Pushing through

I’ve been well, sort of log-jammed with the writing and real life – we now have a roof over the family home again. (We moved an old house onto our little farm – in sections. And in the case of one of those sections, in pieces. Needless to say that’s (in the fashion of these things) merely a reveal of how much more I still have to do. And, equally needless to say, how much more it is going to cost.  I am about to try going on a writing blitz, as Barbs will be away for three weeks cat sitting our son’s cat… while I cat and dogsit ours. They’re less hassled by me working irregular hours (into the small hours of the night when I work best) than my wife is, so here’s hoping.

Both projects are things I think I can do. But both projects are still very much in front of me – and quite huge (every book for me is) which makes work avoidance quite… alluring. Just read the news, check facebook, play a game of freecell (the only game allowed on my work computer, for good reason), do a bit of research, more coffee… clean the cat-box (yes, procrastination must be related to Godliness, if cleanliness is next to it, because it causes a lot of cleaning).

The funny thing about it all is that once I start going I enjoy the work. It’s just starting (and when I stick, keeping at it).

Look, I’ve been doing this for a long time now. More than twenty published books worth of effort.  Seventy-two rejections before I sold anything. If self-discipline and self-motivation had not been strengths of mine I would not have succeeded in finishing the first one, let alone that.

But down the track I begin to wonder: is the cup of motivation within me not finite, and getting a bit low?

So: let’s talk. What drives you? What do you do to fool the inner procrastinator that now is the time not to clean windows, but to write words?  And, because real life has to be lived: how best do you balance that with your writing?

On another tack here is the artwork Baen have commissioned for the Karres book



    1. I think that’s a private folder on the MGC site. Always annoying, because the post writer can see those with no problem, and can easily miss that it won’t show up. (Been bitten by that many, many times.)

  1. Your artwork is unavailable….

    PS imagines announcement: “The Motivation is missing. Would the last person to borrow the motivation please return it by TUESDAY at the latest”

  2. Motivation: why bother? Good question! Personally, I’m losing muscle mass sitting in front of this computer. Why the hell?

    Well, I just had an idea this morning.

    When the monster is dead, and the Hero has ridden off into the sunset, and the Mad Scientist’s lair is all blown to shit and leaking Eldritch Vapors and Ichor Who’s Properties We Know Naught Of… who ya gonna call?

    Mad Science Remediation Corporation.

    Not a new idea, certainly, but I can feel the thing moving around in my brain trying to turn into something cool. I think there’s a smart-alec cat in it, and maybe a wise-ass dog too. And the owner is kind of irascible, like most small business owners. He’s trying to collect from insurance companies.

    So, my “Why Bother?” is I want to read that book and find out what happens. I also want to find out what’s going to happen in the other two things I’m working on, and I have to build a fence to keep Maximum Maxwell from running off to kill sheep. (He would so definitely do that, oh em gee…)

    Writing is more fun than fence building, at my age. There’s no screaming machinery, so that’s not as good, but there is less pain involved. Definite plus. ~:D

    1. Not a style I normally like, but the faces have real character and pizzazz. I love the background and the colors, for some reason, even though I don’t normally like the green and orange thing. So it must be excellent execution that makes the difference.

      Very nice.

  3. How to break lack of motivation? No idea, although thinking back to when I had to find a way to pay the rent, heating bill, and groceries for a month on less than $700 dollars tends to inspire at least poking at the keyboard.

  4. Routine. “I will scribe at least *two* words today. An increase of 100%!” As avoidance of even nastier tasks: “Deal with tax and death paperwork? Or scribble onna page?” Otherwise known as using a vice in service of a virtue. To make the brain just *shut up* for a bit sometimes? “I just want. To. Sleeeeeeeep.”

    And, like excercise, sometimes it helps to vary your habits. Maybe the brain is like a muscle, and it plateaus a bit sometimes. It needs to be off kilter a bit to get back into the groove.

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