (or all) of our books on sale or have taken some titles free. Here is a list of what we have at reduced prices.

I want to again, thank JL Curtis for coming up with the idea and letting us tag along. And, since he started this, I’m going to start off with a link to his Amazon author page. Jim’s put all his books on sale and, if you haven’t read his work yet, please take advantage of the sale and check him out.

JL Curtis

I love his Grey Man series. Here’s the first book:

The Grey Man: Vignettes

The Bad Guys Don’t Stand a Chance

Texas rancher and lawman John Cronin knows what it means to be tough. A decorated Vietnam vet with connections to law enforcement agencies all around the world, he’s thwarted smugglers and drug plots across the globe with more than a few narrow escapes. Whether it’s a sniper competition or teaching the feds a thing or two about police work, Cronin doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. Of course, this slow-talking lawman’s biggest challenge yet might be when his granddaughter Jesse falls in love with a Marine. When drug smugglers stir up trouble in Cronin’s backyard and try to kill Jesse and her new beau, all hell breaks loose, and Cronin and his granddaughter are just the people to set things right.

I’ve followed Jim’s example and put all my novels on sale. Here’s a link to my Amazon author page.

If you are looking for science fiction, check out Vengeance from Ashes, the first book in the Honor & Duty series.

First, they took away her command. Then they took away her freedom. But they couldn’t take away her duty and honor. Now they want her back.

Captain Ashlyn Shaw has survived two years in a brutal military prison. Now those who betrayed her are offering the chance for freedom. All she has to do is trust them not to betray her and her people again. If she can do that, and if she can survive the war that looms on the horizon, she can reclaim her life and get the vengeance she’s dreamed of for so long.

But only if she can forget the betrayal and do her duty.

If you like urban fantasy, check out Nocturnal Origins, book one in the Nocturnal Lives series.

Some things can never be forgotten, no matter how hard you try.

Detective Sergeant Mackenzie Santos knows that bitter lesson all too well. The day she died changed her life and her perception of the world forever.It doesn’t matter that everyone, even her doctors, believe a miracle occurred when she awoke in the hospital morgue. Mac knows better. It hadn’t been a miracle, at least not a holy one. As far as she’s concerned, that’s the day the dogs of Hell came for her.

Investigating one of the most horrendous murders in recent Dallas history, Mac also has to break in a new partner and deal with nosy reporters who follow her every move and who publish confidential details of the investigation without a qualm.

Complicating matters even more, Mac learns the truth about her family and herself, a truth that forces her to deal with the monster within, as well as those on the outside.But none of this matters as much as discovering the identity of the murderer before he can kill again.

Or check out Witchfire Burning, from the Eerie Side of the Tracks series.

!Long before the Others made their existence known to the world, Mossy Creek was their haven. Being from the wrong side of the tracks meant you weren’t what the rest of the world considered “normal”.
Normal was all Quinn O’Donnell wanted from life. Growing up on the “wrong side of the tracks”, she had been the only normal in the family. The moment she was old enough, she left and began life as far from her Texas hometown as possible. Now she has a job she enjoys and a daughter she loves more than life itself. Their life is normal, REALLY normal, until her daughter starts calling forth fire and wind.

Quinn knows they must go back so her mother can help five-year-old Ali learn how to control her new talents. But in Mossy Creek nothing is ever simple. Quinn’s mother has gone missing. Secrets from Quinn’s past start coming back to haunt her.

And the family home is more than a little sentient.

Can Quinn keep everyone — particularly Ali — safe? And will she ever get back her illusion of normalcy?

Here are some others from my fellow Mad Genius Club authors:

A Summer in Scarborough: A Pride & Prejudice Sequel

by Anna Ferreira

Miss Anne de Bourgh was delighted to receive a letter from her cousin Georgiana, explaining that she would be spending the summer by the sea, and requesting the pleasure of her company. A glorious few months of balls, shopping, and walking by the sea awaits- a wonderfully diverting holiday for Anne, who has rarely left Rosings before.

But Anne is a de Bourgh, and life is never simple. Before long, she finds herself caught between the attentions of two very different men, and must choose if she will follow her heart or disoblige her family. One must be disappointed, and Anne has never been very practiced in the art of disobedience. Must she give up everything she has ever known, will she find the strength to search for happiness elsewhere?

Cedar Sanderson has a permafree short story collection on her website. Check out Twisted Mindflow.

Snow in Her Eyes (Witchward book 1) is on sale.

Detective Amaya Lombard is a witch hunter and a damn good one. Hated by the magical because she works with cops, feared by cops because she works with magic, she walks a fine line between malice and murder. When an entire family dies in magic and blood, only Amaya can find the truth that lies behind the seemingly senseless mayhem…because even the dead deserve answers.

This title is a novella.

Cedar has also lowered the prices of Lab Gremlins and Jade Star. Check out her Amazon Author Page here.

Dave Freer has put several of his books on sale.


Across the one human colony world, a place technologically regressed to near medieval, possibly the last place humans still survive, a desperate search continues. Scattered across the deserts, tangled jungles, and alien fortresses, lie the core sections of the matter transmitter.

These sections hold the key to vast wealth, power, or… the fulfilment of the colony’s purpose: to help humankind survive the rabidly xenophobic alien Morkth who will tolerate no other intelligent species. The Morkth managed to follow the colony ship, and, despite their mothership being shot down and their queen being killed, they continue their relentless struggle to destroy humankind… and to reconstruct that incredibly valuable matter transmitter. If they succeed, they’ll be able to return to the hive with the location of the colony of vile humans, and have a new world to occupy. If they fail, they’ll destroy the planet.

The search has gone on for centuries, and it is all reaching an end point. The future hangs in the balance.

The Morkth have lasers, aircraft, nukes. Those who want the core sections for their own ends… have vast armies. Against them are three unlikely reluctant heroes: A street child thief, a dispossessed spoiled brat of a princess, and a confused, amoral Morkth-raised human, armed only with 14th century weapons and their own wits.

It’s a lost cause, a forlorn hope.

But it’s all humans have.

Dave has also put StardogsTomA Mankind Witch, and Bolg, PI: The Vampire Bride on sale. Check out his Amazon Author Page here.

Pam Uphoff has dropped the price on titles in her Barton Street Gym series (YA).

The Barton Street Gym (Doors into the Dimensions, book 1)

In a future where no one needs to sleep, homes are unnecessary. A simple dimensional cubby in a hi-rise gymnasium is all anyone needs.

Perhaps the designers ought to have considered the possibility of unintended effects from thousands of multi-dimensional bubbles in close proximity to each other. But they weren’t physicists . . .

Joe is independent, his divorced father a bit absent minded. Joe and his “bio-model” friend were exploring the pedestrian tunnels under the Barton Street Gym when they found themselves trapping in a strange landscape with a hungry dinosaur.

Alice Brown is used to getting in trouble; her parents are quite strict. But being attack

ed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a strange dimension just a step across a malfunctioning D-door is not her usual sort of trouble.

Pam has also put Chicago and Atlantis + (books 2 and 3 in the series) on sale.  Check out her Amazon Author Page here.

Alma T. C. Boykin has a number of books/series on sale.

Free Saturday through Tuesday are Familiar Tales and Shikari.

Merchant and Magic, Alexander Soldier’s Son and Strangely Familiar are on sale.

When Magic Fails…

Tycho Rhonarida Galnaar trades hides—hides tanned, hides untanned, with and without fleeces, nothing risky. He prefers steady, low-key trade, a quiet home life, and reliable business partners. Slow and steady bring wealth and do not draw the attention of nobles, thieves, or the gods. Especially not of the gods!

Counterfeit coin and cursed grain…

But the gods have other plans. Tycho’s secret—his absolute inability to work or even see magic in a world that depends on it—may be the key to solving a mystery, and saving a city. Tycho wants no part in mysteries or adventure. He’s a merchant, nothing more.

Trade is Tycho’s world. That world changes under his feet.

This list is still being compiled. So please check back later today for additional titles.

Featured Image by ThePixelman from Pixabay

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  1. Half I have – and, actually, I’ll wait for the price to go back up on several of them. Avoiding a guilt trip over unwritten reviews in the meantime.

    (Before you fix the formatting – the blurb for “The Barton Street Gym” gave me a big laugh when I read “ed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a strange dimension…” Now, THAT would be a book to pick up right away.)

  2. Pam just put the first 5 Wine of the Gods up free for five days.

    The first five, FREE for five days!
    Dimensional portals to parallel Earths. The adventures start here:

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